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Cheating: Sexual and EmotionalCategory: (general)
Friday, 13 April 2007
10:43:38 AM (GMT)
A lot of people (even those I'd consider freethinkers) seem to hold the view that it
is very wrong to have sex/whatever with someone whilst you are in a romantic
relationship with someone else. If you are one of those people, take a moment to ask
yourself why.

A few things to establish here:
For the purposes of this entry, I define sex as any sexual act.
'True' relationships are about emotion.
Sex can be just an act. It does not have to have emotional ties.

That last point, a few of you may disagree on. Let's have a bit of a thought
Would you consider masturbation whilst in a relationship unfaithful? I'm guessing
What about the use of a gloryhole? Is this
Finally, what if it was not a real person on the other side. But in fact apparatus
designed to simulate exactly what that person would do? Or maybe if someone else was
controlling the apparatus?

I think you'll begin to realise that the aspect which bothers you is the fact that
there is another person there. Some of you may be one step ahead and realise that it
is the emotional ties which bother you.

In a relationship with someone, I would not have sex with anyone else. This is a
personal choice, as it feels bad for me to do it. I would, however, have no problem
with my partner having sex with other people (as long as they're careful about
diseases, and they don't deceive me). However, and we move onto the second part of
this title, emotional cheating is a different matter.

It's also harder to describe. I guess it would be someone in a romantic relationship
experiencing romantic feelings for someone else? It's more complex than that though.
Of course, it's not morally wrong, but it's something that is easily grounds for the
dissolution of a relationship (though even then maybe not).

I have run out of writing steam. End Post.

pyro_the_pirate whispers:   15 April 2007   345231  
i love this diary so much!!!! 
it actully makes sence!
bubbles_girl_13 says:   8 May 2007   752327  
you are so incredibly right. I got in a fight with a very close
friend of mine over this.  finally see things from her point of veiw.
thank you!
Beautiful_babe_not says:   14 May 2007   916588  
makes sense. I agree.
RaverAlchemist says:   30 June 2007   712866  
If I were married, I wouldn't be comfortable with my partner
partaking in sexual activities with people aside from me, unless I'm
given the same freedom. Well, under that and there'd have to be
literally no emotion. Just taking out your carnal desires.

 I am, though, accepting of having sex with people you aren't
romantically involved with so you don't hurt the person you ARE
romantically involved with. Like, for example, a man is dating a
virgin woman, and she isn't wanting to have sex with him. Instead of
raping her, he goes out and gets what he needs from somebody. That,
I'm perfectly fine with.

 When it comes to plain dating, though, cheat all you want. It's not
like we've gotten serious yet.
kawaiininja says:   16 July 2007   658639  
You're diary is really great. =3 I still wouldn't cheat though. =/
kattany2 says :   18 July 2007   413369  
i see wat ur saying i myself dont cheat on someone im with and if
they want to have a relashion ship (sex, emotinal feelings and or the
company)with someone elce i would rather they end the one we have
because the thought of im bouncing between us or seperating his time i
realy dont like i want someone who is avalible most the time just to
hang with but this is just my prefrince people r diffrink and have
diffrint prefrinces and thought patterns lol

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