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Because if I vent anywhere else, she'll see it.Category: (general)
Friday, 3 August 2012
02:14:55 PM (GMT)
My best friend...
I'm resisting the urge to face palm because I respect her.
But when it comes to relationships she has NO SENSE OF JUDGEMENT.

She's in it for the sex and not for the love. She's pretending to herself that she
has love with this guy because she does want that, but she wants sex more, and
that's why she entered the relationship in the first place. It's all going to end in
ruin because she gorges herself on token signs of affection like being called cute
and the promise of sex, and never gets anything real.

And every time this happens I tell her "I'm not getting a good feeling about
relationship. It feels like you're starting this based on all the wrong things, not
love, you know?"

Then she insists, first, that she really likes him, forcing me to explain in detail
all the behavioral signs on her part, and the guys, why it isn't a good idea.
Then she says "Well, it's not anything serious, it's just fun being around
him." and I always sigh inwardly and tell her "Okay..." because I can't stop

and I just have to keep my mouth shut so I don't ruin her happiness while she has it
even though-


-it only lasts a couple months tops and then it falls apart and she's in a way worse
emotional place than she was in before hand.
And of course after the fact she says "How do you know me better than I know myself?
You always warn me!"

‹-赤い激怒-› says:   4 August 2012   211173  
Those feels. Those feely feels.
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   7 August 2012   617743  
In This Situation You Can't Really Do Anything Kirti, And That
Because It's Up To Your Friend Herself To Realize That She's Not
Really In Love, But Got Into The Relationship For The Sex. And Usually
For Girls To Admit To That, It's A Hard Thing. Because Girls Usually
Aren't Seen As The Sex Crazy Ones, But Rather The Ones Who Are Willing
To Wait. And So They Feel Sort Of Guilty Of Admitting To The Fact That
They Do Want Sex Most Of The Time. Or At Least That's What I've
Then There's The Fact That People Love To Live In A World, Where There
Wants Are True. Where They Can Actually Believe That They Are In Love
With Someone, When They're Not. Where They Can Tell Themselves, I'm
Not Just In This For The Sex. I Love This Person I Do. People Love
Fake Worlds, Because It Makes Themselves Feel Better.
And By Telling You It's Not Anything Serious, It Means It Really Is
Serious To Her. She's Scared She Might Actually Have Feelings For This
Guy, Who Like Her Might Have Just Gotten Into The Relationship For The
Sex. And Seeing That She Really Does Have Feelings, Is Like Saying The
Relationship Is Over. Because Most Guys Who Want Just Sex, Won't Stay
After Things Get To...Feely. 
All You Can Do Right Now, Is Just Be There For Her When She Falls
Down, And Tell Her That Maybe It's Time To Find Someone Who Actually
Wants To Be With Her For Another Reason Than Just Sex.
‹Zatten got bitch slaped by l3al3yl3aCkRiBs› says:   7 August 2012   656456  


Longest comment ever!

Well at least

i think 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   7 August 2012   799328  
That's Because I'm Trying To Help My Friend .-. 
‹Zatten got bitch slaped by l3al3yl3aCkRiBs› says:   7 August 2012   664447  

Ah, nvrmnd then :/ 
Kirti says:   15 August 2012   716524  
Thanks Meaghan, that actually helped a lot. As it happens, this friend
is very open about the fact that she enjoys sex, so at least she's not
dealing with shame about that (you're right though, for a lot of girls
that's a thing), and so far she says she and this guy haven't done
anything. But she wants to, and that's what the relationship started
with, so now she's distracting herself from that with things like "He
already introduced me to his parents!!!!! Well, okay, it wasn't like a
formal thing, but he still brought me home and I met them."

I just don't know how many times this is going to happen to her before
she figures out that there's more to love than sexual attraction and
cutesy gestures. 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   4 September 2012   884010  
No Problem, I'm Always Willing To Help :] Ahhh I See, Then It's A Bit
Different. Hmmm She Seems Very Confusing About This Relationship, I
Can See Why You're Frustrated. 
Well, You Can Never Know That, But Just Remember That It's A Learning
Experience For Her, It'll Help Her Grow. And As Soon As She Figures It
Out For Herself, She'll Be Glad She Had Someone Like You By Her Side
Helping Her When She Felt Like Giving Up Or Something. 
Kirti says:   11 September 2012   407366  
She refers to him as her "guy" like "my guy took me out last night and
it was fun " and I just want to say "You know why you call him guy?


I like to think that maybe, since it's been a month, they've had time
to get some sort of actual emotional something going on, but it
seems like the only thing that's changed is that she expects more of
him now. 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   15 September 2012   736178  
Oh Dear o.o Well Then, Maybe She Needs To See How He Treats Her From A
Third Person View. Not Sure How That Could Ever Be Managed Though. 
Kirti says:   16 September 2012   994683  
He broke up with her yesterday. Not sure how she's handling it, yet. 
‹-赤い激怒-› says:   16 September 2012   696944  
oh, sad days o.o
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   19 September 2012   733649  
Oh My, Well I Hope For Her Sake, She Handles It Well And Gets Back On
Her Feet! 

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