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Tamagotchi Stories "Where are you?" Part 1Category: Tamagotchi Stories
Sunday, 10 December 2006
05:43:07 PM (GMT)
Main Characters

Best Friends

"Where are you?"

One winter day in Tamatown, Bea and Myra were doing their homework. "Myra, do you
think this homework will really help us in the future?" Bea asked Myra. "Well, I hope
so. I mean I don't want to spend all this time for nothing" Merabell said while
getting her Tamagotchi History book out. "But, you know, Tamagotchi History is so not
a waste of time to learn" Myra said. Myra was kind of a school girl, but she also
really fun too. "Okay, but I think Science is a waste of time, I mean we can do cool
thing in the lab" Bea said back to Myra. "I guess that's true, it is pretty cool"
Myra said while writing her homework. In a few weeks, Bea and Myra will be having
their winter break and they can't wait. "Okay, one more week Myra, and we're going
shopping and relaxing all day long without doing homework! Yes!" Bea said while
finshing her work. "Okay, here we go. I'm done" Bea said while putting her books and
pencils in her bag. "Wait, I just need a few more minutes.Bea wait for me!" Myra said
while writing in her notebook. In a few minutes Myra was finshed with her work, so
the girls went to Bea's house to hang out. Bea opened the door and saw her little
sister, Stacy, reading her diary. "Stop it Stacy! Stop it right now!" Bea shouted. "
Fiddle sticks! I got busted!"Stacy said. "I am so telling mom about this and you'll
be in so much trouble" Bea said as she gets her diary from her little sister. "Myra,
you are so lucy not to have a little sister" Bea whispered to Myra. After Stacy got
in trouble, Bea and Myra went ot Bea's bedroom. They put their stuff inside and went
to the backyard. Bea and Myra sat next to the apple tree in Bea's yard and saw their
best friends playing hide and go seek. Even though Bea and Myra are in middle school,
they still love playing Hide and go seek. "Hi,Claire, Riley, Hailey, Maddie, Zack,
Vanessa, Alex,and Ethan!" Bea and Myra shouted. Claire looked over and saw them.
"Hello girls!" Claire said with a mig smile. Claire is alway a happy person no matter
what kind of day it is, but sometimes it gets anoying. "Hi, so I see you guys are
play hide and go seek. Can we play?" Bea said standing up.

"Sure. just come to my house, I'll be there waiting!" Claire said running to the
glass door leading to her house. "Okay!" Bea and Myra said together. Bea nad Myra
went insdie the kitchen and told Bea's mom that they are going to be in Claire's
house for a couple of hours, then Myra called her mom to let her know. After those
things, they went to Claire's house. When they got to the backyard, everyone shouted,
"Hi, Bea and Myra!". Bea said, "Um, what is going on here, you guys?" in a weird
face. "Oh, nothing" Alex said. "Come on, lets just play" Vanessa shouted. Everyone
hid and Bea seeked. When Bea counted up to 30, she started looking. "Gotcha!" Bea
said to Myra. "Gotcha Alex!" Bea shouted. When she found everyone, Vanessa asked,
"Um, where is Maddie?". Claire looked at everyone and said, "Yeah, where is Maddie?".
Everyone looked for her everywhere but she couldn't be found. "Hey, look at this you
guys!" Zack said while hloding a paper. 
It says:

"Oh my gosh, Maddie has been kidnapped!" Vanessa shouted. "We have to tell her parents, quick!" Ethan said. "Okay, come on lets go" Bea said to everyone. The gang went to Maddie's house and told her family the big news. After they told them the news, the door bell rang. Maddie's mom opened the door and found a folder, she gave it to Bea and the others to see. There was a riddle they had to solve to move to the next step. Come back and find out what's happening in Tamatown!

trippinout98 says:   10 December 2006   997772  
eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lol jk
Blue_Faerie_Heart says:   10 December 2006   916668  
do you like it?
Blue_Faerie_Heart says:   10 December 2006   287961  
Please tell me the truth. Because if people don't like it, then I
won't write them anymore.
Blue_Faerie_Heart says:   10 December 2006   419761  
Anyone here?
Blue_Faerie_Heart says:   11 December 2006   656773  
anyone liked it?
LafyTafy101 says:   23 December 2006   316844  
cool story I loved it.
Blue_Faerie_Heart says:   28 December 2006   726381  
Mariah_pie_starbucks says:   28 December 2006   251424  
Its cool! ^_^ But I could use just alittle more detail! ^-^ Other
than that it was great!
Blue_Faerie_Heart says:   13 January 2007   284369  
Thanks!!! I'll get back on doing that!!!
im_a_pretty_kitty1 says :   17 June 2007   823863  
i loved it,and i love tamas 2!


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