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Friday, 23 November 2007
03:27:13 PM (GMT)
(Best friends for life)

Sk8grlrock: hey wat up
Smartypants2345: n/m just reading
Skategurlrock: u: u r always reading
Smartypants2345: oh an wat r u doin 
Sk8grlrock: n/m just hangin wit ma grl Amy
Smartypants2345: u barely know her
Sk8grlrock: I know she:
.Was born in Beverly Hills
.LUVS rock
.Drives a BMW
.got her first guitar at age 8
.got her first drum kit at age 5
Smartypants2345: ok u do know her but u can’t stop knowing her NOW 
Sk8grlrock: y do u hates her so much
Smartypants2345: cuz she is stealing u from me
Sk8grlrock: I am a person lil I can’t be stolen and if u feel that way u r just
hypocritical lying evil little snake
Smartypants2345: fine Mary Jane Marie Farrell
Sk8grlrock: fine Lily Virgina McCoy
       Lily logs off
Amy logs on

IheartBLT: U: hey WATS up
Sk8grlrock: n/m j/c
IheartBLT: U: wanna do a chat wit me + Mel
Sk8grlrock: Wada u thinks
IheartBLT: ummmmm
Sk8grlrock: YA

Amy has opened a chat room along with Melanie and m.j.
Sweetgrl125: hiiii
Sk8grlrock: wat up
IheartBLT: hey
Sweetgrl125: guyz I m at home and mom wants me to baby-sit 
Sk8grlrock: tell her  we r busy
IheartBLT: u can’t just leave
Sk8grlrock: we were just about to talk about Channing
Sweetgrl125: I hate to miss out but I g2g
IheartBLT: fine god
Sweetgrl125: HEY
IheartBLT: relax I was sooo j/k
Sweetgrl125: ok byes
IheartBLT: cya
Sk8grlrock: bye
M.j. logs off
Channing logs on

Channing: hey Amy wats up
IheartBLT: n/m j/c
Channing: anyway Amy I was wondering if maybe u wanted to go to the movies this
IheartBLT: u gonna tell me a TIME or do I gotta guess 
Channing: oh yeah sure how bout Saturday at 7
IheartBLT: ok got it
Channing: well I g2g
IheartBLT: cya
Channing logs off

M.j. logs on
sk8grlrock: hiyas chicka
IheartBLT: OMG 
Sk8grlrock: wat
IheartBLT: OMG
Sk8grlrock: WAT
IheartBLT: Channing just asked me out
Sk8grlrock: r u 4 real
IheartBLT: I swear 
Sk8grlrock: OMG u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky
IheartBLT: I know
Sk8grlrock: HEY
IheartBLT: j/k
Sk8grlrock:so when and were are you going 
IheartBLT:he’s taking me to the movies Saturday @ 7 
Sk8grlrock:omg he is the HOTTEST guy in school u better not mess this up

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