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FINAL FORM OF STORY ._.Category: School
Thursday, 6 March 2008
03:36:24 AM (GMT)
My x6 try of my "Short Story". Needed to hand it in for school and then gonna finish
my bucket list -_-;.
Enjoy, I guess. Also, I'd like if you'd tell me how good it is :3.
Thanks!!  ^---^

P.S. I suck at short plots. xDD

           The cake baking contest was coming up soon. Every year, in the small
town of Capital C the mayor would host a cake baking 
contest for every baker in town. The prize would be a fully new, furnished bakery in
California with a few $500 dollars or so. Every baker was getting prepared for this
major event. There was one shop, "The Delicious Bakery". The bakery's owner was
Ariel, a female and she was only 19 with brownish hazel eyes and auburn silky hair.
She was adopted by a original family, a mother and a father. She was an only child,
and happened to just love baking. She had just opened her bakery and saw signs of the
cake baking contest, and decided to participate in it. It was very hard to think of
ideas when she browsed through the streets, looking at other bakery's cakes that
seemed to match her first and second idea. It took several days to come up with a
idea. She almost had lost hope when she had the perfect idea. She knew what to do. In
her mind was, a New York Mixed blueberry and bumble berry cheese cake with 2 layers.
For the decorations, she would think of that later. The first important thing was to
make the base, so she went to the store to get some ingredients. After she came back,
she started to make the cheese dough putting in the blueberries and bumble berries,
and make it into the shape of a cake base. Then, she would make a smaller base with
the berry mixture and place it on top of the bigger base. She heated the oven, and
after a few minutes she put the cake in the oven and set it to bake. After awhile,
the cake was completely baked. It smelled great, with the scent of blueberries added.
Then, she thought about the decorations. She decided that there would be a fancy
design of pink icing around the 2 bases of the cake.  Followed by little rainbow bear
and bunny sprinkles, and then a flower candle on top. There was also decorations on
the side with chocolate icing that made curly swirls around on the 2 bases sides.
After 2 hours of shopping and decorating the cake was finished. She put the cake in a
big fridge and went to sleep and waited for the cake contest to begin tomorrow. The
next day, it was cake contest time. Ariel was extremely nervous, but determined to
win as well. She brought up her cake and placed it on the tables. The judges were
completely amazed, so many different designs. The three judges noticed Ariel's cake
and whispered to eachother. Ariel seemed very nervous when she saw them observing her
cake. After awhile, the judges whispered to each other and decided the winners. Ariel
gulped and hoped for the best, but when she heard the 1st place she was speechless.
In first place was Ariel's cake, with a shiny medal by it. Ariel's eagerness to jump
up and down was controlled. She stepped up to gain the ticket to California with her
cash as well. "I'm off to California!" Ariel said in her thoughts.

So, how was it?! Is this even 2 pages?! T-T;

AerithLight says:   6 March 2008   315568  
Lily wants to go to California too~
One of my wishes, you know? xD;

Its GREAT, but I think, you should...
...cut them into a couple of different paragraphs..
....instead of just one...

But you don't have to do it..

*drools* **thinks about California...**
xExotic says:   6 March 2008   732117  
mm.. is this for the one we had to draw a picture of? Or the one with
the family... you knowww?? Like "Penny in the dust" Hm. 
If it's the one we had to draw a picture of..
maybe when I was gone o___o
I still need to write it..
Arcueid says:   7 March 2008   685154  
wtf!? its the creative short story o_o
Uneek says :   7 March 2008   956781  
omg lol cute ~
ariel XD


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