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Saturday, 5 March 2011
02:04:19 PM (GMT)
Just watching the Soul Eater anime, and researching the cast.

The relation to FMA is uncanny in just the VA's alone.

Maka's VA, Laura Bailey, played Lust in FMA.
Black Star's VA, Brittney Karbowski, plays Selim Bradley in FMA.
Tsubaki's VA, Monica Rial, plays Dante in the first FMA and May Chang in
Death the Kid's VA, Todd Haberkorn, plays Ling Yao in Brotherhood. (Also Allen Walker
in D.Gray-Man. Just something I thought I'd mention.)
Patty's VA, Cherami Leigh, plays Elicia Hughes in Brotherhood.
Kim Diehl's VA, Caitlin Glass, plays Winry in FMA.
Shinigami's VA, John Swasey, plays Hohenheim in Brotherhood.
Death Sythe/Spirit's VA, Vic Mignogna, plays Edward Elric in FMA. (TOTALLY Makes
sense, right?? *Sarcasm*)
Marie Mjolnir's VA, Colleen Clinkenbeard, plays Riza in FMA.
Yumi Azusa's VA, Brina Palencia, plays Nina Tucker in FMA.
Franken Stein's VA, Chuck Huber, plays Shou Tucker in FMA.
Sid Barrett's VA, Kent Williams, plays as both the Narrator and Father Homunculus in
Joe Buttataki's VA, Jasen Douglas, plays Major Miles in Brotherhood.
Medusa's VA, Luci Christian, plays Wrath in the first FMA, and the Truth in
Crona's VA, Maxey Whitehead, plays Alphonse in Brotherhood.
Ragnarok's VA, Sonny Strait, plays Hughes in FMA.
Free's VA, Travis Willingham, plays Roy Mustang in FMA.
Mizune's VA, Trina Nishimura, plays Lan Fan in Brotherhood.
Arachne's VA, Shephanie Young, plays Olivier Mira Armstrong in Brotherhood.
Justin Law's VA, Eric Vale, plays Solf. J Kimblee in FMA.
Giriko's VA, J. Michael Tatum, plays Scar in Brotherhood.
The Clown's VA, Jerry Jewell, plays Barry the Chopper in FMA.
Asura's VA, Chris Patton, plays Greed (The...first Greed) in FMA.
Eibon's VA, Christopher Sabat, plays Alex Louis Armstrong in FMA. (Dood. WTF. I don't
see it.)
Excalibur's VA, Troy Baker, plays the second Greed in Brotherhood.
Little Demon's VA, Barry Yandell, plays Yoki in FMA.
Maba/Grandwitch's VA, Wendy Powell, plays Envy in FMA.
Masamune's VA, Kyle Hebert, plays Vato Falman in FMA.

THIS CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE!!! *Has a spaz-attack*
Last edited: 5 March 2011

Kirti says:   5 March 2011   471031  
Soul Eater is definately on the "must watch" list, right along with
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   5 March 2011   153871  
Definitely, but it's certainly strange. I get incredibly scared when I
have to look at the scenery of Soul Eater's world. (That sun,
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   6 March 2011   210675  
Ha, I love Soul Eater.

You have to remember that Funimation has certain voice actors they
know people love. Like Todd Haberkorn (<3) and Travis Willingham. They
were also in Ouran High School Host Club.
Breakthrough says:   6 March 2011   517915  
Vic Mig-Nog-Nah was in Ouran too :D

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   6 March 2011   402486  
Oh yeah. XD 
‹SqueeneyTodd› says :   6 March 2011   567284  
So is Caitlyn Glass. O.o 


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