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Don't play hockey on birthdaysCategory: Random Stuff
Wednesday, 30 April 2008
01:57:08 PM (GMT)
My diary is now officially renamed my ramble box.

I have P.E tomorrow. Trampolining. Therefore I will not be doing it because of my
amazing phobia of trampolines. Trampolines equals scary. I want to do badmintion
again. Then I can rant to Ellie about random stuff and dance. Me and Ellie are so
awesome at badminton that we can hit out shuttlecock into the safety nets that are
over ten feet above her heads. And on top of people's head. So yeah, there is no
accuracy in my aim. At least I didn't hit Ellie in the face with a hockey ball on her
birthday. That gave her a fat lip.

I'm now part of the anti-twilight league. That's what I and Kate have called
ourselves. xD

Sammi wants me to ask a boy out for her. A boy who I sit across from in ACE. And then
if he says no then to tell him it was all a joke. Sammi is not a deformed camel.
Apparently if I do this she owes me one. Well, she owes me too because she and Paige
broke my pencil and got it's rubber stuck in my sharpener. >.< They have no respect
for my property.

In English we had to make a superhero. Mine was a child vampire. Vampires are
superheroes too, you know! Graeme, Danny and Dane sit underneath a shelf in English,
that is heaped full of dictionaries. I had to work with Joe in science again, so we
got a grand total of nothing done. I don't like Joe - he thinks that Doctor Who is
stupid. Then again, Graeme dislikes Classic Who.

Ellie and Catherine now are in my ACE group on Wednesdays when we do our philosophy.
P4C, which only I knew the meaning of. Now I'm bored so I'm going to do that 'ten
facts' thing floating around. Because I want to :P

1. I have a phobia of trampolines. There is no real reason for this, other then
they're very large and bouncy and make me feel ill. Have you ever tried jumping after
being on a trampoline? It feels really weird.

2. I have an intense dislike of the book Twilight because it uses the basic plot of
all high school vampire romances and the main character is a total idiot not to see
her love interest was a vampire. Give me my Anne Rice thank you very much.

3. Although Anne Rice is my absoloute favourite author the only book I've ever read
all the way through is Interview. I am slowly working on Lestat and my audio book of

4. I have two penpals I write to normally, Dareen from Oman and Milly from

5. At my school we do ACE, which is a substitute for French, History and Geography.

6. I have four best friends ; Medythia, Shona, Thomas and Ellie. Thomas is mah Thomas
and he likes Doctor Who and Oliver! So :P

7.  I have four kupipoints.

8. I'm a Gemini and I have split personalities. I can be very loud and hyper, but
also very shy and retiring. 

9. I have no friends online because I'm a loser and argue with people too much.

10. Denby's hair looks like my older brother. I once got asked what I thought of him
and told the girls asking me that Denby looks like a hippy. He does.


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