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Bloody Halls Part 2 Chapt. 1Category: Horror Story
Monday, 1 January 2007
02:12:21 PM (GMT)
If you thought that I was done all the Bloody Hall Stories... You thought

Jamie was in a orphanage she was now 16 no one had adopted her yet. Her mom Mrs.
Jones had left her alone after commiting suicide and killing Meena. Jamie's life was
like hell. Nothing was right and there were people at the orphanage that disdained
her. Her only friend was Rocky who also had a life of hell. They had things in

"Rocky meet me at my bunkbed. Roger that?" said Jamie on a walkie-talkie "Roger
that!" said Rocky. Jamie walked to her bunkbed (also Rocky's too they shared a room
even if he was a boy.) , she sat down on the bottom bunk waiting for Rocky to come. 


Jamie turned her head around kind of scared. There was Bridgett , Rayne and Lola the
drones they followed eachother everywhere and they liked picking on Jamie and Rockie.
Jamie gasped , Rayne and Lola were holding Rocky and Bridgett had the walkie-talkie
in her hand. Bridgett dropped the walkie-talkie and crushed it. "YOUR SUCH A BAD
PERSON BRIDGETT! LEAVE ME AND ROCKY ALONE!" Jamie yelled. Rayne and Lola dropped
Rocky hard on the floor his nose began to bleed. "What's your problem!?" he shouted
angrily , Jamie ran to Rocky with a tissue in her hand. "Here Rocky come lie down."
she said trying not to cry "Loner Loser wanna be a man. Don't got the looks so talk
to the hand!" said the drones in unison , they burst into annoying laughter and left.
Jamie sobbed "I wish I could kill them!" she said angrily "It's ok , we'll get them
back." said Rocky trying to comfort her. 

The Next Day

"Rocky... ROCKY!" Jamie yelled shaking Rocky trying to wake him up. Rocky groaned
"What the... What are you doing awake..?" said Rocky still half asleep "I was
thinking all night what to do to get back at the Dumb Drones!" she said with glee ,
Rocky's eyes widened , he got up fast he didn't look sleepy anymore. "I was thinking
all night too!" he said. "Say your idea first" said Jamie. 


Rocky and Jamie slowly tiptoed to the "Dumb Drones" room. They opened the door slowly
trying not to make a loud sound. The door made a quiet creaking sound. The looked in
, the drones were fast asleep with their teddy bears. Jamie giggled "And they said we
were babies..." she thought. Rocky and Jamie tiptoed to Bridgett's bed "Time for plan
Make the Dumb Drones disapear..." said Rocky with a smirk on his face.

To be continued...

P.S. Sorry that nothing scary happened yet but then the next one will be

lamb_rissa says:   4 January 2007   782968  
cooool wow i love your storys!
kokokat2324 says:   6 January 2007   546977  
omg omg omg im gonna faint
MelMyaMelody says:   20 January 2007   133432  
lilcoco says:   14 March 2007   944616  
kittykat1 says :   15 June 2007   921748  
i like it!


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