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Wednesday, 14 March 2012
08:26:01 PM (GMT)
Stranger: hi
You: hi
You: what's up?
Stranger: listening to system of a down, trying to court this girl what im pretty
sure digs me.
and you?
You: court?
Stranger: get her to date me.
You: im just sitting here feeling kinda meh. ohh i see.
Stranger: its an old fashioned term
You: yeah, i kinda thought so.
You: how old r u?
Stranger: 17
Stranger: you?
You: 14.
Stranger: m/f?
You: young, i know :P f
Stranger: thats funny i was about to comment "young"
You: aha that's what most people say :/
You: I've always been the youngest, and I can't say I like it.
Stranger: is that to imply you are the youngest sibling?
im the middle child.
You: yeah, I'm the youngest sibbling, and almost the youngest of my nine cousins
You: (except for the twins.)
You: do you have any advice for getting over somebody?
Stranger: yah
You: i never dated him or anything.
You: just three years of liking him. I'm in a never ending cycle where I like and
hate him all at the same tiime.
You: care to share? lol
Stranger: ill share
Stranger: its pretty ground breaking
Stranger: have you heard of nihilism?
You: no.
Stranger: basically nothing matters so one shouldnt care about anything
Stranger: i live under this philosophy
You: then why are you trying to court the girl?
Stranger: along with utilitarianism and a few others
Stranger: because it brings me pleasure.
Stranger: so basically
Stranger: stop caring, because it doesnt matter.
You: so you and her are just a game?
You: she cares. you're just going to break her heart?
You: ...maybe that's what he's doing...
Stranger: well, no. becasue i derive pleasure from others' pleasure. and pain from
others' pain. i have empathy.
You: :/ i see.
Stranger: im not some cruel beast
You: ahaha
Stranger: but seriously you are fourteen
You: yep, seriously
Stranger: its not worth it to get worked up over this guy that you wont even remember
a year from now
You: oh yes I'll remember.
You: it's been three years of this.
You: if I ever stop liking him, I'll hate him forever.
Stranger: so hate him
Stranger: then forget him
Stranger: there are billions of people in this world
You: thank goodness for that.
You: he's probably just in it for the chase... right?
Stranger: how old is he?
You: 14
Stranger: what does he want from you?
You: his birthday's a day before mine -.- he used to brag about it all the time.
You: i don't know, we never talk at school. But he'll just look at me and somei
You: and we'll make eye contact
You: and I'll feel like I have electricity running through my veins
Stranger: it sounds like you like him
You: yeah. his eyes are the deepest shade of brown.
You: it's almost scary.
You: :P
You: a couple times I've smiled and laughed at something that he has nothing to do
with and I'll just see him smiling as he watches me
Stranger: so
You: :s
Stranger: he likes you
Stranger: but why have you hated him?
You: he's a retard! he's popular, he's annoying !
You: he acts all full of himself. attention seeking, show off
You: it's probably just reputation though.
You: because me and my friend were there at the dollar store once and I said oh my
gosh he's here and she went up to say hi and we talked the whole time until he had to
You: (lol I was going to hide and pretend I hadn't seen him. I had a fit later and
she was like oh crap you like him i forgot!)
Stranger: well
Stranger: why play these silly games?
Stranger: ask him out, he obviously likes you
Stranger: go get your heart broken, kid. its part of growing up.
You: i can't tell my parents, and i can't lie to them either.
You: my sister is 16 and she hasn't dated. it would be so awkward. and i would be so
embarrassed dating him.
You: why should i get my heart broken? It'll only hurt me, so why even get in the
You: kid love is naive, and they never end up marrying or anything anyway.
Stranger: will the fun you have with him be worth the pain?
You: i don't even know if I'd have fun with him/
Stranger: practice feeling emotions so you know what they all are and how to handle
Stranger: fuck it, try it out, its only a waste of your time
Stranger: fuck your parent, they dont know you, control you.
You: i can't lie. that's the problem here. and my best friend? she would kill me. she
doesn't know I still like him. if he can't act himself around people at school, if he
does it just to impress his friends, he's a coward.
You: that's why I want to get over him!
You: i can't even stand the way he yes yeah. he says it like ye
You: it would be so humiliating. he puts people down. he always teases this girl
about how her front is as flat as her back -.-
You: I always hope I won't be in a group with him, but i tiny sliver of me wants to.
Stranger: so hes a douchebag. tell him you think so
Stranger: tell him you like him but not his douch bag front
Stranger: that will show him what hes doing
Stranger: plus hes 14
You: I'm fourteen too, and I'm not like that.
You: tempting, though :P
Stranger: its good that you are yourself
Stranger: dont put of fronts
Stranger: they are like comfortable beds
Stranger: easy to get into, hard to get out of.
You: yeah. I'm myself because I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm
not. and besides, you never know, people could like you better as yourself.
You: well thanks, but I have to go. nice chatting with you.
You have disconnected.

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