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IceFlower'sCategory: Storryyy timee!!
Monday, 15 August 2011
08:38:27 AM (GMT)
ICEFLOWER'S BY:CHARITY Lynn Bu**er I hovered over the beatin girl, tears coverd her dry face.Her eyes begging for me to quit. "Wanna play a game?"Looked at me,fear and terror filled her eyes."I want you to go runn, as fast as u can,Away from me."She looked at me in disbelife. "Come on run." She got up slowly, then took off.I chuckled a she fell and hit the gravle covered ground, winceing in pain.The female tryed to get up as i walked tword her.Her broken body struggleing to get away.Her crimson blood tempted me as it slowly flowed from her cheek.'How sweet it must taste' i thought to my self.Finally I made it twords her. "Awww, you lose the game I guess.To bad"A smile widened on my face as I grabed a hand full of her bleached locks tugging her up words,her screams filling the silent night,feeding my soul."P-please stop Mam." she said in a pittful tone."Why we r just starting to have funn" She whispered a prayer witch made me laugh. "You really think god can save you?!Haha How pathetic can u get my darling child?" I threw her head to the ground. Blood started to pour out, the sent so intoxiicating."Wheres your god when you need him the most?" She tryed to get up speaking to me between angery fearful sobbs."You will regreat this..."I smiled at her as she fainted from blood lost. As i romed around the crypt in witch i reside, a smell from outside lingured in to the stone chilled room.It was ever so faint yes so destinguished, it was the smell of putred rotting blood. What a waste i thought to my self.That could have been a great meal.... As I waited for night to fall i looked at my victum in the cornner of ther room.Chained to the granite wall shivering ever so slightly.I walked over to her she tilted her head to the side growing more acustem to being my daily snack.My fang's came out of my gum's gleemed in the fading light of the sun that mannged to seep through the cracks of the wall. lowerng my head to her neck,I peirced my fang's deep with in her skin.Blood slowly poured from her wound as she gasped with pain.I have started to grow found of her sweet taintalizing blazing red blood. But saddly knowing the more weak she grows the more sower and bitter It will become.When I finnished my snack I had whiped the stray blood from my cheek As she fell to the ground. I look back twords her and spoke. “I have held you as my slave for far to long my maydin, your blood is starting to turn sour, as of two days from now I shal relise you. You will eather be dead or alive, depending on how your body hold’s up.” Then I walked away to grab my self something to eat for dinner.
Last edited: 28 August 2011

‹✿。* ☆ℓïℓ~ℓïŧŧℓε@ɓïŧƈɧ~ɓ› says :   15 August 2011   709247  
chapter one of meh story xDD


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