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Monday, 17 September 2012
09:36:01 PM (GMT)
It was a sunny day at St. Ann catholic school for girls. The old school seem to be
set in the lush surrounding of a wooded area with a free flowing creek behind the
soccer field, hidden by the woods. A new foreign exchange student arrived with high
expectation the of the school. As one of the upper class-girls took her to her new
room Mikko notice how the old school never lost its looks. Standing in front of a
walnut door, she knocked on the door. A soft voice called out, "come in." Mikko
opened the door slowly, she could see one girl laying on her bed with her feet in the
air as she was doing her homework. There was another girl in the room that jumped up
from the floor as she greeted their new roommate. "Hi, you must be Mikko Tuzumi. I 'm
Tia Winters and this is Colleen McCollins," the short hair blonds said to Mikko as
she took her bags in. "Hi,...its nice to be here." Mikko said as she entered the
room. Looking up from her papers, the red hair girl spoke, "never mind Tia, she
always get excited when she meets someone new." Smiling, Mikko looked around to get a
better look at the place. "This is your bed here and your dresser. We just kind of
share the closet," Tia said as she place Mikko's bags by her bed. "Oh Mikko, I would
be careful of your cloths. If Tia can fit in them then for sure she will wear it."
Colleen said as she flip the pages to her book. Tia looked over to Colleen and lick
her tongue out at her.  Giggling a bit, Mikko said, "Its ok if you borrow my cloths,
I have a younger sister at home that does the same thing."  As Tia help Mikko unpack
the day slowly drifted into evening. Gathering in a great hall for dinner the girls
of the St. Ann got to meet Mikko and the other exchange students. Mikko met Brook,
Lissa, Kimberly, Wendy a few of Tia and Colleen's friends. After dinner they went
back to their rooms. "Hey which classes are you taking?" Tia ask Mikko. Taking out
her schedule she handed it to Tia. "Oh, you have two classes with me. Hey Colleen she
has scoocer with you and Brook...Ummmm and a class with Wendy and one with Kimberly.
Holy Shhhhhh.... you're taking math with Sister Marie-Ann?!?!?" Colleen grin at
Mikko, "poor girl.. She like the hardest teacher there is here. If you need any help
let me or Brook know, we had her class before." Mikko looked a bit worryed as she
replied, "thank you."  Colleen looked at Mikko "Tia, Mikko looks so cute, when she's
worried." Tia, turned and looked at Mikko's face, "aw you do look so cute." Mikko
looked down as she try to control herself from blushing. "Colleen look, she
blushing." The two girls surround Mikko as she try to make them stop. Suddenly, Tia
grab Mikko by the side, trying to tickle her. Without warning Mikko burst out
laughing and squriming as  Colleen join in the torture. "My god...She so ticklish,"
Colleen said as she poke at Mikko. All three girls were on the floor laughing as they
teased each other. "Bang....Bang...," A loud knocking on the door, "Ladies, that
enough for you." Said one of the sister, as she contiune, "have you done your
studies? If you have, then you should be studying your bibles." She said as she
walked down the hall way. All three girls looked at each other, Tia smiled and they
all started giggling. As they layed in bed late that night, Colleen looked over to
Mikko. "Hey Mikko, I think you'll fit in here just fine," she said.  Tia  toss a
pillow across the room to Mikko, "So do I." She said with a giggle in her voice.
Mikko smiled to herself as she toss the pillow to Colleen. "Good night," Mikko said
as they all fell asleep in their beds.

"Beep.........beep...........beep," Tia alarm sounded at  6:50 am.  Mikko rolled over
covering her head with her pillow. Colleen sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes as she
shook her head. "Hey sleep head, you best get out of bed if you wan breakfest."  Tia
bounced out of bed and was already striping naked to put on her uniform. She suddenly
stop and walked over to Mikko's bed, with a wicked grin on her face she grab Mikko by
the feet and pull her off the bed. With a thump on the floor Mikko looked at up Tia
with an anger look.  But suddenly looked away from her, "What are you doing." Tia
looked at her with a smile, "Colleen I think she's embarrassed. You don't have to get
embarrassed to see either one of us naked". Tia smiled, "beside you don't have time.
Remember you have classes this morning and its always good to make an impress on the
sister here. Don't want to get on their bad side."  Colleen looked at Tia, "Hey you!
I can't believe it you are wearing my shirt."  Tia looked at the shirt she had on and
looked over at Colleen, "well you can wear one of mines." Colleen looked at her
again, "isn't that my socks? Have you plan to just take all my cloths and I'm suppose
to go naked?" Tia looked at her, "Ok want your socks back," She said with a grin.
Colleen shook her head as she walked into the closet. Mikko walked over to her dress
and started to get ready for classes. As she got undress she could see Tia looking at
her from behind.  Shyly Mikko try not to expose herself too much to Tia. Suddenly she
found herself face to face with Colleen. Mikko quickly covered her breasts and her
hand cupped her puss. Colleen looked at her, "God you are shy with the naked thing,
arcn't you."  She said to her. Tia looked at her clock, "We are going to be late."
She said as she rush to get ready. Most of the girls in St. Ann always seem to be
late to get to class. And most of the time get punishment for being late.  Later in
the afternoon the girls met up for lunch. "I can't believe we have Kitchen duties.
Its all your fault Tia. Set the alarm just a bit earlier if you would." Tia looked at
Colleen with a snobbish look. "Hey Mikko how is it living with these two nuts?" Ask
Lissa. Mikko chewed and swallowed  her food, "they are wonderful, funny and helpful."
She said to Brook. "You have Sister Marie-Ann class next don't you," She asked Mikko.
Mikko stop chewing her food and her eyes opened up widely.  "Poor thing, well just
think of it this way once you are out of there. You'll have soccer, so you can take
all of your frustration out on the ball." Colleen said. After lunch they went back to
classes and as the afternoon grow later Mikko found herself in gym. She looked
perplex and confused as she stood there waiting for something to happen. "Hey Mikko,
whats wrong?" Colleen asked her.  Smacking her on the back lightly, "I think she lost
it, Sister Marie-Ann must have blew her mind." Brook said.  They both laugh as they
took Mikko by the arms and head into the locker room. Suddenly Mikko blinked and
found herself looking at girls changing cloth, some half naked. She closed her eyes
as they sat her down on the beach. Tapping Colleen on the shoulder,"whats wrong with
her now?" Brook asked her.  Colleen smile and giggled, "Ah she just a bit shy when it
comes to seeing other girls nude bodies." They both smiled and giggled. The dressing
room slowly became clear as the girls head out to the soccer field. Facing the locker
Colleen sat as she waited for Mikko to change. "You know you are going to have to get
over this shyness you have. What are you going to do when you have to come back in
here to shower?" Colleen said as she played with the combination on the locker. 
Mikko stopped dress, "showers." She said. Colleen turned around and saw Mikko shaking
her head and mumbling to herself, Colleen took her by the arm and sat her down as she
put Mikko's sock and shoes on. "Don't worry you can show at the far end, there's a
wall that separates the rest of the shower."  Colleen told her as she pull her up and
rushed her out the door.  The day ended and once again they found themselves in the
great hall eating dinner.  As they head back to their room Tia and Colleen had Mikko
by the arms. "I think she wore herself out today. Don't real think she knew what she
was getting into when they sign her up for Sister Mari-Ann class," Colleen said. Tia
looked at her, "Just think its only the begin of the week." They carried Mikko up to
the room and plop her on her bed. "Hey shouldn't we undress her," Tia asked. "Naw, I
think it would be too much for her. But you know what, we do need to work on her
shyness." Colleen replied.  The week seem to repeat it self over and over again as
Mikko try to adjust to her new environment.

As the week came to a end. Mikko sat on her bed and looked up at Colleen and Tia,
"what do you usually do on the weekends?"  Colleen and Tia looked at each other, "Not
much, we can go to town or stay here and sleep in late or just hang out. But some of
us stay here and go down to the creek."   Tia replied. "But we have plans for
tomorrow," Colleen said with a smile. "Oh...sleeping late.." Mikko respond. "Don't
worry we'll take care of you,"  Tia said. The night grew later as the girls slowly
drifted off to sleep with dreams of all mischief. The morning seem come quickly
during the weekend. Most of the girls had piled in to the bus with some of the nuns
and headed to town. Mikko toss over in her bed as the morning sun slowly creep its
way into the room. "Hey are you sure we should do this?" As Tia in a whispering
voice. "Well she's just going to have to get over it sooner or later. And who else is
better to get her over her shyness then us." Colleen said as she handed Tia one end
of a spandex rope. Sneaking up close to Mikko's bed both of the girls looked at each
other with a wicked grin. Gently Colleen slip one end of the rope around Mikko's
wrists as Tia gently slip the other end of the rope around Mikko's ankles. Suddenly
they stopped as Mikko mummer and wiggled a bit bed. With one pull the spandex rope
grip tighten around Mikko wrist and ankle. Her head sprang up from under the pillow,
"what....hey....." Not sure of what was going on she struggle to get free, but only
made the rope even tighter around her wrist and ankles. "Get this off of me!
Colleen?! Tia!? What  are yo...Uhmmm," Mikko was cut off from her words as Tia place
a piece of tape over her mouth and sat her on the edge of her bed. "Stop squirming
and listen. This is for your own good Mikko. You need to get use to seeing other
girls naked and use to having other girls seeing you naked." Colleen said to her. "So
the best way for you to get use to it is to take it off and we'll do the same." Tai
said as she took a pair of scissor and snip their blades together. In fear Mikko
moved back and mummer some words. "Hold still and you night not get cut," Tia said as
she took the scissor and snip one side of Mikko's panties and then the other side.
"Do the honors?" Tia said to Colleen. Mikko's eyes widen as she shook her head, No.
With a grin Colleen pushed Mikko's  over on her side and ripped her panties off.
Quickly as Colleen did so Mikko went up onto a ball trying not to expose her self.
"Aw how cute. But that just wont do." Said Tia as she lifted Mikko's head and started
to undo her button on her sleeping shirt. Mikko started fighting off Tia's  hand as
she try to undo her buttons. "I see that you are going to be a stubborn one," Colleen
said as she took another long spandex rope from the closet. Mikko looked at her with
threatening eyes. But not scare by then Colleen tied one of Mikko's wrist and started
to untied her hands. "Grab her other arm and we'll tie it behind her." Tia grabbed
Mikko other arm they force her arms behind her and tied them. Mikko's feet were still
bond but were free from her hand. Mikko tried to kick Colleen but wasn't able to. 
"Tia, undo her shirt," Colleen said as she continue to wrap the rope around Mikko's
waste and as Mikko's shirt fell down to her arms; Colleen continue wrapping the rope
around Mikko until it was tied around her neck. Bound be the waste up to her neck
Mikko couldn't move but was able to squirm a bit. "Hey! Stop! If you don't that
spandex will get tighter and tighter. It will choke you to death."  Tia said to her
trying to calm Mikko down. Sitting still on the bed tears of anger and pain swelled
up in Mikko's eyes. Tia kneel down and wipe Mikko's eyes, "shhhhhh....we're not going
to hurt you." She said as she place her head against Mikko's. "God, Colleen we
shouldn't do this to her." Tia said. Colleen looked at Tia, "Get over it. We're
making her tough...." Colleen said as she kneel next to Mikko, "Mikko, we're not
going to hurt you. Its all was just in fun." Taking her by the arm Tia and Colleen
stood Mikko on her feet. Mikko lower her head as she was embarrassed of being naked
and bonded.  Standing back Colleen and Tia looked at Mikko. "See theres nothing to be
ashamed about." Colleen said to Mikko. "In fact you look very cute and tasty," Tia
said to her. Mikko raised her head and looked at Tia.  Colleen mouth dropped as she
hear Tia said that.
Tia walked over toward Mikko, "Mikko, I wanted to tell you this last week. But ever
time you got undress I would always try to peek at your breasts." Mikko lean back
slight trying to stay way from Tia. Tia place one hand on Mikko's back as her other
hand gently cups Mikko's small breast. Murdering through the tape at Colleen for some
help, Mikko couldn't believe what kind of roommates she got.  As Tia's hand caress
Mikko's left breast and nipple, Mikko couldn't control the pleasure she was feeling.
Mikko closed her eyes thinking that this was some sick dream that she was having and
that when she open her eyes it wasn't real. Suddenly she felt a kiss on her neck,
Mikko open her eyes and she was looking into Tia's eyes. For a second Mikko's mind
gave invitation to the dark pleasure that her body felt. Moving back from Tia, Mikko
fell to her bed. "Mmmmmm....I think she liked it." Tia said as she walked over to
Mikko. "I'll look out for the Sister and you have fun with our little roommate,"
Colleen said as she walked over the the door. Tia looked at Mikko, "you just going to
have to forgive her. Colleen like to take things intensely and we got you all tied up
here and not by the creek she'll just wait until we can get you some place more
private." Mikko shook her head as Tia ran her hand  up Mikko's leg. Kneeling down Tia
lifted Mikko legs up in the air, exposing her butt and moist pink mound. Mikko squirm
slightly then stop as she felt the rope getting a bit tight around her  neck.
"Colleen, she so moist down her, I think she likes being tied up." Tia said to
Colleen. Lightly Tia brushed her finger against Mikko moist mound, and suddenly Mikko
mound quivered. "Mmmmm." Tia said as she once again brush her fingers lightly against
Mikko opening. Once again Mikko mound quiver sending chills through her body. "Mmmm,"
Mikko respond. Tia looked at her and reach up and slowly remove the tape from Mikko's
mouth. With a few sniffs, "Please.....don't" Mikko tried to get her words out. But
Tia would lightly brush her finger against Mikko opening, sending pleasurable chills
through her. "Plea....Please...don't..... Ooooo... don't... Ummmm... more... more..."
Mikko started to plea with Tia. Tia couldn't believe what she was hearing. Teasingly
Tia barely slip her finger into Mikko, sliding it from the bottom of her opening up
to the top. Mikko's head push back deep into her bed, "Tia, please don't tease me."
Tia watch as she could see Mikko mound quiver at her touch. Tia's mind swim with such
wild passion and urges, she slip her finger out of Mikko. Suddenly Mikko eyes shot
wide open as she felt Tia tongue probing into her. Mikko was disguised and repulse
but this, but soon found that the pleasure that she was feeling was more stronger
then her disgust. Panting, Mikko said, "No not there... over some..
yes...yes....yes......yes...Mmmmm.... Ooooo...deeper......"  Leaning against wall by
the door, Colleen stood with her hockey stick between her legs. With her panties down
she rub the leather handle of the stick between her mound. Suddenly she looked over
toward Tia and Mikko, "Hey I think someone is coming."  Slowly Tia moved back away
from Mikko's wet pink opening.  A white thin stream trailed from Mikko's opening to
Tia lips, as she pull back a bit more it seem to snap leaving most of it falling down
Mikko opening and butt. "Come on Tia, untie her. I'll stall," Colleen said as she fit
her skirt. Slipping out the door Colleen close the door behind her and looked down
the Hallway. "Oh shit, Sister Marie-Ann," She said to herself. Walking down the
hallway Colleen was coming closer and closer to Sister Marie-Ann. "Good Morning
Sister," she said as she walked pass her.  "Miss McCollins, How is Miss Tuzumi doing
with her studies in my class." Ask the Sister. Colleen, clasp her hands behind her,
"I think that she wasn't expect so much from it, that it was overwhelming for her.
But I think with a little training....I mean with a little help from Tia and I that
she'll making it through just fine." The Sister looked at Colleen was if she might
have caught her at some game. With a stern look, "You can go now. But I have my eye
on you and your roommates." Sister Marie-Ann said as she walked off down the hallway.
Colleen round the corner and then peeked back to see if the Sister have left.
Meanwhile back in the room Tia untied Mikko. "I hope that we didn't hurt you."
Mikko's head was loader to the floor in shame that she let her passion over take her
mind. Slowly Mikko started to put on her cloths, trying not to look at Tia. Suddenly
Colleen burst back into the room, "God, that was close. Hey lets head down to the
creek." She suggested as she brushed her hair back. Tia looked Colleen, "I don't
think Mikko ready for the creek."  Pouting a bit Colleen looked at Mikko, "Well
there's lots of things we can do here, we don't have to go down to the creek." Mikko
slowly raised her head, "Its ok you can go, I want to be along." Colleen and Tia
looked at each other and then headed out the door. A few minutes pass as Mikko
finally was dress. Embarrassed, shamed, and anger  seem to flow from  her face as she
got up and walked out the door.  She wanted to confess what have happen but she knew
that if she did, that her roommates might make things hard on her. Instead she
quietly walked around the campus and explore the different things around there that
she didn't have a chance to see during her busy hours.. Pushing the side door open
she walked outside. The puffy white clouds seem to drift by quickly as if they had
some place to be. Mikko walked behind the school to look around.  Suddenly she stop
as the came around the corner of the building. Standing in front of her was a young
rough looking black man. He looked at her and raise one eye brow, "You must be a new
student here?" He asked as he put down the shovel that he was carrying. "Yes, I am.
Who are you, if I may ask?"  Mikko asked. He smiled and cocked his head, "Well I'm
Nicholas the grounds keeper. What is your name?"  Looking shyly at him and then
glancing away Mikko tried not to stair too long at him, "I am Mikko Tuzumi, I am new
here this semester."  She said as she smiled at him. "I best get back to work,"
Nicholas said as he pick up his shovel. Mikko nodded as he walked passed her. She
continue to walk around the school's ground. She seen a little building out back
along the tree line. About a hundred yards away from the main building. Mikko walked
over to it, the day seem picture-est. As she got up to the building she could look
inside and see that it a small house.  "This must be where Nicholas lives," She said
to herself.       as she took Mikko's hand and waved at him. The girls walked pass
him and headed off to the creek. As the girls enter the forest, Mikko looked at
Colleen, "does he know that you come to the creek always?"  Tia grin, "Oh som

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