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Poems [a bunch of em. by me.]Category: (general)
Saturday, 7 July 2007
09:13:45 PM (GMT)
Hiding Under Black

She hides under the baggy clothes.
&& the hood that shields her face.
She wears eyeliner and ruby red lipstick.
&& hates most of the human race.

They shun her for being different.
&& cruelly label her.
Goth, Punk, Emo, Cutter,
Calling her a poser.

Sure her clothes are different.
And her outlook on life is dark.
But when you have a life like she does.
It isn't no walk in the park.

So she continues hiding.
&& sitting at the back of the class.
Hanging out alone during lunch.
Out back on the grass.

As her classmates taunt her,
&& show their disgust for her love of black.
They give her the finger.
&& she flips it right back.

They say she loves the devil.
&& that she will go to hell.
They always loved to trip her.
&& then laugh as she fell.

Later as she walked home.
She realized what she'd do.
She'd tie a rope around her neck.
For everything thing she'd been through.

One rope would end it all.
The suffering and pain.
She tied the rope around her neck.
&& thought of all the things that drove her insane.

Labels, loneliness, family, and everything in between.
That drove her to this point.
That drove her to even think of this.
The things that hurt her every joint.

She stepped off the desk.
&& took her final breath
&& thats how it ended.
With a young girls death. 

Suicidal Couple

They walk through the halls,
Hand in hand.
Heart in heart.
Seemingly perfect.
No one knew the real people inside.
The perfect shells harnessed the truth.
And deceived everyone around.
A handsome guy 
And a beautiful girl
Can make everyone believe
That everything is perfect
Everything is ok.
No one knew they're sadness.
Until their car wrapped around a tree.
The tragedy was deemed suicide.
And finally everyone saw the real people.
Underneath the beautiful shells.
The hurt, angry, lonely people,
Who found shelter in themselves.
And that tragic night.
When their bodies were found.
Everyone knew the truth.
It was a secret no longer.
And finally the shells were buried
And the souls set free
To fly amongst the angels.
And be together for eternity.

Fake Smiles and Lies

Her life isn't as perfect as it seems.
Inside shes dieing.
But she just pastes on the fake smile.
And continues internally crying.

She walks through the halls
Wearing the painted smile
That no one sees the truth behind
She figures it'll pass in a while.

She never takes off the grin
Its a permanent facial feature
But the black sadness instead her
Is a horrible creature.

It gnaws at her heart
And never goes away
She feels so empty inside
But that she'll never say

No one can see her weakness
Because she's supposed to be strong
She knows she should get help.
But she thinks her feelings are wrong.

To feel like shes dieing
When her life is supposedly so perfect.
She doesn't want to go on.
She doesn't think its worth it.

To continue with fake smiles
And the lies she hides behind
And the black eyeliner
With which her eyes are outlined.

That every night becomes just a smudge across her cheek.
And the lipstick that she uses becomes kisses on her mirror.
She needs someone to realize her pain.
She needs someone to save her.

But no ones there when she needs em most.
So alone she shall forever be.
Until someone comes and rescues her.
To show her happiness, its what she needs to see.

Last Words

She puffs her lies of smoke
And hides behind the haze
The wounds in her heart
Are there to forever stay.
With a sob and a bang.
She puts a bullet in her head.
And as she crumbles to the floor.
This is what she said.
"I'm sorry for everything and I love you all,
But now its my time to go."
And with that she did fall.

Car Crash Kiss

Cars collide,
Metal on metal,
Glass on bone,
Heads bleed,
People scream,
Sirens pierce the night,
Flames ablaze
From the wrecked cars,
Burning to the sound of human screams.
Glass shatters,
People watch in awe,
Ambulances carry away bodies, 
Charred bodies in body bags.
People cry,
People die.
&& Then you wake up.
&& Realize the cars were you and him.
&& The crash was your kiss. 


Her smile is transparent
Her eyes bleak and dull
His arms around her waist
Never seem to stop her fall

He makes her fall harder
And crash to the ground
With tears and guarded eyes
She refuses to look around

She stays with him forever
Through all the pain and hurt
The lust she feel's toward him
Keeps her tight against his shirt

She'll never understand him
And the way he makes her feel
All she knows is that
These feelings are very real

He could make her bleed
And yet she'd love him still
I guess the pain to her
Is part of the lovely thrill

Suicide Future

Cut to black
Go out with a bang
Let your life flow from your wrists
Medicate yourself
Theres no time
Just pick a way
Before someone stops you
Just let go
Make suicide your future

sammy961 says:   8 July 2007   343286  
r u an emo......all of these are do depressing
Rotten_Suicide says :   8 July 2007   586385  
...how come everyone on this site says emo?
it's a genre of music.
and no i'm not.
i have happy ones.
but their not on there.


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