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My life: Part 1Category: (general)
Sunday, 17 February 2008
10:52:58 PM (GMT)
Hello, my name is Melanie and this is a story about my life, my friends, and my
family. Iam 12 years old and I have an older brother who is 14. He is my hero ( I
idolize him) because he sometimes treats me with respect and I just love that in him.
My mom would also be considered my hero because I love her a lot and I know she loves
me. Iam going to tell you readers about my friends. My best friend Naomi is so nice
to me, but sometimes I feel as though im losing her to another girl named Angela. Now
I know the saying goes "There's no such thing as having to many friends" but Naomi
hardly talks to me when Angela is around. Now, you people can call me jealous and
what not but Angela is what you would call, "a best friend stealer" and name-calling
is mean but it's true. Angela hangs around Naomi like 40 times a day and I only hang
out with her for like 4 times a day, which means, Angela hangs out with her 36 more
times than I do. I have 2 special friends and their names are Jasmin Chavez and
Tenesha Oliver. They are the only ones that actually care how I feel. A week ago, I
went ice skating with Jasmin and we had so much fun and I really appreciate being
with her. Tenesha is a good friend because she actually understands how I feel,
unlike Naomi. I'm not going to keep on talking about my jealousy and how Naomi is
treating me, but besides that drama, I have a pretty good life. People treat me with
great respect unlike: Destinee Jones, Isiah Aquino, and Lavitchie Clay. Well,
Lavitchie does treat me with some kind of respect but it's only like 85% percent
which is kinda bad stating that she's supposed to be my friend. I wouldn't call Isiah
my friend because 1 minute he treats me like  crap, and then the next day he starts
acting all nice to me which is really strange. Destinee isn't my friend because she's
always giving me like dirty looks, and when she speaks to me, she kinda has attitude
coming out of her mouth. When I'm trying to be nice to her, she justs shuts me down
and she doesn't care what I have to say. Well I told you all about the mean people to
me and they are sometimes considered to be nice to other people even if those other
people are my friends. This story is all true, nothing is fake and when I tell you
more about my life, you're going to wish that my life isn't how it is, but if I could
change the world I would. Back to the topic of me being jealous, Angela needs to
realize that I have feelings and when she's around Naomi I feel bitterness within me.
Sometimes, me and Naomi pass notes in Math class and when Angela sees us she passes a
note to Naomi, and Naomi forgets all about the note I gave her. There was this one
time in Math, Angela and Naomi were passing notes and I was paying attention to what
the teacher was saying, and then Naomi saw me all sad and she passed a note to me
saying "what's wrong?". Now there is nothing bad about that, besides the fact that
she and Angela have been passing notes ever since we arrived in Math and Naomi
decides to pass me a note 10 minutes before we have to leave. There are plenty of
reasons why I should tell Naomi I can't be her friend anymore, but then she will ask
me why, then I will say "Because you treat me like dirt but you treat Angela like
she's a princess and im her ugly step-sister" and Naomi will probably say "Do I sense
jealousy?". Being jealouse is all about showing people how you feel, even if it is in
the most stupidest way ever. I hate being jealous, but it like, Naomi and Angela
force it upon me and I just hate that. I'm going to make a promise to myself that I
will try to hold my jealousy in but it's going to be quite a challenge, even for me.
On February 4, 2008, I was in the spelling bee, and I missed a word, and when I went
back to my seat, Naomi didn't even congraulate me because she was too busy talking to
Angela. Now I can't replay that day and it was the greatest thing that has ever
happened to me, and Naomi didn't even say congrats or you did good or any of that
stuff, which really hurt my feelings!!!

                                                                     *I WILL BE BACK

WRITTEN 2/17/08.

smiley7773 says :   18 February 2008   357822  
This is all abour my life and Naomi is treating me like a doormat so
her special little friend "Angela" can just walk all over me!


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