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Racist Joke time!!Category: (general)
Monday, 21 February 2011
01:45:31 PM (GMT)
No offense intended to anyone.

Okay first-  Mexican Jokes
Noah from the Bible, yeah, hes a Mexican.  I mean what other mo-fo can build a big
azz boat in ONE day thats fifty someodd feet long and junk?  Unless!  He's a

And Mexicans aren't bad man!  I mean all these people up in America biznitchin' about
how illegal immagration and stuff.  I actually like'em, I mean, when it came time for
me to move, my family bailed on me.  But I went down to Home Depo and got a Meguel
and a Philleppe, moved all my crap in one day for twenty dollars!

What do a fat chick and a brick have in common?  Both'll get laid by a Mexican sooner
or later!!

Black Jokes-
The blacks made a movie called "White Man Can't Jump" and expect us to sit back and
deal, makes me wanna make a movie call "Black Man Can't Swim"!

What's the most confusing holiday for a black person?  Father's Day!

How do you kill a black man?  Hide his welfare checks and food stamps in his WORK

Somewhat an Native Joke-
A man got captured by Indians, he whispered something in his horse's ear, horse
started running.  The horse came back with a beautiful blonde, Indians looked
surprised.  The next day he does the same thing, but this time the horse comes back
with a pretty red-head.  Man looks a little mad, Indians look happy.  The next day,
the man whispers in the horse's ear, horse takes off running, then comes back with a
gorgous brunnette, man looks steaming angry, and shouts, "YOU DUMB HORSE!  I SAID
Last edited: 21 February 2011

DisasterCode says:   21 February 2011   985535  
Lmao@Father's day. xDD 
renewing says:   21 February 2011   885414  
"lol, no offense intended." /time to talk shit about people based on
races. you might as well have not said no offense. because people will
STILL take offense to it. god.
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says:   21 February 2011   925829  
Destiny u weren't supose 2 tell the last joke..remeber we made a

still funny though
‹Scarlet_Scandal› says:   21 February 2011   200722  
Lol yeah
I apologize if you caught the worst of this. 
well...I don't cross my fingers for nothin, and Kevin said not to tell
it at SCHOOL! 
‹♥My Sweet Wonderland♥› says :   23 February 2011   380173  


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