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My friend is really sad.Category: Depression
Wednesday, 4 July 2007
03:55:49 AM (GMT)
well okay you're probably wondering why in the seven hells am I writing this well it
is friend is going through depression. You see depression is something
that will effect yourself and the people around you. It can effect yourself mentally
and physically. My friend is going through depression because he really loved my
other Best friend and well she turned him down. Okay I shall tell you the story and
let me inform you that my friends names are Devin (guy) and Selena (girl) and of
Jazmine (me) also with Jonathan (friend) and Gene ( Friend). So here is the whole
story of the issue. It was our free day and we were out playing some games with my
friends Selena, Gene, and Jonathan. We were playing some games and we noticed that
Devin was acting all depressed and we didn't know why. so Selena and I told the guys
to ak him what the hell was going on. so of course they followed our bidding (Because
we are really scary and have anger issues). When they finally come back to us they
say nothing but when we look Devin is showing them a letter or note or some thing
that is like 7 pages long and it actually was! so Selena goes and talks to them while
I go sing some Karaoke. After I'm done singing Selena comes to me and says she knows
what is wrong with Devin. I ask her and she says in word Me. I didn't understand the
meaning of it so she explained to me and said that Devin liked her and wrote her a
seven page song that said I love you and stuff like that. she said it sucked not the
song but because she didn't like him that way. so she tells him that and he calls me
after school saying that he is going to cut himself so I tell him that It is one girl
and to Shut the hell up and not talk like that. Of course he says okay and the next
day Last day of school he has another song. this song is the same length and has a
note on the back. It says that he would not move to his Father's house her and him to
be together and that he would always lover her. she is crushed and asks me  for
advice. I of course tell her to just read and then tell him that he is like a brother
to her. Of course she does but he still is sad like a baby without his mother. He
tells me and Jonathan to try and give it to her because he doesn't want it and just
reminds him of her. So we take it and me and Jonathan try to convince her to just
take it not to even read but she also refuses AGAIN. So I have to keep it and on the
bus I slip it into Selena's math book.Gosh I'm going to get beat when I go back to my
state ( I'm on vacation). Well anyways he says he has glass in his hand and says he
has a faint line on his wrist where he cut himself.well there he is talking to me
like a crazed Idiot and the Picnic we planned got canceled because those to were
acting like a bunch of nincompoops! *sob* and I as looking really forward to it too!
well thank you for reading it (If you have) and please comment and tell me what your
opinion on this problem please and thank you

jay4life says:   4 July 2007   916781  
That was so wrong 4 her to do to him she could at lease gave him a
chance I hate when women do that sometimes.(it not all women just
YoukaiYumeFan says:   4 July 2007   817494  
you know thnk you for saying that because my friend doesn't
understand that and know she is so mad at me for telling her that!~
jay4life says:   4 July 2007   389428  
I was wondering can u be a friend of mine send me a message o.k get
back we me
Indigodreams writes:   4 July 2007   796169  
Wow, poor guy. Maybe they should all just start fresh and try to
forget about it. I think depression is awful and I think the best way
to get over it is to not think about what is making yousad and do
something that makes you happy.
YoukaiYumeFan says :   4 July 2007   677523  
Yeah I know but he really did love her and he's calling me about it
and Emailing her but she won't reply it's pretty pitiful..really


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