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Saturday, 10 May 2008
02:51:30 AM (GMT)
Okay so today's topic is :

The whole "73 year old who kept his daughter in a dungeon and fathered her kids
for 24 years" incident.

First of all...WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?!?!?!
I mean,come on.
I know a lot of fucked up people around here,but dayummmm.

Second of all,I don't nessescarily believe it.
Apparently,he brought 3 of the kids they fathered together upstairs with his wife.
So,she wasn't suspicious about the kids,at all?
"Hmm,3 more kids.I'm not even gonna ask where they came from"
I mean,if you kept your daughter in your basement for TWENTY FOUR years,someone would
find out.
Face it.You wouldn't be able to pull that shizz off.
I don't see why this girl and her kids ganged up on him and beat his ass with

d00d.I'm VERY surprised all those kids turned out fine.
1.It was incest,there's a higher chance of retardation.
2.They were kept in a dungeon their whole lives,and they turned out FINE.

The dad looks like the grinch,I swear.
If he ever made me have sex with him,I would tell him to just kill me.
I don't want to be raped by the grinch,okay?

xExotic says:   10 May 2008   792257  
It's a horrible thing, but I'm upset with the mother.
She said she thought her daughter ran away, well fine.
But is she actually loved her daughter, wouldn't she have called the
police or something?
And wouldn't she want to know where her husband was going every day?
The mother knew about all of it; she just didn't say anything.
NinjaDino says:   10 May 2008   342662  
D: I know...
Like seriously,SOMEONE would have found out way earlier.
XxDegrassi_WhorexX says:   10 May 2008   553843  
funny skeet right here
Red_Crayon says:   11 May 2008   447546  
Aw...Poor daughter....o_o' Lol. Grinch, does he really look like one?
I've never seen him...
NinjaDino says:   11 May 2008   824681  
Yes he does.
In the pic I saw,he has like one eyebrow cocked up and the funniest
frickin' expression on his face,like he's surprised or something.
AerithLight says:   26 May 2008   378223  
... .__. wha?
I don't get it! But I'll ask Live tomorrow. :D
XDD And force her to explain the story to me.. o.o
moondeath says :   28 March 2012   909597  
Incest has barely a 6% chance more then two normal random adults from
the street of causing birth defects and according to statistics that
number has gone down more and more a huge amount of the 'inbred'
children born have turned out 15x healthier and more immune to some
diseases then normal children, do your research, 99% of the things
that shun incest is religion propaganda, Christians try to control the
world with morality and using God's name on everything pretending
literally everything we do is in the bible and is listed as a sin
somewhere, which is an outrageous bullshit lie, religion is a scam now
at-least the churches are, it's fine and dandy to believe in god and
what he stands for but going to church and listening to the bullshit
that goes on there is not.

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