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Tuesday, 24 May 2011
12:49:07 PM (GMT)
Giving in to food shows weakness, be strong, and you'll be better than
everyone else

•Do not give up what you most want for what you want at the moment

•An imperfect body reflects an imperfect soul

•Craving is only a feeling

•An ordinairy girl, an ordinairy waist, but ordinairdy is just not good enough

•If it ws easy, everybody will be thin

•If it tastes good, it's trying to kill you

•Calories CAN NOT make you happy

•Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better

•The beginning is always today

•It doesn't mather how slow you go, as long as you don't stop

•It's the mind that makes the body

•Everytime you say no to food, you say yes to thin

•Eat to live, don't live to eat

•When you resist the pain of hunger, it means your not a slave of your body

•Don't eat! Do you want to stay fat?

•Being thin is more important than everything!

•You want food? Loook at those thighs!

•Bones define who we really are! Let them show!

•Do you really want to be that weight for the rest of your life?

•Eat less, weigh less

•Thin is beautiful, even thinner is perfection

•Anorexia is a lifestyle, not a diet

•I only feel beautiful when I'm hungry

•Skip dinner, end up thinner

•Respect yourself, put down the fork

•Nothing tastes as good as thin feels

•Thin is perfectin, I'll die trying to achieve it

lillymill says:   24 May 2011   341043  
please dont die trying to be thin :'( being thin isnt everything.
please, hold on to what really matters. You are making me
sorrowful.... but that isnt hard to do these days...
Xx_NothingLeftButMyDisgracefulSelf_xX says:   24 May 2011   925634  
I Might Not Die..
tiffany_toxicty2011 says:   25 May 2011   897983  
i am friends with a girl who is pro-ana

i call her my penguin. cuz penguins choose one mate for their entire
anyways, i fucking love her and even though she is the way she is, Ana
doesnt define her. im not gonna say to stop, but i just hope you dont
let it define you
exquisite says:   26 May 2011   602242  
Anorexia is not a lifestyle. It's an illness that preys on those with
insecurities. Learn to love yourself, before it kills you.
Xx_NothingLeftButMyDisgracefulSelf_xX says:   26 May 2011   991286  
What If I Cant Love Myself? This Is My Only Way To Have Perfection.
And I'll Die Trying To Get It.
exquisite says:   30 May 2011   326445  
Perfection doesn't exist, neither does imperfection. 

Don't you want to grow up to see the world? To fall in love with a
man/woman who will love you for who you are? To have children who will
think that you're "perfect" no matter what? 

I was anorexic once. And trust me, I still worry about my image from
time to time, I still have those binge nights, those days where I just
don't want to lift up the fork, I still urge to go for a long run and

But I just can't anymore, because I know that I have people in my life
who don't want me any different, or any less healthy. And if there's
at least one person in your life that thinks you're beautiful, then
that should be enough.

I know sometimes people can't be helped, but it's worth a try. 
Xx_NothingLeftButMyDisgracefulSelf_xX says:   31 May 2011   686749  
The Problem Is. I Have Nobody In My Life. No One To Live For.
exquisite says:   31 May 2011   610742  
Is your family supportful, friends? 
Xx_NothingLeftButMyDisgracefulSelf_xX says :   31 May 2011   735185  
No. Like I Said, I Have No One.


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