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So Pedophiles and Perverts...Category: (general)
Tuesday, 7 May 2013
07:52:05 AM (GMT)
I see you are accusing me for either not cybering with you. You're saying I have a cybering account. Okay, here's the real story. Come on, what preteen ISN'T curious about sex?! Well I was, and I didn't want my club limit to fill up, so I made an other account titled Prettymeangirl (don't ask, was bored). My profile NEVER had anything with "cyber, hmu" or anything like that! It had Bing definitions I was looking up about an hour ago.No cybering. At all. I joined sex clubs to see them and just see why they were oh so popular. I hardly got on it after that. I tell one friend, he tells some pervert, he tells a pedophile, and he tells another. See where that goes? I don't want attention. I'm just here to make friends and roleplay a bit (anime, not sex). Pedophiles, I'm an 11 year old girl, pick on me if you want, complain that I don't cyber(I suck, me and a friend tried to one another and we suck) with you that's fine. Get angry. It's not my problem anymore. The account is disabled. This is my real account, BriAnime. This is me. Not the pervert. -BriAnime

lostkiwi writes:   7 May 2013   627066  
i enjoyed reading this. both curiosity and thoughts alike shouldn't
be frowned upon. it's natural and normal for everybody to have them,
like you said at the beginning of your diary. simply because you're
looking to see what it's all about, doesn't mean you want the D, it
means you want to learn. it's okay to have conversations about it,
too. not very surprisingly, anything that relates to sex coming from
the mouth of a woman is immediately considered as "interest to sleep
and get nasty with me" to a lot of men nowadays lol. don't let that
stop you ever. roleplaying and talking about sex are healthy ways to
learn, and if not you have the internet. it really isn't your
problem/fault if they get angry, accusations like that shows they're
butthurt and nothing else. i hope you have a nice day. ^_^
9incheslng says:   9 May 2013   465106  
Lol.  Yep.  You don't cyber.  That's for sure.  Hehe.  If you did you
wouldn't be so fucking cool.  Believe me.  If you cybered.  Then your
relationship with these guys and girls would be shallow and all about
sex, but because you don't a person can get to know who you really are
and how wonderful you can be, then they would fall in love with you. I
know this because it's basically happened to me.  Makes you my best
friend.  I came here to cyber, and the only girl that wouldn't cyber
is the one that became my best friend.
GotHimDone says:   9 May 2013   190238  

I'll speak for the sane individuals on this site (however slim that
number is) and say, "eww."  Perhaps it's because your mother gave you
the wrong kind of attention, or possibly your uncle leered into your
bedroom late at night, but your sickness is grand.  You're a 25 year
old freak declaring your love for an 11 year old girl, a child you
admit to trying to cyber with.  I don't want to find out what's
happening in that infested mind of yours, because I'll be sick.  And
this child, this 11 year old with no common sense so easily capable of
being manipulated, is an absolute fool for ever staying in contact
with an out and open pedophile. 
9incheslng says:   9 May 2013   536562  
Lol.  You are extremely ummm....  well.  Misunderstood.  I never
manipulated her.  Ever.  Trust that.  Also, her contact with me has
benefits.  I am actually a rather awesome dude.  Being a pedophile
that actually doesn't have sexual intercourse with children.  Yep.  It
is just a fantasy.  That's all.  My mother didn't really give me
attention, and my uncle pat was a dick.  My uncle mark died early. 
Your ability to psycho-anylize is poor at best.  Infact.  I can't even
say that you are not a pedophile, and that your not just jealous that
a young girl is talking to someone not you.
9incheslng says :   9 May 2013   505161  
This is probably the same old troll that lurks around all over the
place with 20 different accounts saying stupid shit all the time.


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