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FIRST DAY OF 8th grade!!!Category: idiotic me
Tuesday, 4 September 2007
08:56:37 PM (GMT)
I really need'a learn how to spell 8th is it Eighth?
-checks on MS word-

yeah, it is.

anyways, yesterday, I specially set my alarm clock for 5:30. That's 45 minutes before
my bus. And I specially slept early.

about thirty minutes afterwards, I get a call. 
"should we bring our instruments?"
"OOOOOOOOOOMG YANG!!!! <3<3<3~!!!!!"
"I'm not"
"bye :3"

And then I was wide awake.

then when I JUST started to get a little bit sleepy....

"-yawn- b-b-b-b-but!! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!! I was just starting to doze off!!"

"and wash your face!!!!!"

I went into the bathroom and did yoga
mommy left :3

Then I wake up, not because of the alarm,
but because my blankets fell onto the floor.

It was 6:00

My mom was waiting, and was like, 
"your alarm woke everyone in this house up but you....
and it was in your room"

so I was like, Ohmigawsh, I needa get dressed!!!-- to catch the bus

and then the bus came by, and I just stopped,
ate a nice breakfast, I mean, the bus comes one and a half hours before school
and it's an half an hour drive (it's a magnet school)

Then I look at my milk cartoon, and spit out the milk..


and my mom was like, 

"LenLen, wake up..."

and theeeeeeeeeeeeeen I got outta my car and was like LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINDA!!

the eighth grade hall was a warp hole of noise. 

then I walked with Grace to French. (she's going to spanish)
and I'm like, 
"E107~!! this is my room"
obviously, for people who have French, they know it ISNT the room"

"Hello class, my name is Ms.Jane, and welcome to middle school, I'm your English

and I went to the French classroom.

whaaaaaaaaaaat else...?

umm. I really needa get my attention span back.
I mean, it was worse before, but that old man goes too fast and is boring at the same
then the... History was fun. I was right!!  >:D

theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen we had orchestra.
Ms. BROWN (soon to be)
is more like a home ec. teacher.

teh (teh, HAHAHAH) 

anyways, KATHYYYY was there!! 
and she's awesome. PWNSOME!!
and theeeeeeeeeen she called Alex yang a seventh grader......
umm.. asked the eighthgraders to be agood example...

then PE was boring....
um.... we have the old lady...
um.... kathy was there.. HI KATHY~!!!<3

tanzin is an idiot..
um.. waited for the lunch line.....

we had only three minutes to eat....

then geometry...
I was the first to get my worksheet...

gah. I'll update this later.
My mom's mad at me for using the computer


Kat3384 says:   4 September 2007   336339  
Well, it kind of sounds like you had a fun time at school!
kiwily says:   5 September 2007   852415  
No, I didnt, but I'm a positive person, am I not?
Nick007 says:   5 September 2007   765676  
Yes you are...
You could have said:
"My mom's mad at me for using my computer"
Even more alliteration! ^_^
kiwily says :   5 September 2007   887945  
It wouldn't be very true, now would it?
and lying is a sin.


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