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burn baby burnCategory: scary stories
Saturday, 4 August 2007
09:04:35 AM (GMT)
Burn baby burn 
Posted by Danielle
Date Posted: 10/03/2005


It was rainy and i had just gotten out of the shower, when the lights went out.
Annoyed at this inturuption i grabbed my towel and waited...When all of a sudden i
heard a scream..It was a high pitch scream..it was followed by laughter...deep
laughter, and evil laugh. I heard footsteps coming up to the stairs to the
bathroom...and it knocked...and laughter filled the air once more... 
i said nothing, i was at this point hidden in the bathtub naked..and about to have a
heart attack. but then it all went quiet, and the lights turned back on. I grabbed my
clothes out them on, and grabbed somthing hard...somthing i could attack whatever it
was...but then i heard sirens, and they stopped infront of my house, i quickly opend
the door, and let out a battle cry 
"AHAHAHAHAHAH" no one was there, but ashes, there was ashes infront of the door. I
quickly went down stairs and saw my uncle on the ground balling his eyes out, and
pointing to the ground where there lay my aunt, burned and placed on the devil
symbol...at this point i cryed...i was going crazy, i quickly grabbed my cross, and
prayed...this was clearly the work of the devil... 
I had moved, to another house, and 3 months later, i went to get a record from a
music store, i wanted to get underground artists, to see what they were like.. So
that night while it was raining i put the record on m record player and it started to
play...it was a really good song, untill my curiosity took over, and i decided to try
playing it backwards...see what it sounded like...so i played it backwards...and it
freaked me out becuase it kept saying "burn baby burn...muahaha burn baby
burn...loook...look...look ...behind...you...burn baby burn" 
there was a scream, it was my uncle, and someone running up the stairs..i quickly
shut my door..and grabbed my cross...there was a laugh..the same laugh that i heard 3
months ago..and it was coming from behind me. I turned and i screamed, like no
other...the record kept playing "burn baby burn" this guy looked as if he had been
burned, and anerexic he had a knife, and a lighter...and he stood there laughing...i
quickly turned to leave my room..when he was infront of me again..he aimed at my
forhead and threw the knife..but he missed..by a centimeter...he laughed again..and
this time me moved...he glided towards me..and i fell backwards..wimpering...i
grabbed the only thing close to me,..a glass of water next to my bed..and i threw it
at him...as hard as i could..the water hit him..and all of a sudden..he let out a
screach..like no other...he burst into flames. There were ashes right infront of
me.where he was...i was bleeding from my nose...and i had a burn on my wrist...bit i
didnt care..as long as i was alive... My uncle died..he was burned...and ended up the
same way as my aunt.. 

i threw away that record..and i never knew what it was....all i knew is that...he was
afraid of water...thats why he showed up during the rain..he didnt want to get
wet..so he went inside th ehouse..and thats all i know..i had no idea..why he burned
the poeple..maybe it was his thing of 

zizi5678 says :   7 August 2007   945226  
cooool zizi like

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