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Episode one: the Start of A new school year!Category: (general)
Sunday, 18 November 2012
10:37:41 AM (GMT)
gathered out side was most of the Gang it was about 7:00 am in the morning and 
S.B is inside putting on her shoes and straightening her outfit before placing her
on her shoulder the screen door opens and the gang members though frigidity bow at
presance "Good morning Young Maiden!" the shout in sync. "Yeah,yeah yeah." she
"Have a great day at work!"they shout again she growls and quickly turns around they

yell and fall backwards in cowardice

"I'm Not Going to work! I'm Going to schools you morons!" "So sorry! Young Maiden!"
the sob and grovel,she sighs.One man asks Quietly "are you not taking the car to
school today?"
"no I feel like walking." she shrugs the bag on her shoulder and walks off the the
her school happens to be for really rich kids,
but because of her family and their background despite her
grade Status she is still treated like trash with blades.

the Boards for Room Castigation's are surrounded by school
children,Girls squealing and hugging if their matched with their friends 
and boys talking about the girls Hugging its Pretty much the same anywhere 
only allot more cleaner.

S.B enters the School and is Imminently talked about by everyone the 
groups of children spread out for her to get passed to reach the board 
but blocked the way for a certain group of students, she looks everywhere 
in the higher classes for her name but it could not be found she then looks 
at the last class in her year and guess what it is there room 2-D, this is not 
what she wanted not at all. "Hey!" a boy shouts "get out of our way we want to 
see the boards!" though it was obvious to even them that they were stuck in 2-D
they wanted to see what the big deal was.

only to see a girl with a skirt that came to her thy a few buttons at the front
and school jacket open,  she was a Delinquent any way you looked at it.
"Hey Girl!" she turns her head slightly and the students step back a little 
"could you get out of the way your not the only one who needs to see what class their
in you
know!" "Sorry." she walks off to the side and people still parted a way for her to
get threw,
they frown and make their way threw the students to the Board everything seemed just
until they reached the 2-D list "Eh! theres a girl in 2-D!?" mind you this is the
first time in a
long time they had ever had a girl in 2-D but the Dick of a Vice princable says "its
for the good 
of the school." whatever that is suppost to mean.
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