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Love Story (part 9 Finale)Category: Romance -stories
Tuesday, 5 December 2006
09:53:08 AM (GMT)
This is all wrong, lord help me. Help us!
Oh damn my date i forgot, i got dressed quickly and went downstairs.
"Hi, Kirsten, wow you look great." Scotty was a bit taken a-back.
"Hello, um Scotty, can we go now??" i asked nervously i didn't want to sound
"Be back at to, ok?" my mum said and kissed my cheek and i was out the door.
"So where are we going? The youthie? Disco?" i asked.
"Nope, we're going to a pizza parlour." he said coolly. Was he serious, PIZZA!
"Ok, sounds cool!" i faked a smile to please him.
"Wow, um well bye." i said on the phone to Miley.
"Whats up?" Scotty asked when he saw the look on my face.
"It's Miley, she's knocked out, she drunk and on drugs i fear, she couldn't remeber
my name." i said worriedly.
I ran. I saw a gang of boys havign a laugh at her, Scotty ran beside me.
"OI YOU SPAZ'S LEAVE HER ALONE!" i screamed at them, i wish i didn't
"Oh yeah, and what you going to do about it!?" one boy asked, he was bigger and
stronger than me.
"Hey dude back off!" Scotty yelled.
"Ooooh really scared!" the others laughed,  picked Scotty up and beated him up.
"Miley, are you ok?" i asked rushing over to her, my white dress covered in blood,
mud and spit.
"Angel, is that an angel?" she aked.
"No silly, it's me Kirsten, oh boy you're really gone out!" i yelled.
As the ambulance and the police left i turned to Scotty.
"Omigosh, your face, are you ok?" i said, i got a hankie out my pusre to stop the
bleeding, but he lowered my hand.
"Leave me be." and kissed me.....Then i felt his hands going all over me. He was
raping me!
"Um got to go." i pulled away. But he had hold of me tightly.
"Where are you going?" he asked, he was touching my chest, i felt really
uncomfortable. He threw me to the ground and undid his zip.
"OI, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" a man yelled. Dad! Sirens was coming up and down the
"Uh oh, busted!!" i said in his face and got up. Scotty got a knife out. I screamed.
He was going to plunge it in me, or i was going to walk into it.
I felt pain in my thigh, everything was going dark,  saw my mum and dad rushing up to
me. BLACK.

-I didn't live, i died, this is a warnign to everyone, i trusted Scott, but i woke up
in hospital.-
"Kirsten?" I heard Max voice.
"Max." i whispered hoarsly.
"Oh, you poor thing. Look at you." he said, holding my hand. I felt a strange feeling
inside me, Love.
"Max, what was the thing you was going to tell me but you never did??" i asked.
"Oh that," he was going red i could see it. "Well that was, i love you Kirsten." he
said, his lips touched mine, i knew it was right this time.
When he let go. "I love you too Max." i could see his brown hair with blonde streaks
and his blue eyes. His tanned skin.
"I will never let you-" i couldn't hear it, i was dying, i held out for him but i
couldn't, my heart stopped, i couldn't breathe. It was over.

-Scotty faced 15 years in juvie for murder and rape. Max and Miley was goign out with
each other, Scotty only got 15 years. i didn't have any, my parents had a lifelong
penalty, it was wrong but so right in the same way.-


Belsboys4eva56 says:   5 December 2006   236552  
this is last ever story, it's alla bout romance and murder hu did it,
can u guess???
hunny963123 shouts:   5 December 2006   476977  
this was the best storie EVER!!!
‹FMLYHM› says:   5 December 2006   399113  
wow its so good! u should get an award!
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   5 December 2006   427467  
omg! I LOVED it! but it was sad. Please write another.
Belsboys4eva56 says:   6 December 2006   362365  
i dunno if i can., it's sort of the at-the-monet thing ya know? but
i'll try.
Belsboys4eva56 says:   9 December 2006   539115  
the guy scotty is really our own Scotti on ere lol oops..... srry.
Scotti shouts:   9 December 2006   378189  
I Would Never Do Such A Thing!
Belsboys4eva56 says:   9 December 2006   495871  
sorry mate but ur name was the first thign that came into my head,
and beside,u get to kiss the hottie liciouse girl but rape her oh
crap, sorry man still mates?
Scotti says:   9 December 2006   634538  
Why Should I, Now People Are Gonna Think I Am A Rapist.
I Nearly Loved You
Alyson_96 says:   9 December 2006   166381  
i love this chapter.. and scotti, i don't think you as a rapist.
Kait_07 says:   9 December 2006   875961  
Aww*- Poor Scotti your not a Rapist!  It was only a story! You should
4give Bels!

Great Story Bels!!!
Write Another!

Belsboys4eva56 says:   10 December 2006   958468  
lol sorry i was only trying to make ppl recongise u more and make u
popular, really sorry bbz?
Scotti says:   14 December 2006   316763  
It Doesnt Make Me Popular He Makes Me A Hated Charectar. Thanks.
I Have Never Felt So Angry In My Life. And I Don't Get Angry Often.
Belsboys4eva56 says:   17 December 2006   217697  
i'm really sorry, i was writing and i thought oh a cute boy hmm whos
the greatest cute boy iv'e ever known, Graham McKee? no they wouldn't
fall for dat! i know scotty's a nice name, i just thort then, oh lets
have kirsten let down by some one she trusted, whus with her now,
scotty, ok we'll make him the murder/ me and my mates worked hard on
dat story, u ungrateful sorry, just to repot no ppl were harmed in the
writing of this story unless u count my fingers ppl.!
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   19 December 2006   253984  
lol good one!
Belsboys4eva56 says:   20 December 2006   957963  
lol i know, my fingers and still tlinging from writing that chapter.
‹shii-chan♥› says :   7 June 2007   167616  
omg!! that's a good story!! but too bad that scott guy was bad..


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