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Monday, 20 August 2007
11:27:00 AM (GMT)
Urgh, sometimes I get so pissed off at people.
When I was out a few days ago, I had some random guys scream 'Chinky, chinky China
girl over the road to me, adn I was all like 'Well, I'm actually part Japanese'.
Personall, I think it's unfair that mixed race people get bullied.
I've been attacked by a mob of chavs, had racist names shouted to me in the street,
on many occasions, and I've had to transfer schools because of it, and I know many
people who've had the same thing done.
I don't think it's fair, that just because I have foriegn blood in my veins, I have
to be taunted so much.

If you agree with me, post a comment, or whatever, blah, blah, blah. 

‹tinysparrow.› says:   20 August 2007   316573  
I know we talked about this on MSN but I'll comment anyway. =D
That is so true, and so annoying. I'd pay loads to be mixed race, I
think it's really pretty :3 Those people are fucking idiots to treat
anyone like that. D:<
Oroborus21 says:   20 August 2007   221891  
really some of the most beautiful people i have ever met..and i mean
physically beautiful...were of mixed ethnic backgrounds..i have no
doubt that you are one of them
gothic_emo says:   20 August 2007   217538  
pupit people
oresama whispers:   20 August 2007   385891  
THOSE MEANIES!  +Tries to throw random stuff.+  ;___;
Kriss-chaaan~.  ;0;
I'm mixed, too (already told you that >_> ), but I guess I don't
really look like it.  .__.
But still!  D8<
Why do/would people do such things?!  D:
I wish I were there with you, but my attempts to yell at them would be
pathetic.  ;__;
EmpressEmoMuffinbake says:   20 August 2007   879598  
We should sream out random Japaese swearwords that Squee-Chan tuahgt
Thanks, you all agree~!
We shall throw custard pies at them... XD
jackjack789 says:   20 August 2007   731417  
thats so retarded lol
jackjack789 says:   20 August 2007   612864  
as in why people are doing that
Coora says:   20 August 2007   473544  
I hate it when that happens to people. One of my best friends is
Chinese and people are always telling her she can't speak English and
being rude to her before she even says a word. >:K
She's lived in the US for seven years! She can speak English better
than I can sometimes! It makes me SO angry... D:<
‹colours and carousels‚ô•› shouts:   20 August 2007   489419  
racism is sick, i dare anyone to make such a bitchy comment like that
to any of my friends (including you Empress-kun), if they do dare...i
know armlocks that can break their wrist, break their elbow AND
dislocate their shoulder, all at once. Let them just try...
‹tinysparrow.› says:   20 August 2007   942858  
*takes all the credit for teaching people interesting Japanese words*
ndabf says :   21 August 2007   266155  
those people are bastards and or bitches! there is no difference
between american, english, japanese, chinese, indonesian, scottish,
welsh, australian, and well you get the point. i could have named all
the places i know. we may all be unique in how we think and our
personalities but we are all equally im portant and anyone who cant
see that must be even stupider than me.


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