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Mick0305Category: Friends on here
Wednesday, 17 October 2007
10:05:39 PM (GMT)
Mick0305 (AKA Mikkkee) Is awesome.
Its like I have a cold.
And he catches things from me.
Like the way I type.
(no, I dont mean with three fingers)
I always press enter.
But he use to type like this in really long sentences that actually take up the whole
line, and then they just continue, and keep going and going and going. 
(like that... above)
And then...
Like after he talked to me.
He talked like me.
Pressing Enter.
(like I always do)
He is so funny.
He makes me laugh in every letter.
Mikkeee is soo kewlio.
And also, I am not very funny.
We all knwo that.
I mean like.
I am funny, but not online.
But his Hilariousness wore off on me!
And like I sent him a letter, and he said that he LAUGHED.
From me.
Can you believe it?
Didnt think so.
But I have no proof.
Because I am not intested in showing Kupika the letters.
Thats kinda weird.
So yea.
I am just saying.
That I guess my way of typing is like a cyber cold.
And so is his funnyness.
He is awesome

‹Moustache› says:   17 October 2007   126772  
i'm reading this
and its about me
but its not about me
reading about me
that would be weird....

umm thanks... i think
when i read the '3 fingers' bit
it made me laugh
i probably shouldnt of
too rude >.<

i dont know why 
i type like this now
its not good! lol
but your story
was funny
tell me more!

and thanks for naming a diary entry after me, my first one. im so
proud! xD
popular says:   17 October 2007   839774  
Isnt it like amazing.
You type like me.
That means Im a role Model.
But Im younger then you...
So that makes no sence.
I am younger then MANY people.
You are just another one of them

Im serious.
I only type with three fingers.
My Index and middle on my left.
And just my Index on the right.
Bad habit.

Its better to type like this.
It looks like you are typing a poem.

This is my first diary.
Isnt that amazing?
Thats me.
‹Moustache› says:   17 October 2007   961697  
i'm not sure if its amazing
maybe it is, maybe it isnt

yes well thats not what i thought of lol
thats why its rude >.<

im not sure if its better, its longer tho

wow..... so amazing......
popular says:   17 October 2007   544961  
Probably Isnt, though.
Oh well.
Amazing things have to end.
Or they will go on.
Then it will...
Be boring.
But then the Bordom of it,
will like... not make it amazing.
There for nothing Amazing can last forever.

Im confused Now.

Longer things are kewl.
It makes it look like you took time into typing something.
‹Moustache› says:   17 October 2007   985156  
umm ok.....


you said "longer things are kewl"............... >.<
popular says:   17 October 2007   414566  
And you said, "im not sure if its better, its longer tho"
Your phrase made me laugh.
(get it? LOL.. ha)
‹Moustache› says:   17 October 2007   463237  
yes well... maybe its better to be wider than longer
LOL... get it?
popular says :   18 October 2007   153718  
Im not like totally clueless.


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