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Philosophical RantCategory: Phisophy
Monday, 24 August 2015
03:40:16 PM (GMT)
You know that moment when you sleep without dreaming anything? You just lie in your
bed and suddenly it's morning. You just skipped time pretty much. Well, what has
really happened is that you've been dreaming all night but you've forgot it. But
since you have no memory of it whatsoever, it feels like it never happened. What if
you were having the most intense nightmare? You felt the most horrifying pain there
is. But you just forgot it. It's as if it never happened. Did it really happen then?
What does it matter? It happened to a person that doesn't exist anymore. It happened
to you while you were sleeping, but that person doesn't exist anymore. That person is
eradicated from the universe, and could just as well never have existed.

Following that logic, when you're dead, your entire life will be just like that; a
dream which you've forgotten. You won't even remember that you've forgot it. Sure,
people around you who manage to outlive you will remember, but then they will
eventually die off as well. In billions of years, when the universe is in equilibrium
and there are just atoms floating around in nothingness, who will be there to
remember that you even existed? That humankind ever existed? That the universe even
existed? Then, when there is nothing to remember it, what difference does it make if
it even happened? It will be as if our whole universe never happened. We will be
forgotten and everything that ever happened to us will be just like one of those
dreams in which we don't even know or remember that we've dreamed. No sign of it ever
existing. The pain and suffering of the slaves won't matter. Who feels their pain
now? They forgot all about their pain when they died. Likewise, your entire life,
your pain and suffering, your happiness and love will be just as if it never
happened. If so, then does anything really matter at all?

Sorry if I've mumbled on for too long and if I'm repetitive and boring, but it's just
a thing that I once thought about a few weeks back. I'm not suicidal or pessimistic
about life anymore with this new perspective. And yet, it's still really interesting.
To be honest, it's probably true as well - that nothing ever has any meaning or
point. Kind of puts a perspective on things doesn't it?

backstabber says:   24 August 2015   863108  
Heres a narcissistic self absorbed thought: what if the world
revolves around you and things only happen because they think they do
,what if people only exist because you have a great imagination and
you created them?. What if people only cease to exist and are
forgotten if you forget them?. Then again maybe the world revolves
around me and it's the same?. Or maybe god maybe that's why we
remember people like Moses and the likes because they mattered to god 
and that's why we remember them. Does it really matter? just enjoy
life because it's gonna end.
‹Zealous Zeus› says:   25 August 2015   696370  
I'll add to your thought with this thought: Imagine if everyone in
the world had some kind of connection with everyone else. Like me
talking to you. That's some connection. And you talk about this idea
to someone else in your life. I would be connected to that person as
well, because you are connected to that person, etc. If the world
truly does revolve around me or you, then if everyone else in the
world is connected to someone else in some sort of way, then who would
the world be revolving around? The first person or thing to make any
connection with another living thing? Or would the world revolve
around world, itself? 
I suppose everything has an end.. Much like this sentence! Mind blown
or what?
backstabber says :   25 August 2015   429964  
Nah. this reminds me of Galileo our universe doesn't revolve around
the earth the earth and the universe revolve around the sun . Ergo
people revolve around god.


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