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STORYTIME! i was rude af to him, not on purposeCategory: (general)
Sunday, 5 June 2016
04:42:14 PM (GMT)
STORYTIME! I took off the necklace he gave me infront of him?!

 please DO NOT steal my stories these are my actual life events 

So this happens in the 7th grade ( where most of this stuff happened lol) 

Now this story is about the time i acted sooo rude to a guy but not intentionally at
all! I feel so bad because i was so confused. But i cant change what happened

So me and this guy, lets call him, David, just for privacy reasons, were i think u
could say friends or were friendly, i mean we didnt really hang out much but we were
cool with eachother af! Id say friends lol 

We would always joke around like if we seen eachother in the hall, we would squint
our eyes like wtf u doing here lol or be liked "david." Like that tone as in.. Ur
here? Lol n he would do it back like "Lupeee.." Lol my name isnt lupe but for privacy
reasons again. 

But it wasnt like malicious it was very friendly and just havin fun joking around.

Anyway like he was funny af and nice af, but i still didnt know him well and i was
hella insecure when i was that age and felt like guys could never be nice lol well
nice, but never treat me "sweetly" or be hella nice so i never experienced that
because usually guys treated me like one of them cuz my personality was so close to a

Anyway so one day i was in the quad at my school talking to like two people, and im
just chilling waiting for class to open up. And i see david and his two friends. 

Now one of his friends had the next class with me and we were friendly af too like
closer than david because i knew him since elementary  and was funny af his name will
be peter lol . And the other Ive been around and was funny too lets name him, carl. 
The random af names 

Anyway so here come peter and david and carl. 

Im like "oh hey, whats up"

They are in front of me not saying a word and david is smiling at me and i see a blue
kinda like a martigra (i cant spell that lol) necklace in his hands. 

He then puts it over my neck, now right then and there

I didnt understand. I was like "why is he putting this over my neck?! Are they
playing a joke on me? Did they stick this under someones armpit to play a joke on me?
They had to do something!"

Because i didnt think someone would be that nice. Also its happened to me before
where i thought someone liked me or was being nice but then they did it because it
was funny to them. 

So what i did in response to that, is instantly took the necklace off and said "what
the hell?!" I didnt mean for it to be that rude it was that "fight or flight" instict
where i wanted to defend myself if they were doing something like that.

But he looked so sad after that and they a just left with him. 

I felt sooo damn bad. Then the girls next to me "why would he give that to me?!" 

They were like "omg he might of liked you."

Which i still dont know but it hurt me that i hurt him like that.

So when i went to class i asked peter why he gave it to me

Then he said "dont trip!" He said in a mad voice, "he gave one to mariah anyway you
werent the only on." 

So afterthat i felt hurt that i really hurt his feelings. I didnt ask which i should
of but i wore the bracelet around my wrist in class to show that i still accepted it

And i still have it today and that guy stopped really talking to me and being more

One day i hope to ask him what happened and apologize for it because i didnt
understand but 

Hoepfully yall like this story it still hurts lol but one day ill let him know .

Thank u for reading!

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