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Tuesday, 27 May 2014
06:44:02 PM (GMT)
A] - Available? Yep yep.
B] - Birthday? January 25
C] - Cell phone? Yes 
D] - Drink you had last? Water 
E] - Easiest person to talk to? Chris. No Austin, sometimes.
F] - Favorite colors? Green
G] - Gummy bears or Gummy worms? Gummy bears 
H] - Hometown? Marengooo (stalk me)
I] - Favorite ice cream? Pistachio 
J] - Just something you always say on IM? Haha
K] - Killed someone? I killed a watermelon once 😔
L] - Lime aid or lemonade? Lemonade 
M] - Love or Money? Love for money
N] - Number of Siblings? 4
O] - ONE WISH? To meet all you lovely people
P] - Person you last commented? Austin 
Q] - Quiet?  When i am around my boss.
R] - Reason you smile? I'm so damn adorable ;p
S] - Song you last sung along to? Love grows
T] - Time you woke up today? 6:15 am
U] - You like someone right now? Totally 
V] - Vegetables? Depends on the veggie
W] - WORST Habit? Licking my lips before I talk
X] - X-Rays? Once
Y] - Your favorite food? Meat. 
Z] -ZODIAC SIGN? Aquarius 


10 words to describe your personality:
1:  Weird
2:  Outgoing
3:  Caring
4:  Intelligent
5:  Pathetic 
6:  Honest
7:  Sassy
8:  Respectful
9:  cool
10: Loyal 

9 things you'd buy if you had a million dollars:
1:  Braces
2:  Give my dad money
3:  Bills
4:  Austin
5: A pool

8 people who make life worth living:
1:  Austin
2:  Becca
3:  Alyssa
4:  Laylw
5:  Jessica 
6:  Mommy
7:  Chris 
8:  Daddy

7 books you've read:
1:  Twilight series
2:  Perfect chemisty series 
3:  The child called it
4:  the lost boy
5:  gossip girl
6:  the scarecrow 
7:  The great Gatsby 

6 things to do before you die:
1:  Go skydiving 
2:  Visit each state once
3:  Have a kid
4:  Visit Austin and Becca 
5:  Go to Germany 
6:  Ride the largest rollercoaster in the world

5 reasons to wake up tomorrow:
1:  Tom's last day 
2:  Life
3:  Money
4:  Catfish
5: Morgana

4 places you love:
1:  My bedroom
2:  Minnisota
3:  Dunkin' donuts
4:  My yard

3 things you notice first about the preferred sex:
1:  Facial hair
2:  Clothing
3: lips 

2 good memories:
1:  April 17th
2:  Spending times with Alyssa 

1 person you would happily die for:
1:  Alyssa

Phantom says:   27 May 2014   702383  
where the heck is Marengo? lol

a girl like you doesnt stay single long unless its out of choice
‹♥Vampiric Love♥› says:   28 May 2014   960722  
Potatoism is a fickle thing 
‹Dyne› says:   28 May 2014   203328  
My ranking is so low ;__;
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   28 May 2014   929181  
I don't know if you read all of it, but I would so buy you if I had a
million dollars :p 
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   28 May 2014   447697  
Shhh. It's not in any order ;( 
‹Dyne› says:   28 May 2014   954245  

I'd buy you that game room if I had a million dollars, js 
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   28 May 2014   385162  
Can you? Please? 
‹Dyne› says:   28 May 2014   362346  

Mhm. And a lifetime pass to every Six Flags to ever exist 
‹♥Vampiric Love♥› says:   28 May 2014   686012  
Not even worth that much though. I'm sold at the 99 cent store. 
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   28 May 2014   136113  
You're too nice to me ;_; 
‹Carapherneliaa› says :   28 May 2014   792320  
I'll still buy you though. 


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