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Blood Isn't the Only Thing That's Red chpt4Category: (general)
Wednesday, 9 April 2008
12:43:39 PM (GMT)
Chapter 4&5: Running for life & meet the teacher from, h.e. double hockey stick
Flames from now on, will be ignored I'm taking the high road on both of my stories.
And any flame will be printed out and tossed into my fire. Hehe I made a lamo
pun...Llama. And one morething the story will skip time in this Chapter on the
account that I'm too lazy to write out everything that happened to Charlotte but in
the handbook that will be posted after the first in my "Red" series, is done and will
be filled with spoofs and extra info and plain old random comedy my friend and I make
up...Review please cause, I need ideas. oh and telling me my spelling is wrong is not
a flame. And I will be combining chapters because of the readers enjoyment they will
get more for less of the wait
Charlotte ran for what seemed like hours across mountains, forests, and hills. She
knew the way to Budapest, better then how to spell her name. She saw a turn for a
short cut, she cut that way. She looked up at the sky almost dusk. Crap. She was so
close to the Budapestian Church. She heard an un-human or were wolf roar. Dracula.
That put her feet and legs in over drive, from fear and determination. She saw that
doors of the church. She ran and bamged on them. The doors always were locked after
9:00 pm. 
"Father! Padre! Father!" She cried in panic.
A priest opened the door.
"What is it?" The preist recognized Charlotte," Charlotte! What happened?"
"I can't explain now but we have to hurry inside," Charlotte said in worried voice.
"Come," the preist invited her in.
"Father Ernist-" Charlotte started.
"Now Charlotte, I know you spent most of your childhood in these walls, with the
orphanage, but that does not make up for those Sundays you missed and-" the preist
saw how terrified Charlotte was," good heavens child what's wrong why are you that
A bang came from the door, when Charlotte started to open her mouth.
"Dracula can't come in a church so, no need to worry," Charlotte thought but she was
Father Ernist opened the door and screamed. Charlotte got to the entrance to see
dracula wipe his lip and see Father Ernist the man who was her second father, after
her real father was killed, dead. Dracula looked at her. Charlotte for the first time
felt a fear the paraliyzed her. Dracula approached slowly, enjoying the sight of her
fear and pain. But felt a little twinge of guilt realizing he killed another of her
loved ones.
"She desreves this, she ran away from me," Dracula tried to convince himself.
Charlotte, on the other hand was sobbing, and glaring at Dracula. Dracula was
finnally infront of her. Charlotte hated this man- monster. She kicked him where it
"You monster!" Charlotte said in his pain filled face then ran.
"Monster," Dracula said, slowly," no, just a fool."
Charlotte woke in a fright. It had been a memoric dream. She was finnally in the
vactant city, in the most powerful house of god. She arrived there not two days after
the death of Father Ernist. She told the preist all most everything, she left out the
fact she was related to a bride and that she was once in love with Velken. She looked
around the room. She oticed a pile of clothes and a note. She read the note.
Sorry about your losses. We could not find any dresses so we hope your were pants
regularly, and the clothes you have on now look like scraps of cloth, please change,
into these new ones. And please when you are well enough to come to my office please,
my oraganization has an offer after hearing your past story.
Cardinal Jinette
Your necklace is in the gold box in my office
Charlotte looked at the clothes. Tunics with assorted colors of stitching. Then she
found some jewel toned peasent tops. She picked out a purple one and a pair of black
pants the found a corset at the bottom of the pile. She looked at the mirrior and saw
how much she had changed, her face thinned, her eyes no longer held sparkle, and she
no longer had a healthy glow to her skin. She cursed men. Men, are what got her into
this mess.
She walked into the hallway. No one was there. Now how was she going to find her way
around to the cardinals office? Well, she's been trapped in a maze of halls, all you
have to do is keep your lefts hand on the left wall. In around 30 minutes, she found
a person to direct, her to the cardinals office. She walked in.

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