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Catch Me, Cowboy ~Chapter 3, part 1~Category: Stories
Tuesday, 29 January 2008
08:07:24 PM (GMT)
"So...uh...who's Bailey?" I ask, finally regaining the use of my voice. Ryder, after
glaring after his brother for around three minutes, had finally finished getting
dressed and had sat down on his bed to finish drying his hair. He sets the towel down
on the mattress beside him and grins. 

   "My cousin. We're babysitting her this weekend." He answers before standing and
walking over to his dresser and picking up a framed photo. He comes back over and
kneels down beside me, handing me the picture. A girl with bright blue eyes and light
brown curls and a slightly younger looking Ryder holding her smile back at me. I look
at the photo for a while longer before turning my attention back to Ryder who was
still kneeling beside me on the floor. 

   "She's adorable." And so are you. I finish in my mind. He just grins up at me. We
sit there in akward silence for a couple minutes before he decides to end the
akwardness and clears his throat. 

   "Want a tour of the ranch before Bailey gets here?" He asks, giving me another
heartwrenching smile. How could I resist? 

   Before I knew it I was following him out the front door and down the a barn-like

   "You ever rode a horse before, darlin'?" He asks as we enter the building a couple
minutes later. 

   "Eh...a pony at the fair once." I reply sheepishly. He laughs. 

   "Wanna learn?" He asks with a grin, already leading me towards one of the stalls.
I follow him. Whats the worse that can happen? 

   An hour later, we're interrupted by the four year old herself. Just as Carson was
putting Ellie May, the very patient mare he'd been using to teach me, back into her
stall, the little brown haired girl came running into the barn. She didn't even
bother to greet me, and instead ran straight to Carson and grabbed hold of his leg,
seeing as she's too short to reach anything else. 

  "Hey, kiddo." Carson says with a chuckle as he swings the child up into his arms
and hugs her. She giggles and kisses his cheek, then turns and looks at me

   "Who's that?" She asks curiously, pointing at me. 

   "This," He replies, gesturing towards me, "is Casey. She's going to stay here at
the ranch for awhile." He explains with one of his trademark grins.

ashley201206 says:   29 January 2008   455679  
awwww... how cute.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   29 January 2008   126789  
write more. now! or i'll pass out,and nobody will know!
kattany2 says :   29 January 2008   649692  
lol aww i love your stories. they are way better than mine.=P keep


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