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fun idea (or dumb idea)Category: (general)
Tuesday, 13 February 2018
10:24:34 AM (GMT)
maybe we should have like a movie day every week where we all go on rabbit and watch
a movie together
and when i say we i mean anyone on kupika who would want to do that idk (unless
you're a pedophile)
i feel like it might be super awkward or super fun but i would totally do that
maybe that's just because i'm lonely and i have nothing to do but yeah i feel like it
might be fun 
and i feel like there's a lot of people who kind of lurk on kupika and don't really
talk much on ft or anything so it could be a chance to get to know more people
idk maybe it's a lame idea but if anyone is interested in something like that let me
i have a rabbit account but i've never actually used it before so i'm not exactly
sure how it works
i just know that you can stream videos from netflix and youtube and there's a chat
box thingy and people can come and watch and talk and stuff
so yeah.....................
Last edited: 7 days ago

SubGenius says:   7 days ago   111515  
many moons ago youtube used to have built in functionality to do this
on site. you could set up a playlist and watch videos in live time
together while chatting with your friends. 

they don't even have friends on youtube anymore, i think. i remember
when i had to go through all my old friends and sub to the ones i
wanted to keep in contact with. the got rid of a lot of cool
functionality over the years tbh. i still think they could have gotten
rid of reply girls without completely gutting the video reply system.
i always thought it was funny how hard they pushed google+ as a
community after spending so much time killing early youtube's sense of
community. too little too late, google.
pussydestroyer says:   7 days ago   267632  
I wanna do this!!!!! I'm a movie nerd!! I promise I won't try and
bully everyone into watching my faves B)
SubGenius says:   7 days ago   727172  

i will. i'ma bully all you nerds 
pussydestroyer says:   7 days ago   561844  
I wanna do this this weekend!!!! 
SubGenius says:   7 days ago   625048  
i'm gonna have to figure out wtf rabbit is now, arent i. hope they
have chromecast support
‹Dragonborn› says:   7 days ago   807739  
It's a good idea, and a good way to make friends.
Oceandust says:   7 days ago   974055  
this is such a cute idea
i made an account on rabbit like a month ago after hearing about it
for years but i haven't watched anything on it with anyone so
Grizzlies says:   7 days ago   982872  
babydolls says:   7 days ago   416161  
okay so we have to pick a day and a time since everyone lives in
random places and timezones are weird and also we have to pick
something to watch obviously 
so you guys can talk about it and stuff 
it makes me super happy that people actually want to do this 
YourEddieBear says:   7 days ago   850362  
will there be any making out during this movie sesh?
babydolls says:   7 days ago   446582  
this is why you're not invited 
Grizzlies says:   7 days ago   394162  
we could do it like 11pm for us it so it'd be 5/6 for everyone else 
‹Dragonborn› says:   7 days ago   302254  
Now I need  figure out what a rabbit is and I think we could discuss
it here, and I'm up for anything. But, we also have to pick something
across all Netflix's, since each country I think has a mix but
sometimes not the same movies/shows. I also wanted to say thanks for
inviting me. Has anyone seen Cars 3 yet?
pussydestroyer says:   7 days ago   503236  
also I know some sick streaming sites because fuck copyright law
they work on bc it functions based on URLs B)) 
Grizzlies says:   7 days ago   691516  
it's a screenshare thing so we don't even need to all have a netflix

babydolls says:   7 days ago   510101  
i have not seen cars 3 
and i think all you'd have to do is join the room online 

that time sounds good for me
honestly any time is good for me because i'm home most of the time
we also have to pick a day too 
the only day i couldn't do it is valentines day but i feel like any
day friday-sunday would be the most convenient for most people 

maybe you should host because honestly i have no idea how to work
and you also seem like you have a good knowledge of movies and stuff 
we should start a list of possible movie options and everyone can vote
or something 
pussydestroyer says:   7 days ago   490907  
i can't do sunday. i've gotta do my coursework but im free most nights
too lmao. i'd be happy to host! my connection can be super shit,
that's the only problem. everyone who's interested should comment a
suggestion, i'll make a list and then everyone can vote fairly~~ 
Jay1302 says:   7 days ago   467236  
If there are movies of life,death,sadness,anger, totally
babydolls says:   7 days ago   829346  
Jay1302 says:   7 days ago   764029  
Hell yeah! 
‹Dragonborn› says:   7 days ago   817588  
Ahh ok, thank you.

Alright, and sounds easy enough. 
SubGenius says:   5 days ago   834363  

a strawpoll, maybe 
babydolls says :   5 days ago   250915  
that's a good idea
i'll do that after we have some suggestions 
i'm honestly so horrible at picking out movies to watch with other
people but i'm going to look on netflix now and see what they have 


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