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Monday, 3 June 2019
02:35:27 AM (GMT)
1.	the meaning behind my username: 
there isn’t one really. i thought it would be funny to be named pussydestroyer,
good choice imo.
2.	how many tattoos i have and what they are: 
3.	last time i cried and why: 
i cried on thursday because i had a ptsd moment
4.	piercings i have: 
both sides of my nostrils, septum, earlobes, two in my lip. i took out my tongue ones
5.	favourite band: 
of all time, it’s probably alesana or tesseract.
6.	biggest turn offs: 
being vanilla, being unenthusiastic, not making any noise, anything to do with food
or any ddlg shit. 
7.	top 5 favourite films: 
filth (baird, 2013)
this is england (meadows, 2006)
hunt for the wilderpeople (waititi, 2016)
avengers: infinity war (russo bros, 201
the rite (håfström, 2011)
8.	tattoos i want: 
buster keaton’s profile
thanos (likely with a quote of his)
“aeternum vale” somewhere
i want a religious painting of some kind on me too because i love those. 
9.	biggest turn ons: 
spit, bratty subs, impatient & aggressive doms, nice hands.
10.	age: 
11.	ideas of a perfect date: 
ice cream on the cliffs overlooking the sea on a summer evening
12.	life goal: 
to be with the one i love.
13.	piercings i want: 
too many too list, but those are impractical. i do intend on getting my bottom lip
done over summer tho.
14.	relationship status: 
in an annoying ldr
15.	a fact about my life:
i used to date a trans boy
16.	phobia: 
i have mild agoraphobia
17.	middle name: 
18.	height: 
5’3”, although im not 100% sure
19.	are you a virgin? 
yes indeed
20.	what’s your shoe size? 
uk size 5 or 6, depends on the shoe
21.	what’s your sexual orientation? 
22.	do you smoke, drink, or take any drugs? 
only when I’m drunk, clearly yes, not atm but i do on occasion.
23.	someone you miss: 
my dad, haven’t seen the fucker in weeks
24.	what’s one thing you regret? 
hurting my gf
25.	first celebrity you think of when someone says attractive: 
michael b jordan, holy FUCK
26.	favourite ice cream? ]
27.	one insecurity: 
my weight
28.	what my last text message says: 
it was a notification from my phone company telling me my bill is due lmao
29.	have you ever taken a picture naked? 
not for a very, very long time
30.	have you ever painted your room? 
31.	have you ever kissed a member of the same sex? 
yeah lmao
32.	have you ever slept naked? 
i sleep naked most nights
33.	have you ever danced in front of your mirror? 
34.	have you ever had a crush? 
never ones that were proper, just fleeting attraction. apart from gf i had a crush on
her for ages lmao
35.	have you ever been dumped? 
36.	have you ever stolen money from a friend? 
absolutely fucking not
37.	have you ever gotten in a car with people you just met? 
yeah, an uncle i had never met before in my life at my grampy’s funeral lmao
38.	have you ever been in a fist fight? 
not really
39.	have you ever snuck out of your house? 
i guess? i’ve left at night without telling anyone and not been seen but i wasn’t
trying to sneak out lmao
40.	have you ever had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? 
41.	have you ever been arrested? 
nope, although my mum did try and lock me in a police cell when i was little
42.	have you ever made out with a stranger? 
43.	have you ever met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? 
44.	have you ever left your house without telling your parents? 
45.	have you ever had a crush on your neighbour? 
46.	have you ever ditched school to do something more fun? 
i ditched school to do drugs and watch game of thrones when i was in high school
47.	have you ever slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? 
yeah lmao
48.	have you ever seen someone die? 
nah but my grampy died half an hour after i saw him last
49.	have you ever been on a plane? 
yeah i fucken hate it
50.	have you ever kissed a picture? 
51.	have you ever slept in until 3? 
bruh i’ve slept something like 19 hours before yes i have
52.	do you love someone or miss someone right now? 
yes to both, wake up soon gorgeous x
53.	have you ever laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? 
54.	have you ever made a snow angel? 
yes omg theyre fun
55.	have you ever played dress up? 
56.	have you ever cheated while playing a game? 
i cheated playing chase the ace at a family barbecue cos the person sat next to me
was wearing sunglasses lmao
57.	have you ever been lonely? 
i feel lonely very often
58.	have you ever fallen asleep at work/school? 
i dozed off in assembly once but that was it. woke up right after.
59.	have you ever been to a club? 
yeah it’s shit
60.	have you ever felt an earthquake? 
i have but i didn’t really notice it at the time, i thought i stumbled lmao
61.	have you ever touched a snake? 
62.	have you ever ran a red light? 
i don’t drive 
63.	have you ever been suspended from school? 
64.	have you ever had detention? 
yes ofc lmao
65.	have you ever been in a car accident? 
nah but ive seen two up-close. i watched a motorcyclist get crushed between a van and
a barrier on the motorway when i was young, and a year after that maybe i watched a
woman get hit by a car crossing the street.
66.	have you ever hated the way you look? 
every time I see myself B)
67.	have you ever witnessed a crime? 
yeah i’ve committed a couple too
68.	have you ever pole danced? 
69.	have you ever been lost? 
a few times yeah
70.	have you ever been to the opposite side of the country? 
well yeah, west wales is a prime holiday location
71.	have you ever felt like dying? 
72.	have you ever cried yourself to sleep? 
any many times
73.	have you ever sung karaoke? 
hell yeah, i suck
74.	have you ever done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? 
all the time, i listen to nobody, not even myself
75.	have you ever laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? 
yes omg, i nearly drowned on milk laughing at my cousin
76.	have you ever slept with someone at least 5 years older or younger? slept with
them like shagged them or napped? 
i’ve napped on the couch with my grandfather, i’ve also fallen asleep next to my
brother. otherwise nah lmao
77.	have you ever kissed in the rain? 
no but i want to );
78.	have you ever sung in the shower?
i don’t really but i have once or twice
79.	have you ever made out in a park? 
bruv i’ve barely pecked people let alone made out
80.	have you ever dreamed that you married someone? 
i’ve dreamed of marrying my gf but otherwise nah, i’m against marriage tbh
81.	have you ever glued your hand to something? 
i’ve glued my hands together for a laff
82.	have you ever got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? 
i feel like this is an innuendo
83.	have you ever gone to school partially naked? 
no?? tf??
84.	have you ever been a cheerleader? 
lmfao no
85.	have you ever sat on a roof top? 
86.	have you ever brushed your teeth? 
?????? i love brushing my teeth
87.	have you ever been too scared to watch scary movies alone? 
nope. i don’t really like scary movies in general tho
88.	have you ever played chicken? 
yeah, although for some reason it’s called “rat attack ginger” here, i have
absolutely no idea why
89.	have you ever been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? 
thankfully no, someone tried but im too hench
90.	have you ever been told you’re hot by a complete stranger? 
yeah and it was so fucking weird
91.	have you ever broken a bone? 
92.	have you ever been easily amused? 
im always easily amused
93.	have you ever laughed so hard you cried? 
i did yesterday, 10/10
94.	have you ever mooned/flashed someone? 
95.	have you ever cheated on a test? 
only once. religion test when I was 12
96.	have you ever forgotten someone’s name? 
yeah but I have the cajones to ask them again
97.	have you ever met someone who didn’t seem real? 
my whole life
98.	give us one thing about you that no one knows. 
i have a birthmark in my left armpit

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