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Evil clownCategory: scary story or chain letter ur choice
Saturday, 8 September 2007
10:44:33 PM (GMT)
Once upon a time there was two parents going out for a meal , they had a young baby
so they hired a babysitter. When the babysitter got there they showed her around
and left. Later when the babysitter wanted to watch T.V she realised downstairs
had no
cable so she phoned the parents and asked if she could watch T.V in their room ,
said okay. As she climbed the stairs she listened as they told her how to work
it. Suddenly she interupted and said " Nice statue " The parents were Baffled ,
was no statue in their room. " Carrie " they said " we have no statue in our room "

" But there is one " Carrie insisted.
Then the dad suddenly got very concerned " Carrie! Get out of the house NOW!...
Carrie? " the line was dead. The mum and dad raced home but when they got there
Carrie and the baby were dead. And the statue was gone.

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Last edited: 11 September 2007

DeanWincesterFan says:   9 September 2007   889915  
ooh. i know another freaky clown story.

My friend sent me this story, be careful when speaking to strangers

DeadNBl00DY: Why, Hello there.
bbEachBayBi xo:uhh heyy?
DeadNBl00DY: Well how are you my dear?
bbEachBayBi xo: iim good, but i got 1 question.....who is this?
DeadNBl00DY: Funny you should ask that, for I am your worst nightmare.
I'm all that you fear, all that you never want to happen, and I've
chosen you, Lauren as my next.
bbEachBayBi xo: omg!! how did u knw my name?? lol this is prolly just
a joke do i knw u from school?
DeadNBl00DY: No, you don't know me. But, i've stalked you, watched you
every waking moment for the past week. I know all that you've done,
and all that you can never do.
bbEachBayBi xo: alright. i wanna knw who this is rite now its not
funny ne more
DeadNBl00DY: Who ever said this would be for laughs? Not I. This is
all real, not a joke. I'd just watch my back if I were you.
bbEachBayBi xo:okayyy u tell me rite now who u r. im gettin really
DeadNBl00DY: Who I am? Oh, my dear dear Lauren. I'm not important. I
must go know, but If I were you, I'd stay locked away safe in your
room. Even have a weapon near by if that makes you feel better. Not as
if that will help you. I know your home alone, that you're in your
room right now, watching the computer screen with worry. Your little
dog is by your side too, but he won't help you if anything say, deadly
was about to kill you.
bbEachBayBi xo: omg how do u knw all this, are u watchin me? plz i jst
wanna knw who u r! i nvr did nething wrong jst plz tel me!
DeadNBl00DY: You'll figure out who I am soon enough, my dear.
DeadNBl00DY has signed off.

Later on, the girl just decided it was all a prank, probably just one
of her friends from school trying to scare her. Her parents were out
at a party, she couldn't go because she had studying to do. If she
didn't ace this test, she'd be in deep trouble. While sitting at her
desk, the lights a bit dim, and her dog sound asleep, laying on her
bed, she heard a slight rap at the window. Her blinds were shut, and
it was 10:30 at night. Had it been a bird? Must've been, because she
was on the second story of her house, how could anyone have reached
it. She got up to look, but decided to just forget about it. Deciding
she should take a break from the books and get a glass of milk, she
went downstairs and opened the refrigerator. She walked past the
Living Room, where the door to the shadowy ba
BFF5 says:   9 September 2007   573221  
wow thats thrilling
k_1 says:   9 September 2007   152467  
BFF5 says :   9 September 2007   243427  


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