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Tokio Road Chapter 2. Part 1Category: Storee :D
Sunday, 27 April 2008
09:18:40 PM (GMT)

Chapter 2

	Shan'ni stood motionless at the foot of her carpet in the living room. Something
terrible lay before her. Her body started to shake, and a tear rolled down her cheek.
"H-Haru?-" It was an unbearable sight. Shan'ni stood, shaking, in front of her
brother, Haru, who lie dead on the floor. Blood flowed from his head, and left a pool
that Shan'ni now was quivering in. Shan'ni started to breathe heavily, and quickly.
Asthma. Her jaw shook, and her eyes glistened with tears. She fell to her knees, and
blood splattered on her clothes. She looked at her brother's face; his once blue eyes
were now deathly gray. "Haru…." She first said it softly, sadly. "HARU!" She screamed
at the top of her lungs. That was it. She couldn't breathe anymore. She spattered out
the words, "No, Haru, no…" Then she fell next to him, he body coated with the blood
of her brother. She grabbed his cold, clammy hand in hers, and squeezed it tightly as
she tried to breathe. The boys came in, they didn’t want to invade her home at first,
but now they had no choice. As soon as they took one step in, they saw Shan'ni curled
up on the floor next to a body, covered with blood and struggling to breathe.
"Shan'ni!" Kino ran over to her, and took her into his arms. Somehow, Shan'ni still
had enough breath left to scream. "No, no! My brother! My Haru! NO!" She violently
tried to thrust away from Kino, but he grabbed hold of her. "Shan'ni! He's gone!
Please, let him go!" Shan'ni just yelled and shrieked now, and all the boys stood
there in complete horror. Kino looked back while still struggling with Shan'ni. "Help
me! We need to help her! She's dying!" Although they heard Kino's orders, they
couldn't move. But slowly, keeping eye on Shan'ni, Toemi came over, and grabbed her
hand. He tried to pull it off of Haru's, but Shan'ni just wouldn't let go. Toemi
closed his eyes tightly, and kept holding onto her. Now she was thrashing her whole
body, and Kino and Toemi tried to restrain her legs. A few feet away, Kumi stood
crying, Sai tried to turn him away, Koemi watched his twin brother struggle, and
Kauru stared in horror at the event taking place right here, right now. It had been
at least five minutes, and Shan'ni was still screaming, pushing out all the breath
she had. Her asthma attack was just getting worse as she screamed and thrashed
around…she was dying. "Shan'ni, PLEASE!" Kino's tears were rolling down his cheeks as
he had his arms around Shan'ni. "I don't want you to die, Shan'ni! Please….please…"
He held her close to him, still trying to pull her away from her dead brother, and
the blood pool they all now lie in. Slowly, Shan'ni stopped screaming and struggling.
Her grip on Haru started to ease, and she was beginning to stop breathing. Second by
second, her heart beat slowed, and her chest moved up and down less. Finally, she
fell into Kino's lap, lying motionless…breathless. Right at that moment, sounds of
sirens echoed the silent home, and the red and blue flashes of light from police cars
veered there way into the home, making an even clearer picture of what was going on.
Toemi was on his hands and knees besides Kino, who looked down at Shan'ni with a
dreadful look. Kino's eyes widened when he realized that there was something wrong
with Shan'ni…all breathes had now left her body. First, he let out a sorrowful
whisper. "Shan'ni…" He lowered his head, and gritted his teeth. "SHAN'NI!-" His
scream seemed to last forever, echoing into the history of time, although it only
lasted for a few seconds. He squeezed her close to him, and lifted her up so that her
head leaned on his chest. His own tears landed on her soft, now peaceful face, and
renewed her dried up tear streaks running down her red cheeks. Everyone just watched
in silence as Kino held Shan'ni passionately, sorrowfully, in his arms. But the
moment was broken when the police and paramedics rushed in. Everyone began to back
off so the paramedics could get to Shan'ni and Haru, but Kino wouldn't let her go. He
sat still and motionless, simply holding Shan'ni close to him, his head down to her.
One paramedic decided to talk to him. "Come on son, we have to take this kid to the
hospital." Kino didn't make a sound. He just got up, taking Shan'ni with him, and
started to walk outside toward the Ambulance truck. Coming out of that home, covered
in the blood of Shan'ni's older brother, made everyone look. Kino kept his eyes down,
and just kept walking, griping Shan'ni in his arms. He got to the back doors of the
truck, and ignoring all paramedics, forcibly opened them himself, setting Shan'ni
gingerly on the bed inside. He brushed her beautiful auburn red hair away from her
delicate, beautiful face that was now stained with blood. He wiped tears from her
cheeks, and started to take care of her. He put his head to her chest to listen if
she had a heartbeat, and held her hand tightly. No heartbeat. Her chest didn't move.
Her body was getting cold. "No…" Kino clenched the fist that wasn't holding onto
Shan'ni's. "There has to be something for me to do…" Looking at Shan'ni's face, he
made his decision. He specifically told two paramedics to stand behind him, and no
farther than that. Turning back to Shan'ni, he took a deep breath, and began to lean
his face into hers. Paramedics whispered in the background, "Is this boy doing CPR?"
"Does he even know what he's doing?" "If this doesn't work we're going to have to
take action." Kino ignored their every word, and put his hand on Shan'ni's still warm
face. Then, slowly, he brought his face in to touch hers. Finally, their lips
touched, and Kino closed his eyes. He held up Shan'ni's head to his, and while their
lips were together, he transferred his breath into her body. He backed away but a few
centimeters, and gave a push to her chest. Then, again, he put his lips to hers, and
gave a long, slow breath. He repeated this process about five times…and it had not
been successful. His face was getting stressed, and the paramedics were getting
impatient. He now realized that everyone outside the truck was watching Kino try to
bring Shan'ni back to life…and all of their friends stood in the front of the
crowd…silent and motionless. Kino gave them a look of sorrow, but then turned back to
Shan'ni. "One more time…one more." He took Shan'ni's hand; put his other hand gently
behind her head, and began to lean into her…once more. This time, he held her head
firmly to his and transferred the hand holding hers, onto her back. To everyone else,
it seemed like Kino was kissing her. Kino didn't know himself. But whatever he was
doing, it caused something miraculous. As he still had his lips on Shan'ni's, his
eyes closed, something happened. Shan'ni's eyes slowly opened, the luscious blue
shining with renewing tears. And her cheeks grew warm, as she realized Kino and her
lips were touching. As she lay on the slim bed, only her back and head being held up,
and Kino's body over her, she took one of her hands, and placed it lightly on his
back. Kino's eyes immediately opened, and he stared into Shan'ni's, who's were only
opened so much. He felt her fingers clasping his shirt, and one of her hands being
placed on his face, wiping tears away. He let their lips come apart, but still kept
his face close to hers. He whispered ever so softly, "Shan'ni…" She kept her eyes on
his. There was silence for but one second, Kino being mesmerized by Shan'ni's eyes,
now showing all the life in the world, but that the life of sorrow. His expression
changed to sad again as he felt Shan'ni slowly trying to hug him. He put both of his
hands on her back, and held her close to him, feeling her still struggling to
breathe. When he went to lean back…Shan'ni didn't move. She murmured out the words in
between each labored breath. "Kino, thank…you…" With his emotion still remorse, Kino
gave a soft smile, and gathered Shan'ni into a warm, embracing hug one last time.
Feeling a paramedic put a hand on his shoulder; he slowly let Shan'ni back to laying
down, and carefully set her head on the pillow. But before she was to be driven away
to the hospital, she asked of Kino one favor. Before he walked from her bed, she
grabbed his sleeve. He turned back to her. "Kino…could you…do something for me?" He
gave her a soft smile. "Yes?-" Shan'ni hesitated, but knew she had to do it. She took
a deep breath. "Could you…take me to see Haru...just one last…time?" Kino's face
grimaced. He didn’t want her to have another attack. But it was as if Shan'ni could
read his mind. "Please…I know he's gone now. I know he'll never…" Tears started
welling up yet again and her throat tightened. "…never come back." Kino couldn't deny
her of seeing her only brother for the last time. "Of course." He held his hand out
to her, with a soft smile on his face. Shan'ni got up a bit, and grabbed it. Then she
felt his other hand embrace her back, and he put her arm around his shoulders,
helping her walk. He had to bend his knees to do so. Trying to cheer her up, he made
a remark. "You're so short…" He gave a grin, and chuckled for her a bit. She gave a
smile too, but it was quick, and small. Kino lifted her up to get out of the
ambulance truck, and then got back in their former position. The crowd seemed to
clear a path for them to reach their destination. Kino held Shan'ni's hip tight as
they got to the other ambulance truck. Paramedics and police were about to back them
away, but looking at the blood on Shan'ni, they knew where she stood in the
situation. They backed out of her way and one forensics investigator uncovered Haru's
face. Shan'ni hesitated. Kino looked down at her, and gave her an embracing squeeze.
She took one slow step forward, her breath starting to get heavy again. Another
step…Its happening. One more step. I can't breathe. She was staring right at Haru's
face. His eyes were open, for he had them opened when his life was tragically taken.
Shan'ni looked into them, somehow feeling him look back at her. Slowly, she started
to lift her hand. Why, Haru? Why? - She placed it on his face, almost shivering from
the cold it beheld. Feeling her breathes starting to dissipate, and looking back at
Kino's worried expression, she decided it was time for her to move on. She looked at
Haru, and bent down to kiss his cheek, seeming to make it warm once more. Then she
just smiled softly, turned back around, and let Kino walk her back into the ambulance
truck. Before they closed the doors, Shan'ni caught a glimpse of her brother. Tears
started to well up again, and she whispered the words, "Goodbye, Haru. Forever…"
	"Look, she's waking up!" "Shh, shh, remember the plan." "Everybody get ready!"
Shan'ni's eyes began to open slowly, blinking a few times to regain focus. When she
did, she had no idea where she was. But these faces, these faces made her feel right
at home. "Welcome to Tokyo Academy!" Everyone chanted at once, and they held they're
arms up high in the air, as confetti flew everywhere. Shan'ni was fully awake now,
breathing properly and healthy. But there was a catch; she had to keep a device over
her mouth to keep her breathing, for the time being. Not being able to speak, she
just looked at all of her friends with a happy face. She knew they caught it, because
they all smiled back at her. Suddenly, she felt a delicate hand on her shoulder.
Surprised, she turned her head quickly. There was a smiling nurse looking back at
her. "Glad to see that you're awake, Shan'ni. You gave us quite a scare, that asthma
attack was more serious than we had predicted." Shan'ni looked at her with worry. The
nurse giggled a bit. "Oh don't worry; you'll be just fine, sweetheart. You just have
to stay connected to this machine for the night so that we make sure that you can
breathe properly. You'll be able to take it off in the morning." There was a pause as
Shan'ni started to look around the room. "Also, dear, the doctor has instructed me to
medicate you…just to help you sleep. You'll probably fall asleep all on your own
within the half hour." The nurse smiled once more at Shan'ni, and began to go for the
door. Before she did, she looked back at the boys. "Don't worry, boys, her secret's
safe with me." They all looked surprised for a moment. No one was supposed to know
that Shan'ni was a girl, or she wouldn't be going to Tokyo Academy anymore. It was an
all boy school. "Just take care of her for me, alright?" She gave a wink, and left
the room. When they heard the click of her heels no more, it was time to talk.
"Shan'ni!" Kumi raced to her side, grabbed her hand, and started to swing it. She
looked down at him with a closed eye smile. "I hope you feel welcome in our
suite…you're staying with us now." He gave a grin from ear to ear. Shan'ni's eyes
grew wide, and her face became confused. What did he just say? Everyone looked up
with a frightened look. Toemi and Koemi arrived behind Kumi and covered his mouth
while smiling innocently. Kauru walked to the other side of Shan'ni's bed, and held
his hand out to her. She looked at him strange at first, but took hold of it, and let
him help her sit up. "As you see, you're not in a hospital." She looked around. Where
she lay, there was a wardrobe, a vanity, and a nightstand. The walls consisted of
elegant pictures, and a huge plasma television. There was a beige carpet on the
floor, and there was even a personal bathroom at the far end. And beside that was a
door to the hallway where other rooms were. There was a kitchen down the hall, a
living room, and a study room. It is a suite. Oh god…Shan'ni started to get dizzy.
I'm sharing a suite with boys; I'm sharing a suite with boys. Why me? Kauru steadied
her before she fell back. "We all had the best interior designers create the room. It
used to be a storage room." Shan'ni made a face. A storage room?  Kumi slipped out of
the twin's grip. "Don't worry, we had it all cleaned out and made it all cozy like
our rooms." He gave that adorable smile, and carefully climbed up onto Shan'ni's lap.
"I got you a welcome present too." He gave a happy stare, then reached under the bed.
Shan'ni watched him curiously. Is this boy really a junior? When he came back up, he
held a stuffed teddy bear. There was a red bow rapped delicately around its neck, and
it smiled at Shan'ni as if to say, "Don't worry, everything will be alright." Kumi
held it a little closer to her, "I hope you like it, I picked it out and put the
ribbon on too!" He giggled as he handed it to her, giving a hug as well. She hugged
back, and gave him a smile that made him skip around the room giggling. As she
watched him, she felt someone poke her shoulder. She turned to it, only to find
Toemi, Koemi, Sai, and Kauru standing at the far side of Shan'ni holding up
something. Another gift? They all held up a nightgown in the color of lavender. It
was long and elegant, seeming to be of an expensive material. "We all went out when
you were asleep and got you this." Kauru explained. "It's completely made out of
silk." Shan'ni's eyes seemed to sparkle as she looked at it. Lavender was one of her
favorite colors, and it looked so beautiful and comfortable. Sai walked over and held
it up to her. He looked at her, as if to be waiting for an answer. Not knowing what
else to do, Shan'ni just smiled under her breathing device and gave thumbs up. Just
as everyone was laughing and talking, Kauru took a look at his watch. "Hmm, the half
an hour is almost up, Shan'ni. Two minutes, to be precise." Shan'ni looked at him,
then at everyone else. Wait a second…something's missing. All the boys stood in a
group, ready to bid Shan'ni goodnight, but when they saw that look on her face, like
she was looking for something, or someone, they knew what to say. Kumi spoke up.
"Kino's sad right now, Shan'ni. He wanted to come in here, really." He gave a sad
face. Kauru started to clean his glasses. "He needs to recuperate." Shan'ni started
to get up. How could he do this? I was counting on seeing him after all that's
happened. I'm going to look for him. Before she got to her feet, Toemi rushed over
and sat her back down. "He's in his room, the first one to your right. But you'll see
him in the morning." He started to put your quilt over her, seeming to be tucking her
in. Shan'ni looked up at him in confusion and awe. "Just taking care of you." He gave
a grin. Then Kumi walked up again and put the teddy bear by her side. "He'll keep you
company." She put the bear under the blanket with her, and turned to a comfortable
position. The boys gathered at the doorway, and said all at once, "Goodnight-" Then
Kauru shut off the light, and they left the room. When Shan'ni heard the door click
shut, she began to close her eyes. So this is how it's going to be? Me living with a
bunch of guys in some fancy suite in an all boy academy? Shan'ni turned to lying on
her back again. How do I get myself into these predicaments? With that last thought,
Shan'ni finally fell asleep.
	A boom of thunder woke Shan'ni up. Three o'clock in the morning. She shot up into a
sitting position. Thunder; please don't make that mean- A flash of lightning filled
the room, along with its frightening crack. Shan'ni clutched her teddy bear, and
looked around the room frantically. Alone. Another crack of lightening sounded off.
Shan'ni put her head between her legs. Please, no more. Another one came. She jumped
again and again as they kept coming. She couldn't take it anymore. It’s the morning
anyway, I have to do it. She took her breathing device off, and jumped out of her
bed. She wanted to find somewhere to hide, but she wanted to be cramped in. Before
she headed for her vanity, she looked at what she was wearing. I can't bend in these
pants. She looked around. The nightgown. Quickly, before another shot of lightening,
Shan'ni threw off her clothes, and got into her new nightgown. It fit her perfectly,
filling out her every upper body curve, and then it flowed down to her feet.
Forgetting about how she looked, she frantically ran to the vanity, discovering a
cupboard underneath it. There! There was another shot of lightening that lit up the
entire room. Out of habit, Shan'ni shrieked a bit. Then she quickly opened the
cupboard door, and crawled in. Shan'ni was small, so she could fit. When she was in
there, she put her knees to her chest, and her head between them. She shivered in
fright each time she heard the lightening. Why am I so afraid? After about a minute
of trying to console herself in the pitch black inside of the cupboard, Shan'ni heard
her room door click open. Oh no…She heard footsteps heading for her bed, then a soft
voice calling her name out. "Shan'ni, where are you? Shan'ni?" She heard whoever it
was circle her whole room, calling her name in a loud whisper again and again. It was
only one person. Shan'ni was just glad she didn't wake everyone up. But she had to
keep quiet. No one could know about this. Please don't let a bolt of lightening come,
please, oh please. She held herself tightly and kept her eyes shut tightly.
"Shan'ni?" Another bolt of lightening. Shan'ni shrieked, but this time, it was
different. This shriek was one that was a longing one. A call for help. "Shan'ni…"
She started to whimper a bit, trying to hold back tears, shaking to control herself.
She heard the footsteps starting to come toward the vanity. When she heard them right
on the other side of the cupboard door, she decided to speak. "Please, j-just leave."
There was silence for a moment. "Shan'ni, you're in there?" She knew they were going
to reach for th
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