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Saturday, 4 August 2007
12:33:12 AM (GMT)
Things im not allowed to do at Hogwarts:
Im not allowed to make lightsaber noises with my wand
Im not allowed to hit wierd creatures in the head with a pokeball (espescially
Im not allowed to use substitution jutsu to skip class
Im not allowed to use the force to catch the Snitch in quidich games

anyway while on the subject of Harry Potter..

when i see this I hear Halo Music in my head

when I see this..
I hear the Hamster Dance song

SO what is this exactly?
Its a waste of time
No its not
of course you would say that you wrote it.
No, im the sane one, the crazy one wrote it.
Golemn doesnt know how to spell
howbout we get back to the subject?
how? the subject is random.

A few questions to see if your crazy.

[x] Youv fallen out of your chair more than 3 times
[ ] you can lick your elbow
[x] you just tried to lick your elbow
[x] if someone says JELLO you laugh (like a maniac)
[x] you just laughed
[ ] you took this test to make sure you arent crazy
[x] you took this test to make sure you are crazy
[x] if dinosaurs came back you would rope one and ride it
[x] you have said yes to more than 4 of these questions

If somebody said you were crazy you would say:
[ ] I am not  [x] AND PROUD OF IT [ ] nothing, just laugh
                     ^ craziest answer

you said yes to all the questions: Insane
to most: HYPER CRAZY
to some: Crazy
to a little: not so crazy

Has anyone ever noticed that all the ninjas from the hidden leaf village all have a
white and blue band on thier right leg?
and that they all have blue sandals? anybody?

So, Everybody knows there's been alot of NaruSasu stuff going on around here, and
photobucket, and probably you tube,
I just got info about the last episode, Okay, so Sasuke And Naruto are locked in
intense battle, and like. Naruto comes frward to sasuk with a ninja knife and sasuke
blocks his hand and grabs the other one. Then Naruto says "Sasuke, why do you act
like you're so much better than me?" Sasuke: "....because...because I love you.."
*kisses Naruto*
(im just kidding)


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width="500" height="370">  <param name="movie" 
value="http://newmedia.funnyjunk.com/videos/fsdf.swf">  <param name="quality" 
value="high">  </object>
Funny Videos
Last edited: 1 October 2007

princessdoc says :   5 August 2007   777253  
lol. u crazy.


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