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The Tales of Lithia CONTINUED!Category: (general)
Saturday, 3 March 2007
01:12:38 AM (GMT)
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That's Morgan. Ill have a Shane later...
"For the millionth time, were are we going?" I asked, as Shane quickly dragged me
through the forest, dodging every tree in our way. With his hand holding mine tight,
I stumbled, but kept going, knowing that Shane would never in his life put me in
"I told you, Morgan, It's a surprise. Im going to show you something that nobody
else knows about. Shane said as he continued running, his bare feet making almost no
sound at all on the soft soil. His pitch-black hair flowed behind him, revealing his
pointed ears. He had never told me why they were pointed, he only reply that ever
came out of him was, "They just are." Those words echoed in my mind and the sound of
Shane's soft footsteps halted. I suddenly snapped back to realty and bumped into
I helped him up and looked at were he had stopped. Before us was the largest oak
I had ever seen. 
"A tree... You led me all this way to a tree?" I asked.
"Not just a tree. It's different." He responded.
"Everything is different with you," I protested. "Its just a tree."
"Why do girls always have to be so stubborn? Just wait." He said. At that, he
mumbled a few soft words under his breath... A large golden door appeared in the
tree. It was finely crafted, with emerald green curvy lines covering it. I stared in
"What is this?" I asked. He looked over at me, smiling.
"Lithia...." He replied.
"What's a lithia?" I asked.
"Not what... Where." He said, his smile turning into a grin. He took my hand tightly
in his, opened the door, and led me away from our farmilliar home in Great Britain.
Before me was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. The tall grass swayed in the
gentle breeze, the rolling hills covered the magnificent landscape, the pure white
clouds crept lazily across the deep clear blue sky. And on the highest hill in sight,
proudly stood a castle. It was made of pure white marble, the door made of gold,
similar to the door to the tree. 
"Who's castle is that?" I asked.
"My father's." Shane replied. I was in shock.
"Your father is a king? Then that would make you..."
"Prince. I know." He took my hand again, but this time not taking me anywere, just
standing there holding my hand. I blushed, and so did Shane, then he led me towards
the castle.
"So this is your Lithia..." I said, breaking the silence.
"Yes. It's beautiful, isn't it?" Shane replied.
"Too beautiful for proper words. Can you tell me about Lithia?"
"Well, Lithia is divided into clans." 
"What clan are you? I'm curious." I smiled at Shane. He blushed.
"Dragon Clan. The same clan as you."
"What? What do you mean?"
"You were born here as well. In the same clan. Dragon Clan is the only clan that has
pointed ears. I don't know if you've noticed, but you're ears are pointed as well as
mine. You should see the dragons here... They're amazing."
"I'm sure they are," I noticed it was getting dark, and I looked over to a small pond
with a waterfall on its north end. Trees surrounded it. I pointed to the spot. "Can
we sleep over there?" Shane's eyes brightened.
"That's one of my favorite spots in all of Lithia." He grinned and took my hand
again, leading me to the pond.

erosennin says:   3 March 2007   242661  
elouai_wings=" 0000" ;   huh?

Thats a good story ^ ^ I can't wait to hear more, mind if I helped?
horsecrazy12423 says:   3 March 2007   542186  
the thingy didnt work!!!! OMG!! thankies. joo can help! Im planning
on making it a love story cuz its fun. love and fantasy... thats like
the best thing in the story bisuness or whatevurs... YaY!!
erosennin says:   3 March 2007   818188  
hehehe, love and fantasy ^ ^ we have both don't we *huggles moment*
horsecrazy12423 says:   3 March 2007   669344  
HUGGLES MOMENT!! YAY! Yeppers we do. And I just add to the fantasy,
cuz this is actually a fiction story that takes place in a real
erosennin says:   3 March 2007   641473  
But I want it too >.<
horsecrazy12423 says :   3 March 2007   983789  
Joo can go there, it will still be mine though. ^ ^


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