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Tuesday, 30 January 2007
12:50:06 PM (GMT)
Ive allways wanted to write a story aboutknights nd celtic and damsels in
distress...............SO here we go.

Charactor one: Clair Elissa Playton
Age: 2300
Race: Elf
Hair: Long, strait Golden blond
Eyes: Grey
Interests: Books, fighting, singing writing
Family: Mother, Keighly Playton Father, William Playton
Love: Airalas

Charactor Two: Proff. Retan
Age: unknown
Hair: Long silver, always tied off at the nape of neck
Interests: Weath power land and his snake diatra (die-aht-tra)
Family: none
Love: Diatra (his snake)

Charactor three: Airalas
Age: unknown
Race: Human
Hair: Black, strait, medium
Interests: His horse, Kalana (kahl-ahn-ah) fighting, singing
Love: Clair

basic story line

Clairs father and mother dies from an illness and then clair has to take over the
throne of Kitara and rule it like her father. But, Retan has another idea, he plans
to use Clair as a puppet to take the throne. clair meets Airalas when she runs away
from her troubles as queen. She is taken to Cair Lina (kair-leena)
(Airalas' home) to avoid trouble. Retan goes out looking for her grows stronger from
a magical witch named selar (sell-air) Then still goes out looking or her and
captures Airalas and makes a deal with clair. She has to go home in order to keep
Airalas alive. She agrees and is taken home. Retan then uses Cair to take all of
Kitara's gold. Clair then has to marry Retan to save her kingdom. Airalas hears aout
this and comes to her rescue. He takes her back to Cair Lina, but Retan is waiting
for them. He kills Airalas and marries Clair. Clair goes to see selar and askes her
to bring back Airalas. She agrees but on one condition, she has to forfit her
imortality. She does so and is imedietly turned mortal. clair returns to Kitara and
lives her life, wondering if she will ever see Airalas again............Thats all I
have. Tell me if you like the idea.................Thanks Namarie(farewell)

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