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The Story Of Sally WhyteCategory: A Story
Thursday, 28 June 2007
08:04:24 AM (GMT)
ok its really long but trust me its good

 In the year 1912, in Whitechapel, London, a 17 year old girl named Sally Whyte woke
up in her one-room-flat. Her apartment consisted of one iron bed, a grimy sink, an
indescribable chamber pot and a single window that is so dirty hardly any light could
get through it. There was no need to get dressed that morning, or any other morning
for that matter, as she owned only one set of clothes and stayed in them all year

  She got up and began her day as usual, begging on the streets. She walked through
the streets, calling out to passers-by on the way.

“Spare a li’le money for a poor girl?”
“Get away from me, you dirty child!”

  Sally gave the snobby man a filthy glare to match her filthy clothes and moved on
into a deserted alleyway.

“Why do they never spare no money?” Sally wonders, “It’s not like they
’aven’t got enough! I’d spare it, if I was them. Wouldn’t I–”

Sally cried out something unspeakable as she suddenly tripped over an abandoned
briefcase in the middle of the alleyway.

“Who put that bloody briefcase there for?! What’s a briefcase doin’ there
anyhow? ’Xpect some’un must’a lost it” Sally looked around but couldn’t see
anyone. So she called out.

“Ello? Anyone there?”  When no one answered, Sally picked up, or at least tried
to pick up, the briefcase.

“’Ere, what’s got this briefcase so ’eavy?” As Sally opened the briefcase,
her eyes grew wider at the sight that lay before them.
“Bloomin’ ’eck! There must be there ’as to be
around....” Sally tried to count on her fingers for a while before admitting

“Well, anyway, there’s a lot o’ money in ‘ere! But I can’t just take ain’t honest. I could put up an advertisement sayin’ I’ve found a large
sum a’ money! No that wouldn’t work every Tom, Dick an’ ’Arry would turn up
to claim it.”  Sally thought about it for a moment or two and finally came out with
a solution. 

“There’s nothing else for it, I’ll ’ave to take it back wiv me. I can’t
just let it liein’ around out ’ere. If I  ever ’ear anythin’ about some lost
money, I’ll know what to do.”

  Some months later an elegant, young lady of around 17, walked out of a bank on
Oxford Street, unchaperoned. She ordered a taxi to take her to Kensington Gardens

  A butler opened the door for her when she arrived at her house and said,

“A letter has arrived for you, Miss Worthington”. 

   The young lady stopped and looked at the butler for a moment, puzzled. She gave
herself a little shake, seemingly remembering herself, before nodding.

“Thank you, butler.”

   Up in her room the young lady, Miss Worthington, sat down at her vanity table, and
stared at her reflection, thinking to herself.
‘I must remember, I am not plain old Sally Whyte anymore. She is gone. It’s the
new, elegant Miss Worthington now. I must not forget that. Oh how I have changed
these last months.’

   It was true, too. Staring at her reflection, Felicity saw that her long dark hair,
which used to be a mess of knots and tangles, and was always bundled away in a filthy
hat, now cascaded down her back in a shower of glossy, shiny curls and ringlets. Her
face, which had been pinched with cold and pale or tinged yellow with sickness, was
now fuller, with pink tinged cheeks, no longer pinched. As a result, her eyes, that
had always appeared rather sunken in and thus far too large for her face, now were
noticed and appreciated. They were not red from lack of sleep, nor constantly being
rubbed because of too much squinting at the ground for money. They were a deep blue,
almost violet, and outlined by thick long eyelashes.

  It was not only her face that had changed, but her entire body too. She had grown
more, due to decent food, and housing. Now Felicity stood straight and proud, rather
than hunched in the gutter, begging. In total, she was an entirely new person.
  Felicity opened her letter and began to read it, while her maid searched for a
suitable dress to wear in the afternoon. Felicity sighed and put down the letter.

“Bad news, miss? Has someone taken ill?” the maid, asked.

“No. It is simply yet another admirer who I must have had the unfortunate luck of
meeting at the dance the other night. I think his name is…” She peered at the
letter, trying to make sense of the scribbles on it. “Borin. No, Robin. Oh dear. I
don’t even remember his face”
“Ah, it’s not tha’ bad, miss. Look, here’s a dress that’ll bring out yer
eyes for Mrs. Lawrence’s afternoon tea. You can wear the white lace gown fer Lady
Bradshaw’s ball and ye’ll be jest beau’iful, miss”

“I don’t care! I don’t care for any of this! All it seems I do nowadays is go
to people’s houses for tea, or…or those awful operas. Everything’s the same.
Everything’s horrid. I can’t even speak freely about anything that interests me.
It’s all ‘How do you do?’ ‘Did you see Lady So-and-so’s gown, yesterday?
Simply appalling, don’t you think?’”

“There now, miss. I expect your feeling a little poorly. Shall I call for Dr.

“I don’t care! I hope I’m dead by the time he gets here!” Felicity threw
herself on her bed and burst into tears. Soon, she heard the door closing quietly as
the maid ran for help. She sat up, brushing aside her tears.

“That won’t do, Felicity.” She told herself. “Calm down and take deep
breaths. There. Now, I’ll go for a walk, then come back and get ready for Mrs.
Harrison’s tea. No, that’s not right. It was Mrs. Lawrence’s tea. Mrs.
Harrison’s is tomorrow. Or is it? Oh, God. Help me.”
   A while later, Felicity was sitting on a bench on Regent Street, watching the
bustling crowds go by. It was some time before she finally became aware of what the
newsboy was shouting.

“READ ALL ABOUT IT! The Titanic: the world’s largest ocean liner ever made! This
unsinkable ship is sailing to New York from Liverpool on the 10th of April. Top of
the range luxury ship! Never been one like it! READ ALL ABOUT IT!”

   Felicity stood up and walked over to the boy. She paid him a shilling and went
back to her seat on the bench and started reading the newspaper she had bought.

As Felicity rushed home from Regent Street she thought about what she had read.
‘The Titanic, this will be perfect! I shall travel to America and start a new life
there. A life that is not full of dinner parties and insignificant balls, but rather,
a life that is full of intelligent conversation.

When Felicity arrived home, her maid wondered why she was away for so long without an
escort and without telling anyone where she was going, but when Felicity told her of
her plans to go to America the maid was dumbstruck.

“Now, pack the bags lightly I shall buy most of my belongings in America”
Felicity ordered. The maid was still confused but started packing all the same.

“Who’ll go with us, Miss? Will you go alone?” the maid asked.

“I shall take only Butler and you. I would have gone only with you but I suppose we
need Butler to chaperone us.”

At the station, Butler bought three tickets to Liverpool and went to go get a bellboy
to carry the bags. The maid, who was clever despite what many thought, was worried.
She was fully devoted to her Mistress, who had picked her up from the slums and given
her a job and a roof over her head, but she also knew that Felicity hadn’t fully
thought things through.

“Miss, what are we going to do fer money when we get to America?” Felicity’s
smile, which had been on her face since they had left for the station, wavered.
“Oh, don’t worry. We shall think of something.” And the smile was back on her
face as if nothing had changed. The truth was, Felicity had been thinking of this for
a while now, but she kept putting off working out a solution because she knew what
the only explanation was to marry, but she could not think of marrying anyone who she
did not love.

When the three of them had gotten on to the train to Liverpool for the long ride,
Butler and the maid went ahead to find their cabin, while Felicity went to search for
the dining cabin. Seeing as Felicity was pondering to herself and not looking where
she was going it was only natural that she would bump into someone. This someone
happened to be Michael Brandon the 20 year old American heir to a large fortune. 

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry Miss. I should have been looking where I was going.”
Michael said picking up all his belongings and Felicity’s purse which they had
dropped when they bumped into each other.

“No, no, I was the one not looking where I was going.” Felicity replied helping
Michael pick up both their belongings. When everything had been picked up, Michael
Brandon and Felicity Worthington finally looked at each other properly.

“Both of them uttered a soft ‘Oh’ at the same time. Felicity couldn’t help
noticing how handsome he was. Michael had curly dark brown, almost black hair that
kept falling over his eyes. His eyes were the greenest Felicity had ever seen and his
clothes were the height of fashion. Michael couldn’t help noticing how beautiful
Felicity was, with her dark blue eyes and prominent cheekbones.

The two of them were speechless for a moment or two, and then they remembered their

“Michael Brandon, so very pleased to meet you Miss – Mrs?...”

“Miss Felicity Worthington. Pleased to meet you too.” Felicity found it rather
hard to keep her cool, calm nature around this attractive young man, for every time
he looked into her eyes her heart beat much faster than normal.

“Well, Miss Worthington, I do hope to see more of you on our long journey. May I
ask where your destination is?” Michael asked, secretly hoping that their
destinations would be the same or at least similar.

“I shall be going to Liverpool, to travel to America, on the Titanic” replied
Felicity also hoping that he would be going to America on the Titanic.

“Well! This is a coincidence, because I will also be travelling on the Titanic.”
said Michael.

“Miss! Miss!” Felicity’s maid called out. “Oh there you are Miss. We found
the cabin and we were wonderin’ where you were. Lunch will be served in an hour but
we ‘ave to get you comfortable in the cabin before’and.” Felicity, who was
rather annoyed at being interrupted, was about to follow her maid when Michael
Brandon said:

“Miss Worthington, I do hope you will join me for lunch in the dining cabin in an
hour. It would mean the world to me.” Felicity, who was rather embarrassed,
answered yes and went with her maid.

An hour later, Felicity and her maid joined Michael for lunch (Butler decided to eat
in the cabin). All through lunch Michael and Felicity had a long conversation about
their voyage and about the Titanic, it seemed that Michael knew a great deal about
the ship; who had designed it, which company had made it, how fast it could go.
Felicity was not bored by all this science talk, quite the contrary; she was
fascinated and ecstatic that finally someone was talking to her like a real person.
not like a doll in a shop window.

Not everyone was entertained throughout lunch, the maid was rather bored. She was not
interested in the Titanic and the way it worked, she was more concerned with
Felicity's money problem, for they only had 1000 pounds left. This was a lot of money
to the maid but she knew it wasn't enough to buy a house, clothes, food and all of
the things they needed in America, Seeing as Felicity would not come into any more
money, because she had no family. The only solution the maid could see was to marry
someone who could support her, and quickly. As far as the maid was concerned, love
didn't come into it at all. It didn't occur to her that Felicity was already in love,
with Michael Brandon, and it was quite safe to say that he felt the same way that she

When lunch was at an end, Michael invited Felicity, and her maid, to his cabin for
tea and crumpets. The maid, although hesiitant to leave Felicity alone with a man she
had just met, could not stand another few being bored to death. So she declined the
offer. Felicity, of course, acepted his invitation and went with with him to his

"I'm all alone on my journey. My father is already in America and I'm to join him
there to becomea partner in his business." Michael hesitated, and then added, "I'm
also there to marry." but seeing the look on Felicity's face said. "Not to anyone in
particular but i have to carry on my family's name." Felicity was relieved. Two of
them arrived at Michael cabin and sat down opposite each other. The usually chatty
Michael was now lost for words. He knew that the girl sitting opposite him was the
girl of his dreams. Yet he knew nothing about her except her name and her
destination. He realised that he had been quite rude and done most of the talking at
lunch. 'She must think terribly of me!' he thought. A silence had come over them and
Michael was feeling rather awkward, so he asked:

"Are you visiting family in America or are you going to live there?"

"I have no family left now, it's just me. So I'm going America to make a fresh
start." Felicity hadn't minded the silence, she was happy staring into those
startling green eyes of his. Although he had a very nice voice, so she didn't mind
either way. As the two of them talked away the hours, the tea and crumpets were

When it was late and time for Felicity to go she bid Michael goodnight and walked to
her own cabin. She couldn't help feeling like she was floating on air. When she had
arrived at her cabin, the maid and Butler were fast asleep, so Felicity quietly sat
down and realised how tired she was, and fell asleep almost at once.

(more to come)
Last edited: 2 July 2007

little_puddin_tator says:   28 June 2007   246838  
that was the most boring stroy i ever read in my whole entire life
MuffinFace says:   28 June 2007   796288  
oooh! I know what happens! The titanic sinks (well, who doesn't know
that?!?) and then it turns into some retarded chain letter !!!! Yay!!!
Am I right, am I??!
‹LeatherAndStripes› says:   29 June 2007   981956  
no im not finished the story
‹You have a message^_^› says:   29 June 2007   842678  
wow!!! i thought it was really good!!
‹LeatherAndStripes› says:   30 June 2007   796153  
aaawwww thank you
more to come remember
black_petals says:   30 June 2007   147612  
now how do i remember that story? Could it be?! is! 
you'd better finish it. and ignore the 1 who said it was the most
boring story ever cuz she has no idea what she'a on about.

ps. its v.v.v.v.v.good
‹LeatherAndStripes› says:   30 June 2007   119777  
yeh well you should know you helped write it
rustic_red_rose says:   1 July 2007   948942  
this story is 'thrilling', just like Mr. Rowe's film. Only joking,
but i've read it before somewhere...
‹LeatherAndStripes› says:   2 July 2007   937872  
yes i know you have lily
you read it in class!!
BlackDiva says:   2 July 2007   413324  
that was like sooo good no great even better EXELLENTE!!!!! when's
the next part coming out???? Plz say soon *shows puppy dog eyes*
‹LeatherAndStripes› says:   2 July 2007   468329  
yeh it should be soon
cute_monkey says:   2 July 2007   271316  
wow it is long...i hope its ok if I finish it later...but so far its
pretty good!♥
‹LeatherAndStripes› says :   6 July 2007   559357  
thats ok 

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