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Figuring out friendsCategory: (general)
Monday, 31 December 2007
06:56:32 PM (GMT)
I need to figure out friends! (and soap) Friends are like pets that dont like
you.... In some way... But you sorta have to earn trust, get to know them, spend time
with them, help them, make 'em feel happy in some way and then you start to get close
to them... But thats sorta hard to do when that pet hates you....
So my idea was go to a pet store, find a pet that absoulutly hates you. (Even if its
a fish) Go home and do all the steps I just posted! And maybe it will help! And if it
dosent and you get injurys it wasnt my fault and you listened to me, but that dosent
mean it wont work!! now soap on the other hand you cant do it like that you have to
take it apart, be the soap, get inside its head, maybe even become friends with it!!
Even though it didnt go so well when I tried that... So ignore the soap thing thats
totally my problem. But my point is if you dont have many friends just be nice, find
stuff incommon and did I mention be NICE! Cause it works...

Thanx 4 reading! 

SeeWilly says:   31 December 2007   131418  
friends are allies, not pets. they are not your pets to play with,
and if you try to scold them, they will not lower their heads in
shame. you don't give them doggie treats if they do a trick. 

my idea, if you want to make a friend, be nice (of course) yet stern
when you find something that you disagree with them on. don't falsify
your smile just to show them that they can trust you; it's just going
to scare them away. they won't even open up their true intentions to
you if they think you're 'too trustworthy'. 

hec, they probably hate you, but they don't want to hurt your

don't practice on a fish or a dog, or other animals. try people. get
acquainted. if one is too different from you in ideas, then why the
shit do you need to be of friend of his? it's obvious that you would
hate him and your friendship would shatter within a week's tops. if
you like a person, then enjoy. you've just made an ally. not a pet.

i like antibacterial soap.
Green_Buddy says:   31 December 2007   696424  
When i said pet i meant like a best friend not just a "oh i got a dog
and i gonna name it fluffy.." I mean like the sorta quality that you
would give a person, but not like " i hate my..." something a dog or a
cat wouldnt understand but something that you can go to anyone to even
a pet...

I mean it doesnt make much sense but if you have now one to go to you
would want someone to talk to right?

I mean you shouldnt practicee on a dog or fish but sometimes its the
only shot you have and youre need someone to talk to and all you want
is a friend.

I know Iknow "Why dont you just go to school with all this socialness
and talk to tons of people and make friends"
Cause sometimes its not all that easy.. you may be depressed, or lack
of selfasteam, sometimes you need something to push that away and
bring up that socialness, thats sorta wat i meant but i didnt put that
in for some reason,
so it came out all wrong, and thats wat i meant.

Ya know i like antibacterial soap too! just dont have it......T-T
SmartGirl says:   3 January 2008   448193  
Green_Buddy wonders:   3 January 2008   819692  
‹*Expired*› says:   11 January 2008   565798  
why do u need to figure out soap??-_-
Green_Buddy says :   11 January 2008   842537  
soap is a very complicated thing


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