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Fly High 3 Chapter 5Category: fantasy story
Monday, 3 December 2007
10:51:34 AM (GMT)
I stared at the telly.
"You're joking me!" I screamed. "He can't do that."
"Calm down, love, you'll work up a fit." Kaydon said nicely.
"Whatever!" I shouted. "I'm not a baby! I'm a grown woman! I saved the WORLD! I fell
pregnant with.." I gulped. "Hollie."
"I know, my child."
"No, Seth's child."
"You lied to me!?" Kaydon asked, weilding a knife. It flung his wrists and missed my
"AAh!" I glowed blue, then the light stopped. "I lost my wings, when Hollie came. I
was only 18!"
"I didn't plan it! But I saved the world, all becuase Hollie was inside me."
"Please, spare me the gory details.."
Hollie burst through the doors.
"You aren't."
"I thought you was happy!"
"Do I LOOK HAPPY!" Hollie shreiked! I stopped. A vision of my face was snarling at
me. I remeber this... My dad wasn't really my dad.... I killed my "dad"... I'd been
betrayed by the one person I trusted the most... My mother.
"Hollie, I know what you mean." My phone bleeped. "Chika Gre-Pollien here!"
"Chika! It's me Monique! You gotta help!"
"Some girls asking for you. Saying that she want's revenge for killing her sister."
"Evilyn! Wait one sec Moni."
"Sure, one sec and i'll be dead!"
"Guys, I gotta go." I packed everything up by moving my finger.
"Cool. I wanna do that."
"It's in your blood, just wish and rub that necklace and watch.." I ran out the
house. And spoke to the phone. "Hi, Monique?"
"I'm comming!" I piled my fat stomach in the car and hung up. I drove to Moniques.

"Rub my necklace?" Hollie mummered. "I wish I knew who my real dad was." A blue light
flashed and 'Me in my world outift'
"You wish to know your real father?" I asked in a ghostly voice.
"Do you know what wing that is?"
"No, an angels?"
"your mother is an angel. It's her wing, she gave it to you when you were born. Come
on then, lets go see your dad." I held out my hand. Hollie took it and was sucked
into a vortex.
"Seth?" A mans face looked up.
"That's my dad?" Hollie asked.
"He's cute."
"Your mother and I were very beautiful people. As you are." Seth held Hollie's face.
"Dad!" Hollie gasped and hugged him. "I knew you was my dad, when you touched me, I
could feel your blood pulsing through my viens, I feel the same when mum hugs me, but
when my other dad-"
"Other dad? What other dad?"
"My mums husband!" Hollie giggled, "She has 3 kids with him, Ania, Starra and
"Chika was always creative with names." Seth smiled, he had a tear inhis eye. "I
died, saving your life."
"No." Hollie cried, tears was rushing down her rose cheeks. "You're still alive, I
can see you."
"You're dreaming. I'm sorry."
"Hollie, it's time to go." I took her hand.
"Wait!" Seth said. He rushed at me and kissed me. In my car I felt my lips tough
invisiable ones.
"Seth.." I said softly, and smiled, although tears were forcing themselves down my
"Dad, I love you." Hollie said to him.
"And I love you Hollie. Don't ever change, you're beautiful." As Hollie fell into her
room.  Both of them was crying.
"Dad. Don't go." She shouted. The vortex closed. Hollie cried loudly.
"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo." Just then a girl burst through Hollie's window.
"Okay." Her brown hair blowing from the wind. She took Hollie and held a knife
against her throat. "Where's Chika?"

Gaming_Actress says:   6 December 2007   288334  
WTF, at first i didn't get it from the beginning, but i think i do
AnimeFanOVGY says :   7 December 2007   789152  
i feel horrible, cos Saz is a beautiful sweet independant girl, and i
think Chloe's gonna get someone onto her, and  she was really scared.
And now i feel really gulity if Saz gets banged. But i'll tell you
what, Claudia me and everyone else will bang Chloe.


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