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MY FIRST ENTRY and I have no Idea what to writeCategory: (general)
Friday, 30 November 2007
04:33:13 PM (GMT)
This is my first diary entry.
Fun-fun, eh?
Well, Diary.  We should get to know each other better, don't you think?  How else can
we relay our personal thoughts to each other?  Granted, you are only a web page and
won't have much to say back to me, but it is IMPORTANT to me.  Let's start with you.
Oh, yeah.  Web pages don't usually talk back.
Diary, you will simply have to listen to me, if you please.
My name is Blizz (Not really, sillies!  Only for this site!  Remember, we are
supposed to be anonymous!).  I am a band geek/science and math nerd/ bookworm.  YUP! 
I value education, obviously.  I am 16, I have ten toes, and my favorite color is
blue, preferably deep, dark, and rich.  I have really thick hair, which, when I let
it grow out, becomes quite poofy.  I'm a Junior in High School.  I'm taking Spanish
III.  I haven't taken an art class since the sixth grade, and ever since then, I've
wanted to.  I hope that next year, my last in High School, I will be fortunate enough
to take it. 
I play alto saxophone in my school's Wind Ensemble, a group which requires an
audition.  The other band, the one which isn't audition-based, is called the Concert
Band.  I'm first chair, and it is very fun.  For the Christmas concert, which we call
the Collage Concert because the entire music department plays a huge role in it, all
of the saxophones in Wind Ensemble will be playing 'Let it Snow'.  It will be
I am lazy.
Very lazy.
I hate being lazy.
There are many homework assignments that I need to finish that are late, but I can't
force myself to do them for some reason.
In my 20th Century Literature class, we recently read The Glass Castle by
Jeannette Walls.  It was a very good book and I reccommend it to anyone who knows how
to read.  I also need to read a lot of other books.  Not for school, but for myself. 
I'll just list them as follows:
Dante's Inferno
East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Travels With Charlie by John Steinbeck
The Color of Water by James McBride
Teacher Man by
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov
Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson
Confessor by Terry Goodkind
The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman
Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
and any others that I can't think of now

This list is long, but I want to read it.  Everyone needs a To Read list.

Well, I'm about to go to Hannah's house to watch some movies with some other friends,
I would talk more, but I must be off to live my life some more!


Lilrockin2 says:   30 November 2007   218169  
Welcome To Kupika!!
You sound nice!
rainydays says:   30 November 2007   266341  
Ya, welcome to kupika. You seem cool. 

They have made a movie of The Golden Compass. I have to read the book.
I promised myself that whenever a movie has been made based on a book
I must read the book first before I watched the movie.
Bootheghost says:   30 November 2007   322264  
welcome to kupika! i'm sure you'll have a great time!

i'm sorry, but could you possibly sign this;
Bernie says:   30 November 2007   981888  
Mr. New-Artist-Guy seems to be not only a talented artist but smart
as well (*gasp*)! This calls for a knew name. Neither Blizz nor Mr.
New-Artist-Guy really fits. Hmm... Oh! I have it!

I, Bernie dub Blizz "Mr. New-Smart-Artist-Guy" until such time as he
has been a member of Kupika for a month when he shall be known as "Mr.
Smart-Artist-Guy." *taps his shoulders with a sword*
Hotgirl_90 says:   30 November 2007   217488  
Blizz says:   1 December 2007   181545  
Wow, you guys actually read that?  

Thanks for all of the warm welcomes!  This site is amazingly welcoming
compared to other social sites I've been too.
BbySheep says:   1 December 2007   273154  
You enjoy being lazy with me. xD
Blizz whispers:   1 December 2007   536566  
yes, love
‹MusicDefinesLove› says:   2 December 2007   542531  
You sound really smart. :D
Bernie says:   2 December 2007   865659  
Kupika is a lot smaller than many social sites so people have more
time to be welcoming. :D
Blizz says:   2 December 2007   274419  
I am glad!  PLUS it has an oekaki.
Manga_Girl says:   2 December 2007   386224  
it...I'm going to...and *spaces out again* lol sorries for spaceing
out..a little...fine
‹x-le-bon-Jude-x› says :   6 December 2007   634511  
:O your list has six books I want to read in it.....the last book I
read in school was Animal Farm....the book I'm reading on my own time
is Angela's Ashes, by Frank Mccourt,


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