"The Drug Talk" Have your parents talk to about drugs? This is how it
should have went.
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"The Drug Talk" Have your parents talk to about drugs? This is how it
should have went.
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014
11:30:10 PM (GMT)
This is how it went for me at the age of 5 –  8 yrs. old. It was very effective.
They sat me down and talk about how drugs will mess with your mine, body and soul.
They did a set-up, Scout out an location that is abandon or with not a lot of people
around. Having a friend or co-works that I never meet posed as a drug dealer. After
the talk I was like "Yeah yeah Ok." 
“Ok lets go.” They took me to that location where your friend or co-work was at.
Creepy ass part of town.  Pull up to them (sitting in the car or standing by the car)
“Here is a twenty and I want you go to and buy some drugs from them. I want you to
get enough for the night, all you have is the twenty. If they want more tell them no.
If some guy name Fernando comes up behind you and hit you on the head and throw you
into the trunk of the car.  Two things might happen to you, he might sell you off to
be a slave in some unknown country where toilets is where you stoop down and poop at.
At night you sleep in some mud hole next so some creepy stranger that calls you Jorge
that wants to cuddle up next to you with who knows what intention.  Or he might take
you to the black market meat place. Where they harvest your organs and sell them to
rich old people so that they can live longer and grind up the rest of you for special
burger meat. Either case, I can’t help you, you are on your own. So go out there
and get the drugs.”  Oh I was the brave one and knew I was bad. I got out and went
over to them. “Hola, my name is Fernando what you want.” He was creepy and scary
looking and he had one of those car remotes the popped open the trunk. You could see
me running  back to car as fast as my little legs can carry me. I slammed the door
and locked it telling them to drive drive away.

Haha I remember that now. ROFL!!!! Never tried drugs, don't want someone name
Fernando to hit me on the head and sell me as special burger meat to anyone and those
old rich people can just die now, no organs here to be taken. LOL
Last edited: 15 April 2014

crazyhot says:   16 April 2014   141744  
No they didn't and I didn't care
They didn't tell me about sex ethier or Santa
stir_fry says:   16 April 2014   313053  
my mom was actually pretty calm about everything, she always told me
" i dont care what you, but i want college to be your priority and
after that do whatever you want". She used to quote one of her college
professors "kids, if you are gonna get high, make sure its on
something natural! not on chemicals that will corrose your flesh"
Haha, basically im allowed to smoke weed sparely if i wanted. though i
dont have an interest in drinking or smoking anything
monkeyroar says:   17 April 2014   812425  
haha well better then my folks. LOL 
‹TwilightLover_12› says:   16 October 2014   712437  
That was so frigin funny!!
monkeyroar says :   18 October 2014   956383  
I know thinking about it now is funny... The sex talk well it went
totally different. More props and it was strange. LOL 

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