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Thursday, 28 July 2011
10:04:38 PM (GMT)
The cold floor rubbed against my scarred skin as I settled in to the dark corner.
Everything was dark around me, I was immersed in it. And this left me to befriend my
mind, the insane mess it was. My stomach growled loudly, reminding me of my hunger.
They didn't feed me here, not often. But  knew better then to ask. I'd just get
   My eyes burned from exhaustion, yet I refused to sleep. I refused to do anything
in this building of lies. I'd lost all hope of being saved from this pit, because I
was not going to be rescued. My baby, my little Elizabeth, I can not imagine where
she is. They stole her way from me.
       And Henry, he'd shoved me away. Gossip is a horrid thing, darling, and he's
the worst to begin it. But it's always the innocent that they want to hear about.
Imagine them, they're shaking sick bodies bubbling with excitement as they listened
to Henry about me being charged with treason. The Queen of England, charged with
treason? It was just what they'd thrived upon hearing.
    A sharp light suddenly blinded me. I blinked and shunned away, shielding my face
for the blows I expected to come. But I was not hit. Blinking, I looked up. A woman
looked back at me, her soft features illiuminated by the small wax candle she held.
She was dressed in furs, as it was frigid outside. In her arms she held a small
bundle, which I could barely make out as a baby. Not a newborn, around three years of
age. I realized it was Elizabeth. Relief flooded into me, warming me instantly. I
snatched her away and held her close. Her small eyes peered up at me curiously.
    "This is your last day, my Queen. Tomorrow you will be executed."the woman said,
bowing. Her soft brown hair wrapped around her face. I nodded, still holding
Elizabeth close.
   "You, a young girl, stays so loyal. Why? England's hatred for me grows daily, yet
you still worship me. Why?" I ask, glancing at her. It was true. After I'd been
charge with treason, I'd lost all respect.
    "You're my queen, and I intend to stay loyal. You do not know me, but  I work in
the house with Henry. I am the one assigned to care for Elizabeth. He's found a new
mate, you know. A vile woman, Jane Seymore. I know he spread those slanderous lies
about you. I wanted you to see Elizabeth before you were executed." she said, looking
up at me with pale blue eyes. She smiled.
  "I have something for Eliabeth. Give it to her, for me, please. When she's old
enough." I replied. I reached up and grabbed the small necalace off of my neck. The
rubies and stones glinted slightly. The large diamond wavered as I handed it to the
woman. She nodded.
  "I have to go now. Please, Anne, say your goodbyes. I swear to tell her the truth
about you when she is of age, so she knows you are not the woman you are said to be."
the woman said softly. Small tears filled my eyes and I held my daughter close. This
would be the last time I'd ever touch her. I ran my fingers through her soft hair,
giving her a small kiss on her forehead.
   "Elizabeth, my darling angel, never let lies drag you down. Someday, you will be
queen. They will be wicked to you. They will try and ruin you. Don't let them, love,
don't let them. I love you, forever I love you." I whispered into her small ear.
After a final kiss and one more tight hug, I reluctantly handed her to the young
women. Tears began to form once again, blurring my vision, but I refused to cry.
   "Thank you, I will forever be in debt to you. But thank you."I croaked to the
woman. She nodded and bowed before picking up Elizabeth and walking off. Aa the light
dissapeared, so did my soul.
   I'll edit it later :3 I really like it. I'm in love with Shakespearean times. This
was in Anne Boleyn's point of view. She was charged with treason and many other
things by her own husband. He was gettnig back at her for not being able to birth a
son. So she was beheaded on Tower Greene. I'm debating between writing the Execution
part or fast forwarding to the Elizabeth part, where she becomes queen. Any ideas? :3
Last edited: 28 July 2011

‹*Misguided Ghost*› says :   18 May 2013   235733  
The execution, then Elizabeth.

This is really good. c:


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