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Thursday, 13 December 2018
08:12:11 AM (GMT)
food and drink

favourite fast food restaurant?
if i have to pick a chain, little ceasars. hot n' ready is the fastest fast food in
existence. if i don't, P&G's. that shit is the bomb dot com.
favourite ice cream flavour?
mint & chip
favourite chocolate candy?
the overpriced olive & sinclair buttermilk white chocolate bars
favourite fruity candy?
any kind of fruit leather
favourite flavour starburst?
favourite dish at olive garden?
i've been there like 3 times total, and i always just get the chicken alfredo 
favourite kind of sushi?
favourite asian dish?
favourite italian dish?
dolmas are greek arent they, shit. uh. lasagna?
favourite food of all time?
favourite way to cook a steak?
favourite pasta dish?
cacio e pepe cuz its ez as shit
favourite cookie?
there's a lot to be argued for the classic tollhouse. But home made oatmeal cinnamon
chocolate chip are hands down the winner in my heart.
favourite fast food french fries?
i liked burgerkings, back when i still ate french fries.
favourite cereal?
cinnamon life is the only acceptable answer to this question. frosted mini wheats are
also lovely
favourite breakfast food?
french toast
favourite pizza toppings?
spinach, red onions, mushrooms, cherry peppers, pineapple, sun dried tomatoes
favourite fruit?
pomelos, most of the common stone fruits, persimmons, pineapple
favourite vegetable?
are mushrooms a vegetable?
favourite dessert?
all of them
favourite comfort food?
favourite way to eat bacon?
pan fried and floopy. dont you ever let me catch you burning my bacon crispy in an
oven, so help me god
favourite thing at a buffet?
sometimes i'll go and just eat 3 plates of the sugar free jello
favourite pumpkin-flavoured treat?
there aren't many. did you mean pumpin spice flavoured? it doesn't taste like
but since this question be how it is, i guess my answer is pie.
favourite dish at thanksgiving?
candied yams, but only if theyre made properly.
favourite cake?
my cousins seasonal pumpkin rolls.
favourite ice cream sundae toppings?
brownie bits
favourite thing to cook?
favourite soda?
im a mtn dew drinking man baby
favourite alcoholic drink?
favourite drink at starbucks?
the chai latte is bearable.
favourite flavour coffee?

television and movies

favourite 80's movie?
thats a big ass decade with a lot of fuckin movies. 
favourite harry potter movie?
i didn't watch the movies past chamber of secrets. so, chamber of secrets.
favourite hobbit from the lord of the rings?
favourite simpson's character?
gil gunderson
favourite cartoon cat?
favourite tv sitcom?
favourite cartoon?
do the chinese cartoons count? can i say "Mononoke?"
favourite scary movie?
john carpenter's the thing
favourite funny movie?
man bites dog
favourite celebrity?
favourite south park character?
couldn't say
favourite chick flick?
now and then
favourite pixar movie?
i guess toy story
favourite family guy character?
favourite leonardo dicaprio movie?
y'all remember gilber grape? now that's dedication
favourite actress over 50?
who knows
favourite marvel movie?
couldn't say
favourite tv show?
already said Mononoke
favourite cancelled tv series?
bleep bloop
favourite show on the discovery channel?
did discovery broadcast Planet Earth in the U.S? if not, then mythbusters
favourite classic movie?
how old is classic
7 Samurai i guess.
Last edited: 13 December 2018

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