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Skommy angst/cute!Category: OCs
Monday, 7 January 2013
06:16:52 PM (GMT)
HP AU, a term after Skye finds out.


The harsh winds irritated the witch's cerulean blue eyes as she ran, making them
water.  She shook her head, rubbing them quickly as she skidded to a halt in front of
the Black Lake.  For a second, she paused, allowing the wind to whip her hair around
her as she simply stared over the inky waters.  If only everything hadn't gone
pear-shaped... If only he weren't such a-
What was that?
Skye froze, and listened until she heard the thump again, this time followed by a
shout.  Frowning, she peered into the small wooded area to her right.  Technically,
it was part of the Forbidden Forest, but she, nor any other students above first
year, paid it the same courtesies.  A figure moved again-  Another thump, this time a
loud curse with it.  Was he...
"Are ye /punchin/ tha' tree?"  Skye called over, raising an eyebrow at the shadow. 
Was he a student?   No answer, but the person had slumped against the subject of his
attacks, seemingly breathing hard.  "Hey, y'a'right?"
"Wha'd ye ruddy think...?"  Came the disgruntled reply.  The voice was heavy, think
with what sounded to Skye like tears.  "Bugger off..."
She edged closer, too curious now to leave, as he slid down the tree to a heap on the
"Don' swear at me, ye git."  Skye grumbled, squinting through the low light of the
evening at the boy on the ground...  Damnit.  Her shoulders slumped as she realised
who it was, but she banished the hurt from her features almost immediately when he
looked up, clearly just realising who she was too.
"Uh... Y-"
"Yer hurt..."  Skye said, her voice far softer than it had been moments before, and
Thomas clearly looked surprised.
She rolled her eyes, both cursing herself for not being able to stay angry at him
simply because he was bleeding, and feeling something horrible in the pit of her
stomach.  She hurt when he did.  "Show me."
Thomas looked at her for a long moment, trying to discern whether she was serious or
not before unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt and pushing it sideways,
revealing the five inch cut that had stained his school shirt scarlet.
"Ruddy 'ell... Ye seen Madam Pomfrey 'bout this?"
"What d'you care?  I deserve it." Thomas mumbled, avoiding her gaze by any means
She frowned, piecing two and two together and, as usual, coming up with a perfect
two.  "She... She did this?"
"Keeps sayin' they need blood... 'A good man's blood', wha' she says.  Apparantly
it's me.  'Cause I was sorted into Gryffindor..."
Skye shook her head slowly, kneeling down next to him and pulling off her scarf. 
"Thom-  Tommy..."  She sighed, pressing the scarf to his chest and ignoring his
wince, "Tommy, ye can' let them do this...  Not ter you..."
"I regret it, y'know?  Agreeing... But I had ter, Skye, they were gonna kill ye if I
didn'!   Skye, please believe me..."  He let his gaze drop to his lap where his hands
were clenched tightly into bloody fists.
"I can look after meself, idyet..."
"Not against her...  There's a new Dark Lord, Skye, an' she's so much worse than
Voldemort...  So much worse..."
Skye looked at him, her last shred of resolve slipping as she saw a tear drop from
his chin.  She pushed the scarf at him and stood up, motioning for him to do so as
"What're ye doi-"
"Yer gonna see McGonagal.  Yer gonna tell her ev'rythin', understand?"
Thomas nodded slightly, "I'll go t' Azkaban..."
"Ye won'.  But any punishment ye get, ye'll take as yerself, not as her ruddy

‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   8 January 2013   821394  
AIIEEE <333333333333333333333333
‹defineMANIAC› says :   8 January 2013   467827  


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