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83 (longest frieken survey ever)Category: survey i took
Monday, 16 July 2007
01:58:35 AM (GMT)
Full name: Alexandra 
Name you go by (nickname): Aly 
Height: 5' 6" 
Age: 12 
Band: FOB 
Song: Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued 
Ice Cream: cookie dough 
Drink: soda 
Car: as my brother :D 
Pizza: cheesy! 
Actor: uhhh dunno 
Actress: Kirsten Dunst and Keira Knightly 
Movie: dunno 
TV show: GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!!!! 
Vacation spot: florida 
Video Game: guitar hero 2 
Sport: none 
How old were you when you lost your first tooth: uhh 5 i think 
Do you believe in God: yes 
...Satan: yes 
...Heaven: yes 
...Hell: yes 
Do you play an instrument: yes 
Do you like to sing: yes (in class) 
Do you think you are good at it: not really 
What is the url to your website/myspace/blog: http://www.kupika.com 
Are you good at any sport: softball.......... 
Do you like President Bush: no 
Ever been in a fight: no 
Ever been beaten up: no 
Ever beaten someone up: no 
What do you want to be when you grow up: dunno 
Where do you want to go to college: i guess 
Shoes you wore today: flip flops 
Goal you would like to achieve this year: make a statement to the world 
Favorite color: black 
Are you more afraid of snakes or spiders: >.< spiders 
Pepsi or Coke: coke 
McDonald's or Burger King: BK 
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate 
Strawberries or blueberries: both 
Adidas or Nike: neither 
Chinese or Mexican: chinese 
Cake or Pie: pie 
Blind or Deaf: both 
Do a split: yah 
Write equally well with both hands: not at all 
Whistle: kinda 
Blow a bubble: yesh 
Cross your eyes: yesh 
Walk with your toes curled: yesh 
Touch your tongue to your nose: yesh 
Time you laughed: earlier today 
Time you cried: earlier today 
Movie you watched: Shiloh 
Flavor of gum you chewed: minty 
Joke you told: uhhh dunno 
Song you sang: Hey There Delilah 
Where are you: home 
What can you see out of your window: darkness 
Are you listening to music: no 
What kind of shoes are you wearing: none 
What's on your mousepad: it's a laptop (touchpad) 
What country would you most like to visit:  
Number of CD's I own: tons 
Your good luck charm: friendship neclace 
How many pillows do you sleep with: 2 
Do you Drink milk: yah 
Do you think God has a gender: i dunno 
Where do you think we go when we die: somewhere else 
What is something scientists need to invent: something useful 
Are you a health freak: no 
If you could trave into space where would you go: somewhere far away 
What is the worst weather: hurricane 
Did you play with barbies as a child: all the frieken time 
How many grades have you failed: i dunno 
Right-handed or left-handed: right 
Your heritage: Ukraine 
Birthday: January 7 
Birthplace: some hospital 
Parents still together: not since i was 7 
Your weaknesses: my friends 
Your fears: spiders......... 
In the past month how many ninjas have you killed: millions! MUFA! 
Most overused phrase on an instant messenger: wha??? 
Your bedtime: dun have one 
Most missed memory: i don't know 
Favorite food: dun have one 
Favorite animal: wolf and beluga 
Who would win in a fight between a ninja and a pirate: ninja 
Are you getting tired of taking this survey: kinda 
How many friends do you have on myspace: i don't have a myspace

swirley12 says:   16 July 2007   971119  
well waht a long survey
SithWedgie says:   16 July 2007   999965  
oi, how busy are you?  If you can fill in a survey can you please
reply to my message?
AlyRox101 says:   16 July 2007   284699  
swirley: exactly!
Sith: i thought i sent it....oops. me go resend now
‹!!I Do What I Want!!› says:   16 July 2007   819211  
just copy and paste the survey onto a entry and delete her answers. 
that's what i do anyways
‹!!I Do What I Want!!› says:   16 July 2007   892868  
it said where do u want 2g2 college not if u want 2
AlyRox101 says :   17 July 2007   592175  
okily dokily
oopsie (i don't care)


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