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German Brats, Black Cats, Free Hats, And Our Lives....... Part 2Category: Book!
Sunday, 21 January 2007
08:26:38 PM (GMT)
Jess' P.O.V.
Why oh why did this happen???
Why won't she just go off and die!!!!!!!
I swear, she has it out for me!
Jeremy: "Hey Jess, what's up?"
Jess: "I don't know, you tell me."
Bee: "Hey y'all! What's up Jeremy?"
Jeremy: "What?? I didn't ask Ariel out and she said yes!"
Jeremy grined like a moron!
Emma and Danielle!
Oh and Drew.
This will be a fun class!
Bee: "Jess, why don't you tell Jeremy what happened to you."
Jess: "You tell him what happened to you first!"
Emma ran up and met us.
Emma: "Hey guys! What's up?"
Bee: "Jess was about to share something with us."
Jess: "Bee was too."
Bee: "Fine, Micheal asked me out!!!"
Jeremy: "Cool!! So Jess, what about you?"
Emma: "I have news too!"
Jess: "Ross asked me out! Oh Emma what is it?"
Emma: "WHAT!!?? That's awsome!!!! Oh Drew asked me out......"
Her voice trailed off in excitment and desparation. 
Bee: "What did you say?"
Emma: "I said......I said I would think about it."
Jeremy: "Emma, just say yes!"
Ariel then came up behind Jeremy and kissed him....awww how sweet!
Ariel: "What's up?? I know y'all were talking about me."
Jeremy: "You know it!"
He had that dopey, annoying grin, love makes me sick sometimes!
Jess: "Yeppers! And we were talking about Ross asking me out, Micheal asking Bee out,
and Drew asking Emma out."
A whistel was heard and I stopped and turned to see Ross staring at me from the quad,
he's soooo cute! 
He ran up to me and sat down to hear what we were talking about.
Jess: "Hey did y'all hear that MCR is coming to town in April?"
Ross: "No way? You serious??"
Jess: "Would I lie?"
Bee: "Yes!"
Jeremy: "We need tickets to that!"
Ariel: "MCR!!!! OMG! No way!"
Emma: "Holy Sh*t!"
Jess: "And I can get us all tickets."
Bee: "How?"
Jeremy: "Yeah, really, April is far off."
Jess: "I just can!!!"
Ross: "I wanna go to that.....with who though?"
He eyed me and reached around and put his arm around me.

Jeremy's P.O.V.
Woah, Ross is a high ranked dude in football and popular, sense when do people like
him like rock?
But Jess looks happy and they look cute together.
Ariel is amazing, I can't wait to get to go with her to the concert.
I haven't told her yet that I have tickets to a Dresden Dolls concert.

Bee's P.O.V.
Awww.....Jeremy and Ariel, Jess and Ross.....where is Micheal?
He's so sweet, he called me last night and we talked for hours!!
I wonder what movie we are going to see.

Ross' P.O.V.
Wow, her friends are nice.
I can't wait to tell her I got tickets to the very private Panic! At The Disco
She will flip!
I also some how got backstage passes!
Thank you Jon!
I wonder if I should tell her I'm related to Jon Walker.
Naw.....let him tell her!
I walked with Jess to her English class.
Jess: "So Ross, why ask a girl like me out? All your friends will be pissed and drop
Ross: "Let them they act like morons and I wish sometimes they would dissapear!"
Jess: "Ross, you know some of them are cool. Don't lose your friends for me."
Ross: "True friends wouldn't have a problem with it!"
She grinned and looked down at the ground, and Joby, Phillip, and Beau ran up to us.
Joby: "Uh, hi, Jess.....can we talk to Ross?"
Beau: "We need to ask him something......"
Phillip: "Yeah, what they said."
They grabbed my shoulder and walked away with me.
Ross: "Talk to you later Jess!"
Joby: "What are you talking to Jessica for??"
Ross: "My reasons are mine."
Phillip: "Ross, we are your friends, tell us!"
Ross: "No......Jess is right, y'all wouldn't understand!"
Beau: "Understand what?"
I ran to class leaving them to gawk in what I just said. The bell rang and I slid
into history class.

That night, many calls went out to teenagers around the area.
Only a few mattered.
The call between Will and his girlfriend, Victoria.
The call between Jess and Ross.
The call between Jeremy and Ariel.
The call between Bee and Micheal.
The call between rock star Brendon Urie and his friend Jon's cousin's girlfriend.
The call between Ross and Beau.
The call between Ross and Joby.
The call between Ross and Phillip.
The call between Jess and Bee.
The call between Jess and Jeremy.
The call between Jess and Emma.
The call between Jess and Ariel.
The call Jess recived from a guy named Aaron.
The call between Jess and her cop friend (Long Story) Ataur.
The call Joby placed to every one in Point New Wark.
And the call that made Jess pass out in fear.

MrHello says :   22 January 2007   379376  
MCR concert!!


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