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Sunday, 12 August 2007
01:43:32 AM (GMT)
The little girl, Who caries the little pink diary, Is a little kid of eight. But for
a child of eight, She knew more about the world, Than most of those her age. If you
look at the front, Of her fluffy pink diary, You would probably think, That its just
a little diary, For little kids her age, To keep their silly secrets. But if you look
inside, You have just entered yourself, To a whole different story. Every page in her
little diary, Was filled with blurry ink, And dried blood. Her aunt and uncle, Beat
her everyday. Because they despise the fact, That they have to look after her. Though
it was a long time ago, She had still remember, Her mother's warm hug, Her father's
kind words, And her brother's cheerful smile. But it was all, A sad memory. Her
mother and father, Had been framed for murder. The framer was rich, So he was able to
bribe the judge, But her parents were not, So they were both hanged. Leaving her and
her brother, On to the cold streets. It was winter, And the little girl got horribly
sick, But they did not have, The money for a doctor, So her brother was forced, To
steal money. He got the little girl, A doctor and a little pink diary, For her
battered soul. The little girl healed, But her brother, Was not so fortunate, The
police arrested him for theft. The victim, The brother stole from, Was a very rich
man, And sadly very heartless. He bribed the judge, To have the boy hanged. Once
again, The little girl's life was torn. A kind elderly man, Found the little girl,
Nearly dead. So he took her in, And paid the police, To find her relatives. The
relatives refused, To look after her, But the police forced them, And she was beaten
everyday, By her cruel aunt and uncle. As horrid her life is, She had never gave a
second thought, To suicide. In her diary, She had always wrote, That she wanted to
become, A lawyer, When she is older, To save those like her, Bring justice to
villains, And that she will never be bribed, Time passed, Her beatings got worst, But
her dream and soul, Was alive and determined, As anyone can imagine. One sad day, She
broke her uncle's, Favorite vase by accident. She knew the end has come, For she has
been known, To her uncle's huge temper. She ran to her school, And left her diary,
Onto her teacher's desk. Since she did not want, Her brother's precious gift, To be
thrown away, After she is gone. When she got back to her house, Hoping she still has
time, To see another minute, Of the world. But it was too late, For her uncle, Was
already at the door, With a huge club held. He pulled her inside, And beat the poor
girl, Till she could hardly breath, The girl knew her time has come, As her world
blackened. Even though her soul, Has left her body, Her uncle never stopped the club,
Tomorrow she was found dead, Left cold on the floor, Covered with drying blood. The
teacher found her little diary And passed it to the police, Her uncle was hung for
murder. Though she has been forgotten, By most already, There are stories, That
children, Who are a miracle that they survived, Heartlessly beatings from their
parents. Always saw a little girl, Smiling at them, And giving them a hand, When they
thought the end was near Most say its their imagination, Because they were too
injured, And the brain was giving all, The wrong signals. But we will never know.

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