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Monday, 10 October 2011
03:33:31 PM (GMT)
Hey, everyone :D

Well, in two months, it's my boyfriend's birthday. I love him lots, and I want to get
him something special :D

He sometimes has massive drops in self esteem, and I hate seeing him like that. So I
was thinking of making some sort of book that he can read when he's down of things to
make him feel better :D

I have a few fair ideas - he's a very nerdy guy and his favourite humour is internet
humour (ain't he awesome?!).

So, any more ideas on what I could put in it? (:
What makes you happy when you're down? Please let me know, so I can get the
creativity flowing :D

‹Noxper› says:   10 October 2011   999134  
How about you put together a book describing your favorite things
about him in a humorous way?
Using the internet humor that you were talking about, tell him
everything that you really appreciate or admire about him :3
ShowerSinger says:   10 October 2011   784355  
Wow, that's a brilliant idea :D There are many things I admire about
him, I'm sure I could put them into a meme or two XD

Cheers, mate :D 
‹Noxper› says:   10 October 2011   580446  
That's what I was thinking. MEME SPAM HIM
So yeah, anytime :D 
‹Noxper› says:   10 October 2011   949663  
I'm an artist. So if you need any comics done, lemme know ;3 
ShowerSinger says:   10 October 2011   702714  
Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated :D 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   10 October 2011   651764  
I agree with Vampire Apple. Does he like Rei and Zei?
ShowerSinger says:   10 October 2011   231434  

Well, not that I've heard of (: What's Rei and Zei? :D 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   10 October 2011   918119  
These little 'emo' comic guys. It's dark humor, mostly. 

I'll draw some stuff and write poetry. 
ShowerSinger says:   10 October 2011   732190  

You don't have to :3
I have some artist friends at school that could help me out :D 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   10 October 2011   946295  
I'm always drawing...wait, two weeks? Yeah, go ahead and have your
friends do took a shit. 
ShowerSinger says:   10 October 2011   977378  
Yeah, my computer's a piece of crap too, I'll need to use a friend's
printer or something to get drawings and things anyway :/ 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   10 October 2011   525594  
No, I mean it went to the huge nerd in the sky. 
ShowerSinger says:   10 October 2011   720489  

‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   10 October 2011   440091  
No, my dad is scrapping it so I can use the power supply in my robot. 
ShowerSinger says:   10 October 2011   736678  

Awesome :D 
thegirlwhowrites says:   10 October 2011   812869  
COOKIES! Whatever  he likes, if that's any help. Probably isn't
though. That's all I got though.
TheMisunderstood says:   10 October 2011   787182  
Poetry? like, homade poetry. 
thegirlwhowrites says:   10 October 2011   562441  

Ooooh! I agree with you! 
‹RAWRbrontosaursRAWR› says:   10 October 2011   342827  
If he likes star wars i have impressive connection to jesus and
zombies through obi wan konbi
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   11 October 2011   482707  
Cute animal pics or pic of you two together
ShowerSinger says:   11 October 2011   732822  
I've written him a few songs on my guitar, maybe I could show him the
lyrics :3


LOL! He loves Star Wars XD 
‹RAWRbrontosaursRAWR› says:   11 October 2011   967104  
Tell him that he's zombie Jesus savior because he is your obi wan
konbi and obi wan konbi was jesus and jesus died and came back to
life, therefore he's a zombie
ShowerSinger says :   12 October 2011   999750  
That is wonderful. XD 


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