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Sunday, 6 November 2011
01:33:34 AM (GMT)
Full Name: Chrissy 
Eye Color: green/blue 
Hair Color: dirty blond anyways i wash it.. xD
Height: 5'2"
Shoe Size: no clue
Heritage: Duch and German
Zodiac Sign: whatever feb. 10 is BICH 

Sky Dived: nope
Bungee Jumped: nope
Gone out of the Country: nope
Beaten Someone Up: well yea its fun xD
Gotten Beat Up: no hehe
Killed an Animal: HELL NO            
Swam in the Ocean: Yes
Broke the Law: being to awsome and cute yes xD
Smoked: No
Chewed Tobacco: GROSS.
Drank: water.... xD
Been Kissed: by my mom other than that nope
Been In Love: i thought i was but no
Dumped Someone: yea ;( but it was an internet thing so whatever
Been Dumped: no
Broken Someone's heart: not shure
Had Your Heart Broken: Not really no.
Liked Someone: Are you fucking kidding me. OF COURSE.
Broken A Bone: Yup.
Had Surgery: Yup.
Had an X-ray or MRI: Yeah. 
Failed a Class: to many to count :/

Color: Purple.
Food: There are so many... I know I'm a fatass.
Drink: COFFEE and mnt. dew
Snack: it depends
Cereal: any kind with SHUGER :O NOM
Ice Cream: cookies and cream 
Candy: um hershys are one of them
Restaurant: um Mcdonalds... i dont know
Fast Food Place: McDonalds or Wendy's, but no Burger King. 
Store: Hot Topic<3 forever 21 yeah anywhere girly
Animal: Unicorn Bunny dog
Quote: if you are messing with my friends you are messing with me
Sport To Play: damn none
Sport To Watch: football
Movie: I don't get to watch movies a lot
TV Show: Ohh, tough one.
Type Of Music: KPOP <3
Band: we the kings CTFXC FTW
singer: um i dont know
Song: no other super junier (i spelled that wrong sorry)

Pepsi or Coke: What's the fucking difference?
Vanilla or Chocolate: Twist.
Cake or Ice Cream: I like them mixed. Not ice cream cake, but literally cake that's
been drowned in melting ice cream.
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds.
Love or Money: Oh jesus. Love. Totally.
Music or TV: MUSIC.
Cat or Dog: both  
Mom or Dad: both
Truck or Car: Car
Ocean or Lake: Ocean
Yahoo or Hotmail: gmail :O xD
Google or AJ: That the fuck is AJ? Google straight up.
Light or Dark: both
Country or City: Both.
Rain or Sunshine: SUNSHINE 

First Thing You Notice: eyes and voice or smile
Personality or Looks: Personality, though looks are a nice little side dish. They
don't matter much, they just go nice with the meal.
Hair Color: black, brown other than that i dont care
Eye Color: does not matter
Short or Tall: does not matter
Romanic or Spontaneous: Combine them both, and you have my dream koren, phillipno, or
asion guy
Sense of Humor or Sweet: Both. He has to have both. <3
Hook up or Relationship: Relationship. Hook-ups are for whores.

Feeling: BORD 
Listening To: the night
Wanna: meet some koren guys if possable HINT HINT
Doing: This thing
Thinking About: tomrow oh never mind 12:29 
Wearing: pj's HELL YEA
In Love: nope 
Single: yersh (yes)
Best Friends: piggy_friend 

Career: singer <3
Marriage: hope so 
Kids: I want to adopt one. that sounds cool to me
House: 2 stories, my room sister's room, mom and then dog Nickie <3 its a boi xD and
my dad well you have to message me for that info

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