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Wednesday, 24 October 2007
06:00:42 PM (GMT)
name: LeLen!
age: for you peeple with triskendekaphobia, I'm the delicious age of thirteen.
birthday: July 22
hair color: beautiful black
eye color: very dark brown

what is your favorite...

food: I like food :D
drink:strawberry Lemonade. 'specially from cheesecake factory. :p
color(s): green
hair color: luxiourious black, like yang's
eye color: green and brown
book: There's many. right now, I'm currently in Animal Farm, the Peirce books,
and such
band: No IDEA! XD
singer: dunno
song: "stronger"
actor(s): Johnney Depp<>:D nah, kidding, I'm an Avatard!
animal: panduhr

one the other or both

pepsi or coke: coke
root beer or sprite: either
cake or cookies: cookies. 
Chinese food or Japanese food: depends on which kind. sushi is delicious, but raw
fish is not. :[ but raw fish IN sushi is delicious.. My gawd, I'm a noodles addict!
computer or tv: computer
tv or books: depends on what TV and what book
cats or dogs:depends, once again
life or death: Life
guys or girls: Guys are funnier, but girls are my sisters.

some random Q and A

Q:Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

Q:Do you love someone?
A:No, but now I have a crush. XD

Q:Have you ever loved someone?
A: My father, and mother, and brother, and all the people that support me, my loverly
fans.. (or the people who let me stalk them....)

Q:Who was the last person who called you?
A: Lindsay, My loverly fan.... (She called me and told me to stop stalking her..

Q:Who was the last person you called?
A: Lindsay <3

Q:Who was the last person to hug you?
A: Stacy? she's the ONLY person that gives out hugs now. 

Q:Who was the last person who IMed you?
A: wow. that was a LONG time ago. back when Neopets was  IN

Q:What was the last thing you ate?
A: crackers. :3

Q:What was the last thing you drank?
A: ginger-ale. to calm my infuriated tummy (practicing vocabulary~!)

Q:What are you wearing?
A:redshirt, sweatpants, My mom said that she had to dry my sexy socks and my skirt.
 so I can wear it for the halloween parade~!

Q:Out of all of your family members, who is your favorite?
A: daddy. that's probably because of the well is dry thing... 

and because he couldn't care less if about me as long as I'm a good girl... my mom
tries to clean my room... 

Q:how many friends do you have?
A: I hope I have many TRUE friends whose friendships will last me a lifetime. <3

mextreehugger says:   24 October 2007   822246  
LeLen : Love it! My cousins name is Lele. ^^
kiwily says :   24 October 2007   612879  
that is an awesome name!


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